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  1. Hi NoSnags, As mentioned it will closed season for the cod, so i'll assume your chasing yellows. The dam is down a fair way, but still fishing okay. On its day its can really fire. I wouldn't go down there without a few Jackle TN50's, black or purple. Black 2.5" gulps for vertical jigging timber work really well. I used to fish the river arms of the dam when i lived out that way. The Abercrombie arm in particular was my favourite. if you'er in yak it could be a fair paddle depending on where you camped though. Try fishing the steeper rocky banks with the Jackles. don't be afraid to dead stick them for a long time if the fishing is slow. jigging the gulps up the main trucks of the larger standing timber can work well. small hops, shakes and pretty slow is the go. Sometimes you just have to keep fishing with the yellows, they can quite as quite and suddenly bite their heads off for half an hour They will also bite well on worms off the banks at night. you just have to get past the carp first. I haven't been out there for 12 months so i'm not sure where the fish are at the moment and the dam has dropped a lot, but i hope that helps. There is a some really good info on youtube from the AYC comp fishing guys to. have fun.