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  1. @antonywardle Really appreciate the offer man! Im not 100% confident in offshore just yet, last week to lion island was my furthest trip out im going to try and head there again this Saturday and fish the south side of the island. I will be there pretty early if its calm, give us a wave if you go bye. I might take you up on the offer in the future if you're still keen Thanks for the tips, i might sus it out and launch from ettalong if its a little closer to Umina than parsley bay Salmon were busting up all over Patonga last week and the week before , plenty of boats casting lures into them but didnt see anyone land any unfortunately. I've stocked up on some metals and rapalas so if there is bonito or salmon about ill be prepared (slightly an understatement as i have never caught anything on a soft plastic or lure before 😅) Cheers
  2. Hi guys. I've had my boat now for exactly one year (my first boat) its a Stacer Wild rider 499 with a 90HP Yamaha. I have been out almost every week i would say. everyone usually says the honey moon period will wear off but it sure hasn't!! :) I usually launch at Parsley Bay and enter the Hawksbury, usually fish inside the hawksbury around danger island, Juno point and mainly around patonga area. Last weekend i finally got the courage to take a trip out to lion island cause the weather was AMAZING! looked really promising out there but still not confident with my boating abilities and my boat size. I would love to catch something other than bream and flathead and am interested in some Bonito!! Anyone have any idea or tips on how to catch them, areas to fish, bait, lures...anything hahaha Cheers P.s. if you see a black bow rider in the hawksbury say hello :) Cheers
  3. Nice fish ! I'm heading to port hacking for the first time this Friday Going to launch at Yowie bay Any suggestions on where to fish? I'll be fishing 2 hours before the up and 2 hours after Cheers
  4. 2 decent sized bream, 2 broke the line cause they swam under my anchor (felt like bream) 2 whiting and a pike as pointed out by another member (i thought it looked like a barracuda cause of the teeth haha - im a newbie) I put a post up but removed it cause i felt a bit silly 🤣 All caught within the span of 2 hours but spent a solid 2 hours before catching nothing cause of the tides i believe. Unfortunately no flatties I'm trying to find a spot closer to home so I'm trying the hacking in the next few days and have recently done a charter with Scotty Lyons out in botany bay
  5. I'm going out to patonga tomorrow I'll keep you posted Fishing a mix of land based in the creek, the wharf and out on the boat
  6. Hi Raiders 😀 First time post, been lurking a long time since i purchased my first boat a couple months back. New to fishing and new to boating Went out to port hacking to sus out a couple boat ramps after spending countless work nights filtering through the 186,504 fishing posts Decided to checkout wally wharf and yowie before launching my boat there this upcoming sunday. I fished off both wharfs and at the baths for leather jacket, bream and flatheads (My target species was leatherjacket though). I was using prawns for bait and caught 6 bream......all undersize and no leather jacket Had a lot of bites so I can see the potential. I'm planning to take the boat back to the hacking so hopefully will be better on the boat rather than land based. Any recommendations between the 2 boat ramps? And any tips and places for heading out on the hacking for the first time My plan is to fish lilli pilli baths (not 100% sure what i mean by this) as far as i know ill just be fishing around the moored boats and in front of the bath itself Apparently there is a channel near the maianbar flats that produce good whiting so ill try that too. Is that the flats in the photos below where people pump the little nippers? I'll keep you guys updated! Photo below of where I'm planning to go, very open to other recommendations