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  1. Hoping someone may have some experience with one of these in the 6meter. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on running one of these plate boats , things like ride comfort, room. Would you go offshore confidently in one. Has anyone had issues with the welds on these. Any thoughts appreciated Thank you Kind Regards Dan s
  2. i use Navionics on a Samsung tablet no sim, works just fine in and around Morton Bay. I haven't replaced it with anything as it does such a decent job. I just taped it under the front windscreen. it does have a free try before you buy period if your unsure. I liked it as Its a well supported app thats been around a while and is a proven product, you can find it on some pretty high end gear. cheers
  3. Hello Raiders New to the forum only discovered fish raider in recent months. Would like to introduce myself and the family to the community so this is my first post. A bit about myself, my name is Dan (Dan0) I'm 54 and from Sydney originally grew up around Balmain and Leichhardt, (whatever happened to Balmain High school?) but have resided in Brisbane last 14 years or so with my ever supportive wife and kids 6 and 8.. Have loved being on or near the water all my life. Used to hire kayaks at the Spit and windsurfers at Balmoral. Fished around Iron Cove and surrounds. I remember my first ever job as work experience was working at Drummoyne Boatshed, standing on a barrel on a tender reaching up polishing brass portholes sun shining, gentle breeze- I thought it was the best job ever at the time. Have dived around Sydney and hung around most beaches, Though I love the water haven’t been a huge fisho(s) until about last year when the wife said “ time to go fishing with the kids and create some memories” I read that as go buy a boat, so I did and scored a 43 year old 5m half cabin for a bargain price - owner said still runs perfect... Aaaanyway, after a few minor hick-ups we introduced the kids to boating and fishing and they loved it. My son Michael caught his first ever fish just recently. The biggest win though is wife loves fishing - YAY! So now we are trying to fit in learning more about the fine art of fishing and hope to devote some decent time to fishing / boating so here we are. Kids love bream and whiting (and little crabs) but I am keen on catching something bigger. Incidentally in the 6 months or so we’ve been out fishing we have caught about 6 fish - all released lol so hoping to improve on the stats. Usually around Pine River or Bribie Passage both on the boat or off the beach. Have been across to Moreton Island = 1 small cod. So needless to say we are all amateur fisherpeople but keen to learn. Have picked up a few pointers here and there already like don’t use bread, don’t play the radio loud, don’t let the kids swim where your fishing, don’t leave bait in the boat overnight etc. (Incidentally I am looking for a bigger boat). So hope to catch up with like minded people and hopefully make some new friends along the way. Kind Regards Dan