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  1. like other have said give him the deposit back... but tell him you are withholding the cost of listing a new add up where ever it was listed and if it incurred costs. Not sure what kind of boat you are selling but having recently sold my boat found out gumtree, facebook usually does not attract the best buyers out there.
  2. is the bommie you mention the one above pink line i marked? Also do the yakkas hang around once the sun goes up or is it a lot harder to get them as they hide. I always rush to get as early as possible to ramp and go where the tug boats are but sometimes its a dogs breakfast there
  3. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/balmain-karen-threatens-fisherman-with-police/news-story/cd65c028037ce731b87fa88ba0678d3d Saw he posted this on facebook...now on news.com.au Some people.....seriously need their head checked.
  4. @Pickles is you handline unweighted or do you use a small ball sinker ? single hook or a few hooks on the rig ?? i started off with a rod but i could not feel anything when i chase the yakkes in botany bay, atleast with the handline you can feel them nibbling on the bait.
  5. Saw this washed up coogee beach this morning.... anyone know the story or does the boat name ring a bell to anyone.
  6. @pickles... your sounder output below... what are those big clumps on the bottom or near the bottom. I assume the yellow is the bottom... is it weeds ? have seen something similar when i been out and wasn't really sure what to make of it
  7. So i have been watching videos online and also the show big angry fish lately to pass the time and have noticed alot when a decent fish starts to do a run alot of the time they seem to grab the spool of the reel.... I assume this is to slow the line take, but why not just put a little more drag on the reel instead ? there has to be a reason behind the technique so curious why its done Cheers
  8. So my rod grips i think need some tender loving care.... how do you clean Eva grips. Seen some with just a toothbrush and soapy water...other have fine grit sandpaper and lightly rub down. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated
  9. i think i just found my answer to the lowrance sounder.... https://teamcolibri.blogspot.com/2019/02/choosing-transducer-3-in-1-or-2-in-1.html Now the big question... garmin or lowrance lol
  10. so researching the new sounder for the boat and bloody hell.... trying to learn/understand these sounders and transducer and its confusing me as i want to try get it right the first time. My main fishing is probably going to be inshore (30 - 60m) and when conditions right i might go to the peak or to the humps so they are max 100m Deep so i am thinking i dont really need a low frequency sounder and the medium chirp probably the best option. With the lowrance 3 -in -1 transducer im trying to make sense of the frequencies. Are they saying they have the following frequencies: 200
  11. https://www.ladbible.com/news/latest-sydneysiders-could-win-1-million-if-they-find-a-tagged-kingfish-20201111
  12. So i got the following Shimano Jewel Rod thinking i would use it for chasing snapper before i began researching on snapper and how to catch. Reason i chose this was because i though oh i need to have be able to handle heavy snapper leads to get the baits to the bottom.. but after doing some reading it seems not a good choice for a dedicated snapper rod. so this poses the question... would this rod be just a good general purpose boat rod? Could i use it for jigging maybe (never jig fished in my life). Current reel on the rod is a Nasci 4000 with 20lb mono.
  13. What is everyone's opinions with regards to squid lights. I have heard they are valuable for squid at night but i will admit i don't really target squid (yet) but are they useful for catching yakkas at all ? Reason i ask is was thinking of getting one installed on the new boat before it gets delivered. Also what would be the best colour... I know that squid like the green but if i will mainly use for yakkas in morning is blue better ? or is it better to save the money and put to a better sounder ??
  14. for the last 6 months i took Mondays off work due to this covid thing and i i said every monday will go out and fish. i got about 5 days of fishing on Monday as the weather was just crap lol. Today is my first day back to 5 days a week and of course it turns out to be a nice calm day. Always the way isnt it
  15. Stabicraft 2050 supercab
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