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  1. I've seen it in so many fishing reports but it seems to be the only location that I don't know of anyone know where it is? I was thinking it was some place at tomaree
  2. Thanks i'll try to do it next time I go fishing
  3. Any free apps I had a look and thats like $170 aud
  4. Um I know boat harbour is pretty deep but do you know any apps or something that shows me how deep places are? because I really don't know how to tell unless I can't see the bottom xd
  5. and for anyone wondering I've just been going off boat harbour rocks caught me some nice snapper earlier in the year
  6. Hey guys still new to this forum but just wanting a few tips for if I'm doing something wrong I've been catching some little yellowtail live bait and I either put the hook through the back or nose just wondering if anything around my area would hit them because I've tried for nearly 2 weeks now and nothing has hit them I normally put a balloon or a float on it with about a metre between the hook and float and is that the right way to put the hook through the nose and back? and anything even around this time of year to hit a live bait of that size? Location: Port stephens
  7. Hey mate loved this reply I always am looking around google maps its always fun trying to look at little spots I can get in.
  8. yeah weekends only real time for me to fish so might have to give that a pass but would love to catch a king one day
  9. Hey thanks I haven't been to the breakwall in a while always thought it was just over fished with how many people go to it and its on nearly every fishing site for port stephens but I might give it a go some times.
  10. Hey thanks for that it helped a lot looks like a really good spot i'll have to give it a try one time I know broughton is a solid place to fish and it looks really close to it so its on the bucket list but yeah its a bit of a drive by the looks of it so maybe when I have time off
  11. That looks unreal exmouth is now on the bucket list!!
  12. Hey sorry mate didn't think it would come off that way I'm really sorry I have much respect for you fishing for 20 years around port stephens never wanted it to come off like that my bad.
  13. Hey yeah I normally go to duffs fishing and tackle but never have luck with them good bloke though ill give that tackle shop you mentioned a go thanks
  14. Hey yeah I love rock fishing and yeah I'm not stupid on the rocks I always am careful and yeah I would love any of those fish a tuna would be crazy thats a dream for me and yeah I'm fine with putting in the time would you recommend tomaree this time of year for tuna? or is it not tuna season yet?
  15. Yeah thats fair I respect that but I am just asking around not trying to take someones secret spot or anything