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  1. Thanks @Blackfish the tailor is at the bottom of the photo but just under the barracuda there is a yellow fin pike, at least I think it is. I caught one on the hawksbury and wasn’t sure what it was. I found a post on fishraider of someone else catching the same thing and I think the consensus was it was a yellow fin pike Cheers
  2. @kingie chaser thanks Kingie nah definitely not, I’ve heard the cuda and pike can be good bait so I’m going to give it a try on the next trip cheers,
  3. Hi raiders headed out to port Kembla for the very first time. Bit worried since it was my first time and I am relatively new to fishing off a boat (1 year now). Was more of a port Kembla maiden voyage to sus out the facilities and getting use to the area got to the ramp about 6am and it started off slow with only 1 trevally and a lot of undersized snapper moved to a different spot which seemed to produce quite well. Ended up finishing the day with 6 trevally (sized between 30-40cm) 1 Taylor, barracuda and a pike As it was more of a practice day I didn’t pack too heavy on the gear and wasn’t expecting to target any larger species and then this happened..... Hand line with a patenoster rig and 2 x hooks flies off the gunnel into the water. I make a quick dash for the gaff and just reach the hand line at full stretch. I start to pull but instead it pulls me, I let out a bit line and with much patience I start to see that yellow tail come up to the edge of the boat. I grab the net but it takes me for one last ride and betters me, snapped off. The disappointment was real i re-rig to target trevally and other bread and butter species and then off it goes again! Flies into the water from inside the boat, this time I thought it was gone. Out of reach from my outstretched arm and a 1.75m landing net, I look over to my little kayak rod and it starts bending, I start to reel it in and realise I’ve actually hooked onto my hand line which has crossed paths with my kayak line. I pull in the line and with a tear in my eye and the feeling of redemption I hype myself up. I pull my hand line and the the fight begins. Unfortunately it ends with a straightened out hook and the feeling of disappointment yet another time - this also happened 2 more times. The last time the fish spooled my hand line and broke off needless to say that I have surly learnt my lesson and should always be prepared no matter what I am targeting.
  4. @GoingFishing @noelm thanks guys upon thorough search Through fishraider for barracuta it seems these are not too good to eat
  5. Hi raiders i was fishing at port Kembla the other day and caught this fish below can anyone identify it? I initially thought it was a pike based on the teeth and the body Cheers Jimmy
  6. I got one from a shop, they were only $6 from memory and easy / quick to use
  7. @kingie chaser funnily enough I’ve had more luck towards June/july i always manage a feed of crabs every trip (at least 2-3) but June/July seems to be where I bag out more often than not
  8. @Hamstr thanks :) I always pack the crab pots haha I recently bought a crab pot carry bag from a guy in QLD that makes them. Helps with space saving on the boat and prevents the pots going everywhere very shallow 1.5 - 3meters depth I was placing them at this weekend. Most of the traps which I got 2-3 crabs were about 2m down
  9. Hi raiders Headed up the coast for the weekend and launched at Parsley bay boat ramp to fish Saturday and Sunday. Main aim was to target black fish, did all the hard work collecting weed on the low tide however didn’t get a chance with all the back seat drivers telling me where they “think” the fish is 😂 also I wasn’t too sure about black fish locations in the Hawkesbury so happy to forego Saturday first drift around patonga and found 2 nice size flatties and a 40cm trevally chucked out the witches hats and bagged out on blue swimmer crabs. First time using witches hats and boy did they yield the fruit. Out caught my usual crab pots 3:1 Sunday Another drift around patonga and picked up another 2 flathead on my favourite 3foot kayak rod (saves more space on the boat) targeted some yellow tail after the drift (my family and family friends love fried yellow tail) some were whoppers and put on a good fight at the 30cm range. (Kids really enjoy the fight on the 3foot kayak rod) Took dad out to get some crabs and placed the witches hats out....BAM bagged out again! dad threw this rod out while I was dropping the pots and picked up a few squid alot of undersized tailor about and copped a nasty bite on my finger all in a solid weekend and plenty of crabs for the upcoming birthday
  10. Can anyone find any links to the different rules that apply over Easter as mentioned above? I can only find the usually documentation stating reasons for leaving the house but I can’t find anything re: “local” only travel. need to forward it to some of my fishing mates. Don’t want any fishos getting fined over the long weekend
  11. @antonywardle Really appreciate the offer man! Im not 100% confident in offshore just yet, last week to lion island was my furthest trip out im going to try and head there again this Saturday and fish the south side of the island. I will be there pretty early if its calm, give us a wave if you go bye. I might take you up on the offer in the future if you're still keen Thanks for the tips, i might sus it out and launch from ettalong if its a little closer to Umina than parsley bay Salmon were busting up all over Patonga last week and the week before , plenty of boats casting lures into them but didnt see anyone land any unfortunately. I've stocked up on some metals and rapalas so if there is bonito or salmon about ill be prepared (slightly an understatement as i have never caught anything on a soft plastic or lure before 😅) Cheers
  12. Hi guys. I've had my boat now for exactly one year (my first boat) its a Stacer Wild rider 499 with a 90HP Yamaha. I have been out almost every week i would say. everyone usually says the honey moon period will wear off but it sure hasn't!! :) I usually launch at Parsley Bay and enter the Hawksbury, usually fish inside the hawksbury around danger island, Juno point and mainly around patonga area. Last weekend i finally got the courage to take a trip out to lion island cause the weather was AMAZING! looked really promising out there but still not confident with my boating abilities and my boat size. I would love to catch something other than bream and flathead and am interested in some Bonito!! Anyone have any idea or tips on how to catch them, areas to fish, bait, lures...anything hahaha Cheers P.s. if you see a black bow rider in the hawksbury say hello :) Cheers
  13. Nice fish ! I'm heading to port hacking for the first time this Friday Going to launch at Yowie bay Any suggestions on where to fish? I'll be fishing 2 hours before the up and 2 hours after Cheers
  14. 2 decent sized bream, 2 broke the line cause they swam under my anchor (felt like bream) 2 whiting and a pike as pointed out by another member (i thought it looked like a barracuda cause of the teeth haha - im a newbie) I put a post up but removed it cause i felt a bit silly 🤣 All caught within the span of 2 hours but spent a solid 2 hours before catching nothing cause of the tides i believe. Unfortunately no flatties I'm trying to find a spot closer to home so I'm trying the hacking in the next few days and have recently done a charter with Scotty Lyons out in botany bay