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  1. I was out last monday and had border force shoo me away from end of the oil wharf in the bay... pulling in rods i latched on to a shovel now shark too...they hung around till i want and started hauling in the anchor then they moved on.
  2. So fish like that do exist around the bay area...was thinking all those youtube videos are fake haha I tried out a few spots at cape banks, kurnell....only thing i did was spool myself. I threw the soft plastic out and had bail open and the forgot about it and drove to next spot, crab the rod to cast ....pretty hard when no line on it lol That was the extent of my day. Also i got a few of those wrasse type fish at some of the spots i tried...so does that mean i may have been over rocks etc amd u dont find those fish on sand flats
  3. found an old cheap go pro ripoff at home and threw over the boat yesterday to see if it would work. was worried about it flooding and dying but it worked all ok. This was a yakka at the artificial reef in yarra bay. and your Rig looks awesome, time to find me some old mesh and make one up.
  4. So do most people who fish there do they anchor up or drift about?
  5. so would you say that the circled area is the colours reef ??
  6. M1100S

    Port Hacking

    Once caught one of those gunard things...fins looked pretty and didnt know what is was and looked on my fish chart and said was poisonous so threw him back in....silly me. Then i read they are pretty good eating while googling after.... how to they go on the plate...any good?
  7. Thought i would share this seabed map i found hanging on the wall in Global tackle .... my local fishing store Might be useful if anyone wants to know reef etc around the area for a fish. wish he had the bate bay section of the map
  8. M1100S

    Weather conditions

    Im in the same boat as you Blade. only had the boat for 6 months and only ventured out of the heads a few months back first time with my cousin in his boat coming along with me. This was in a stacer 499 seamaster and conditions were ok. i have since upgraded the boat to a Surtees 540 workmate and been out a few times out of the heads. last weekend it was according to willyweather about a 1.3m swell and it was not a problem going out off cape banks or coming back in. boat felt really stable and was comfortable drift fishing (was in 46m depth) Another time i tried to venture out the swell that day was about 2m and i chickened out as i was heading past botany heads. i know the boat was more than capable of going out but for me and my experience i wasn't up to the task yet that day. I saw other boats just screaming out and im thinking man it must be a bumpy ride. i was slightly embarrassed as a guy on a standup paddle-board went passed me as i was coming back in.... now he has some kahunas !! while at the fish cleaning station i spoke to a guy and he said to me you just need to go faster when heading out as makes it easier. im sure you will get excellent advise from the folks here... i will be keeping an eye on this thread too for advise
  9. Finally managed to get the Downrigger off mates old boat. now time to give a bit of a clean. Its a solid bit of Kit i must say. well worth the case of beer. I Will run some saltaway over it and also grease the gears a little. I was told to use litium grease instead or marine grease Also that little black disk, i think it is the friction plate. can you buy news ones of that, and from where ??
  10. That what happens when you put the toll roads in the hands of private Operators... i guess they can do what ever u like. Shame the taxpayer has to pay back up boat owners, good for me as i will benefit as i have to take my boat to dealer who is up blacktown way.... but the main issue is how can these toll operators charge boats and caravans the same as 40 tonne Semi trailers.
  11. Only 86 haha that is insane.... what is the target for the year. last year it was 100 right ? and i would be happy to come by and hitch up the boat and go out with you one day no dramas. I have Mondays off for the rest of the year so who knows maybe a monday fish is on the cards
  12. Seems still alot of kings in the harbour, would u still find any in botany bay? If not why they still found in harbour and not bay?
  13. What is the tally for the year so far pickles U need to rent your services out... do a harbours kingfish masterclass for all us novices. You make it look too easy
  14. Hmmm got me thinking Go to bunnings and get some shade cloth... put a few of those snap clips similar to my tonneau cover and then just snap into place. Pain in the backside to do but better than coping 450 fine and 3 demerit points. However never seen anyone at ramp since i started boating in last 6 months cover their boats. I guess all it takes is one cop having a bad day and he gets u
  15. So i just got an Epirb for my boat ( GME MT600G ) and it is a manually operated one. while driving home i was thinking maybe i should have gotten the water activated one instead. For example i was thinking if it is in its mounting bracket on the boat and for some reason the boat flips upside down cause of a freak wave how would one actually reach the EPRIB to activate it, thus rendering a manual version useless. If i had a water activated one i assume if it goes underwater it gets activated (is my logic correct). What is best to get..... is it better with a manual one in a safety grab bag within reach with all the other flares/v sheets etc good enough, or better to have a mounted one that is Manual/water activated ? Also i got the manual one cause i was actually going to get a PLB and attach it to my life vest as an added piece of insurance. even though i dont go out very far yet i was thinking what happens if i get knocked out of the boat an cannot get back to my boat... at least i have the PLB on me and can activate that