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  1. We'll be staying in Sydney but we rented a car
  2. That thought crossed my mind as well. I would be willing to float $600 US which is roughly $800 AU and others could split up the rest on a big game deep sea charter. From what I understand from the website I visited, Tuna, Marlin, King Mackerel, Big Spanish and Yellowtail are killin it in April. The charters I was looking at run about $1,400 up to ten people - $800 that about $100 a piece.
  3. Thank you so much! Will do. I put in for a charter as well thanks to a heads up from Berleyguts ,haven't heard back yet but as soon as I do I'll book that one for sure.
  4. We will be staying in Sydney but we've rented a car, if we don't kill ourselves driving on the wrong side of the road 😳 we can meet just about anywhere near Sydney. Looking forward to meeting some " real people" there. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to contact these places from my I phone.😬
  5. Wow !! Thanks Guys and Gals!! I really appreciate the response. We cant wait to get there!! I will definitely book a trip on that charter if you would send me that contact info in a PM would be greatly appreciated..We have already scheduled a car rental for the trip so a 5 hour drive is not a problem either.We don't want to be touristy types hitting all the traps, we want to see the real Australia as much as we can with the time we have. We will probably take that Cave tour though that seems awesome!!! I'm bringing a couple of good reels with me and i'll buy poles when we get there, as well as a small tackle box full of lures, hooks, etc.... Luckily when you get to be our age, months tick by like minutes!!!LOL
  6. Thank you and YES!! from what I've read April is a really good time to b fishing there.
  7. P.S> how much is it to rent a boat for the day?
  8. I was referring to chartering a boat for just my wife and I. I did a lot of the Party boat thing living in LA and its a mixed bag. That kinda money is not an issue but $1400 for 7 hours is kinda high. LOL
  9. Hey everyone my name is Rick. I live in Mobile Alabama. I am a Die Hard fisherman here, We have lots of big game fish here in the Gulf of Mexico as well. I use mostly very large live baits or large cut bait, which have landed me some really nice big game fish. We are coming to visit in April of 2020 and I am excited to fish there. Been watching a lot of you tube video's about fishing in Sydney and mostly small fish being caught under 6 kilo's from the shore, can the big one's be caught using larger live bait?
  10. Its my wife and my 20th anniversary next year and we're coming over for a dream vacation in your fabulous country for 2 weeks. I promised her that I would take her anywhere in the world she wanted to go as long as i could do some fishing, SOOOO, HELP!!!!! She called me on it! I tried to look at charters but they want so much money to go out for the day its insane. I wonder if any one would be willing to take us out for a day or maybe 2 times during April 14-21 2020. I will be happy to pay for the trip costs and a fair price for your time, We are in our 50's and would enjoy getting to visit with you as well.
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