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  1. tuna are off iluka atm. Im on my way to rock fish off 1770 and will be back in Sydney soon. Hit me up id be keen to organise a trip with ya mate
  2. @Scratchie The man, the myth, the legend. This guy can fish hard and doesn't give up. I'll never forget what you taught me mate - don't give up and just keep casting that lure!
  3. Yeww thanks everyone and especially Scratchie for coming out. Stoked we got onto some great Snapper.. Hands down my PB snapper. Scratchie was so happy with his Snapper he forgot to mention the Kingfish we landed! 😮 They were rats though anyway 😂 If anyone wants to come for a fish in Port Stephens hit me up, I'm always keen
  4. Hey raiders I've lurked here for ages and decided to join. Started taking fishing seriously in Dec last year. Since then I have spent my life savings on it. I'm based in the central coast but fish everywhere in between there and port Stephen's. I'm aboard purple haze, feel free to holla or join me for fishing