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  1. Are the jackets in the hacking plentiful? they are my favourite fish and despite having a boat for 1.5 years I have never come across them. (I only fish inshore) if you can point me to a wonderful jacket location in the hacking I would be forever grateful! 😁 I’m just that excited haha
  2. Does lake Illawarra produce many crabs? I’ve only been there twice. One for my on water lesson when I first purchased my boat and the second time I didn’t realise how shallow it is in the middle and got beached 😅
  3. Hi raiders Initial plan was to head up the coast for some crabs to eat at Christmas however due to covid uncertainty up north at the moment I headed down south. Was throwing out gulp 2.5inch soft plastics for at least 2 hours with only 2 pikes hitting it. I threw the soft plastic out and left it out while I was attending to another family members rod when I look over and my rod is moving and spoiling off very very quickly! After a 10minute fight on 10lb braid and getting tangled in my other rods line i see the glamourising silver under the water and up comes a 67cm kingie
  4. Hi raiders! headed down south and fished off the break wall to wet a line and hopefully get a feed! day started off well with 2 trevally around the 32-35cm mark and a 28cm flounder. lots of decent sized slimey mackerel around which was perfect to keep as strip bait as I’m heading to Jarvis bay in the next few days. fish stopped biting on bait for a while so I decided to throw out a lure, was spinning a metal for a while with no luck and changed to soft plastics. 1 hit for another trevally, 10minutes later another hit for a 55cm salmon. First time actually catching someth
  5. Hi Zoran, apologies i meant not this Monday the following i can see the swell up till next Saturday (I’ll be checking closer to the day) but so far looks good
  6. Hi guys as of September I unfortunately will be working full time lol (coming from a 9 day fortnight) and this coming Monday will be my last Monday off before going back to full time. As such I’ve checked the weather and so far the swell seems very low (0.4-08) over the weekend at port Kembla and up the coast around lion island / barrenjoey im thinking of finally taking the maiden voyage offshore after 1.5 years of having my first boat I own a 2019 5m Stacer bow rider with a 90hp Yamaha. I’ve only ever fished around the Hawkesbury, patonga, lion island south side on a really g
  7. Thanks @Blackfish the tailor is at the bottom of the photo but just under the barracuda there is a yellow fin pike, at least I think it is. I caught one on the hawksbury and wasn’t sure what it was. I found a post on fishraider of someone else catching the same thing and I think the consensus was it was a yellow fin pike Cheers
  8. @kingie chaser thanks Kingie nah definitely not, I’ve heard the cuda and pike can be good bait so I’m going to give it a try on the next trip cheers,
  9. Hi raiders headed out to port Kembla for the very first time. Bit worried since it was my first time and I am relatively new to fishing off a boat (1 year now). Was more of a port Kembla maiden voyage to sus out the facilities and getting use to the area got to the ramp about 6am and it started off slow with only 1 trevally and a lot of undersized snapper moved to a different spot which seemed to produce quite well. Ended up finishing the day with 6 trevally (sized between 30-40cm) 1 Taylor, barracuda and a pike As it was more of a practice day I didn’t pack to
  10. @GoingFishing @noelm thanks guys upon thorough search Through fishraider for barracuta it seems these are not too good to eat
  11. Hi raiders i was fishing at port Kembla the other day and caught this fish below can anyone identify it? I initially thought it was a pike based on the teeth and the body Cheers Jimmy
  12. I got one from a shop, they were only $6 from memory and easy / quick to use
  13. @kingie chaser funnily enough I’ve had more luck towards June/july i always manage a feed of crabs every trip (at least 2-3) but June/July seems to be where I bag out more often than not
  14. @Hamstr thanks :) I always pack the crab pots haha I recently bought a crab pot carry bag from a guy in QLD that makes them. Helps with space saving on the boat and prevents the pots going everywhere very shallow 1.5 - 3meters depth I was placing them at this weekend. Most of the traps which I got 2-3 crabs were about 2m down
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