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  1. Flathead are firing now around Stockon Bridge, found a few shell run off reef patches on the morning run out tide just as it turned, landing sizes between 40-70cm range bagging out within the hour all on soft plastics. It was a good time to try a few different type and sizes of lure catch and release. Colour, paddle tails in clear speckle diesel colour seemed slightly better than the clear blue or green. Size, as expected the 3-4cm Lures attracted the smaller 35-50cm fish and the 6-7cm lures the larger fish. Although, the two largest fish shown bellow which I released one was caught on a 7cm clear Blue speckled paddle tail and the other on a 6cm double treble vibe in brown diesel colour. The vibe was interesting as I had to keep it moving pretty quick and jerky as it would obviously get snagged very quickly on the shallow shells and landed 3 fish 60-70cm. Great morning all round small bite window though planning is the key to be on the water flickin.