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  1. jebro

    electrical problem?

    thanks to everyone who had comments and advice. the knowledge you guys have is fantastic. i'm glad i found this forum. thanks again. cheers
  2. jebro

    electrical problem?

    ok, i will try that, thank you very much for your help.
  3. jebro

    electrical problem?

    ok, i think i understand a little better now thanks for your help
  4. jebro

    electrical problem?

    hi mate, the small black cable runs to the center console. the small red one runs there too, power for lights, sounder
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new here, this is my first post and i really like this forum. I discovered this issue when i was mucking about with my multi meter after reading stuff about batteries and isolators and so forth. I wasn't sure if my isolator was actually working so i put multi meter across battery terminals and got 12.60Volts, i then unscrewed green knob and put black multi meter lead on other side of isolator and still got 12.60Volts. I then put black lead on hull of boat and got 12.60Volts. i put black lead on steering arm of motor and got 12.60Volts. I disconnected cables on positive side of battery and still the same outcome. I tried disconnecting the outboard neg cable in an attempt to try and find which cable is the issue. same result, disconnected the accessories cable and still got same result Can anybody explain what is happening. I think i have a issue somewhere but cant figure it out. I thought it might have been a worn cable but cant find anything with the wiring. Isolator is ok Thanks in advance for any advice or comments