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  1. Mark1284

    Tabs vs Famosa

    Nice one mate I certainly haven’t ruled it out! Unfortunately they are about 40 now (from what I can get) my mate who bought one a month or two ago paid 42 with a 90yammy and all clears and a few other extras.. that’s why I am considering the others as they are not all that much more for plate alloy. Did you get the biminy with it? What exactly distinguishes a Cuddy from half cab I am a bit confused to certain manufacturers interpretations? i appreciate the feedback
  2. Mark1284

    Tabs vs Famosa

    Same design hull as what I am looking at although, longer and 5cm wider but I can not afford the 5083 grade alloy in formosa. It is hard to find a bad review about a similar sized formosa other than they are wet when sc or cc. Its hard to find a review on a similar tabs at all haha
  3. Mark1284

    Tabs vs Famosa

    Cheers mate, do you go offshore with it much? That's actually what I started looking at as my mate has just got one with a 90 yamaha on the back, it goes great we got caught in a storm 2 weeks back about 30km offshore and although it was a bloody slow trip back it never looked like failing us. I then seen the tabs which was only a few k more with a better trailer.... then I seen the formosa hahaha its hard to draw the line as far as defining what do we really need and can afford
  4. Mark1284

    Tabs vs Famosa

    True, but damn its easy with a cc i normally take first cast as I'm approaching, nearly stopped past the cast a couple of times😂. The Tabs has ply wood I think they call it action ply or something it has a black coating on it to help protect, I would hope they still seal where the cuts are made. I am happy to have a carpeted ply floor 1 its cheaper and 2 its all I have ever had other than a tinny with no false floor. Doesn't the plywood dampen the ride a bit? so I have heard.. What is your view on pros and cons (other than longevity)
  5. Mark1284

    Tabs vs Famosa

    Cheers guys, there is a 5k difference in price the formosa being the more expensive but also bigger motor. One thing I like about the Tabs is the 5083 grade ally, it has 4mm hull 3mm sides where the formosa has 4mm all round but its 5053 grade. The Formosa certainly has more functionality and seems like on board a little bit better design, but the trailer is better with the tabs.. Ill just keep see sawing till I get fed up and just get one.. 🤣
  6. Mark1284

    Tabs vs Famosa

    cheers Paddy, I am kind of happy to go down the cabin path as i prefer fishing outside either solo or with one other and I rarely use the front of the cc... But then a school of tuna start busting haha
  7. Mark1284

    Tabs vs Famosa

    Hi all, first post i normally just read along... I am abut to purchase a 520 cuddy, formosa classic and tabs southerner are the top of the list as I can't stretch the budget further.. Anyone have any opinions on either or perhaps alternatives. i currently have a centre console which I love but the family want some cover and comfortability so I guess I am trying to cover all basis. Cheers Mark