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  1. So going up to yamba for a week of camping at one of the big 4 and though mught go for a fishing trip Anyone recommend a good day trip operator... is there good snapper up that way...be nice to get catch one amd habe a feed
  2. So a few questions on bustups. Do you let the lure sink or just on surface? wind slowly, or like crazy? Also is a single hook better than trebbles??
  3. Went out yesterday to bate bay for a fish with the aim of getting a snapper for myself or a few flathead. Was a perfect morning the water was like glass in bay and no swell outside so a nice run from botany. Was fishing by 630 at my chosen spot. Cannot say my snapper hunting went well.... got a small one about 20cm and then i dont know what it was but looked like a baby baraccura... so im just enjoying the morning and then i see some birds going nuts in distance and read always look out for the birds....so 100 mile an hour i motor over and it was like the water was boiling such a massive
  4. Nice work pickles... always enjoy your posts and envy your fishing skills. I see where u were it appears you were spot locked with a minn kota. ... can you anchor in that area, is it safe? Or is it better to just drift and move around abit? Thinking of going in harbour this Monday bit no minn kota (yet) and just have a sand anchor amd a sea anchor .
  5. Was also out yesterday with a mate... we manage 3 take home trevally, got 2 undersize flatties, and a few baby pinkies which all went back. Saw a few dolophins near oil wharf which was a first. Also went out last friday and yakkas were damn hard...only got one. Bait kept getting pinched by those small sweep / dart or whatever they called.. pesky little shites. Hurry up kingies i need to get my first legal one to take home
  6. that is one big Mofo of a crab :) are you land based or off a boat Papafish ?
  7. Got myself a second sounder to use more for navigation/charts and looking at geting the cmap reveal charts. ( got an elite ti2 7) Looking at the map info its hard to tell if alot of the sydney area has been mapped for that bathymetric details that it gives. So was wondering if anyone who has the charts can advise if it covers alot of the sydney area...mainly around botany bay inshore areas where i do my fishing. Also how far out km whise do thay provide the info. Hope fellow raiders can shed some light
  8. Hi ZMK. i finally figured out how the thing works, if i loosen the handle (anti clockwise) it allows it to free spool and then i tighten it up it allows me to wind back in. Also got a mount for it and now it is just time to get a downrigger weight and use it in the summer time I wonder if you can get a replacement but on the end of the handle... i dont know what technical name for that kind of nut is so couldnt really google it. But it is a handy unit and i think will do the job in the mean time....cost me a trade of a motorcycle ramp instead of a case of beer haha.
  9. So was out on Sunday drifting to find the elusive snapper i am trying to catch and my baits would get demolished by pickers.... i was using mullet and slimey strips, and also strips of cuttlefish. Would drop my baits and then when i bring it back up all i am left with is the skin of the strip or a small piece of cuttlefish only. I see bites on the rod as there are small hits but thats all there is, yet to get the massive hit of a big fish lol. Even had the wiggly tail of a soft plastic bitten off and had one of the hooks bitten off the dropper. So is there anything you
  10. I was out last monday and had border force shoo me away from end of the oil wharf in the bay... pulling in rods i latched on to a shovel now shark too...they hung around till i want and started hauling in the anchor then they moved on.
  11. So fish like that do exist around the bay area...was thinking all those youtube videos are fake haha I tried out a few spots at cape banks, kurnell....only thing i did was spool myself. I threw the soft plastic out and had bail open and the forgot about it and drove to next spot, crab the rod to cast ....pretty hard when no line on it lol That was the extent of my day. Also i got a few of those wrasse type fish at some of the spots i tried...so does that mean i may have been over rocks etc amd u dont find those fish on sand flats
  12. found an old cheap go pro ripoff at home and threw over the boat yesterday to see if it would work. was worried about it flooding and dying but it worked all ok. This was a yakka at the artificial reef in yarra bay. and your Rig looks awesome, time to find me some old mesh and make one up.
  13. So do most people who fish there do they anchor up or drift about?
  14. so would you say that the circled area is the colours reef ??
  15. Once caught one of those gunard things...fins looked pretty and didnt know what is was and looked on my fish chart and said was poisonous so threw him back in....silly me. Then i read they are pretty good eating while googling after.... how to they go on the plate...any good?
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