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  1. Hi Kingie chaser, Fair bit here too:
  2. Hi V, Your thread prompted me to become a member (after a long time casually reading). The american link i posted did it rigorously. He bought over 2k of equipment. A chatillon ametek force gauge. And a frame. I think he fishes inland so his knot choices not so helpful (eg no FG vs PR knot)... I don’t want to fork out big $ on a force gauge. I may not have to either... I came across a great guy at this company: Instead of buying a force gauge with lots of unnecessary features, he is putting together a simple system with approx 3 components that i can drill onto some marine ply and make a jig. bottom line: 0.3% accuracy. 5-10% the cost. They will test the system, calibrate it then send it to me. To buy a force gauge with 0.3% accuracy would be thousands. I’m glad you persisted. Saw some unhelpful comments through the thread...
  3. I am obviously late to this thread - but thought the following link would be of interest to the thread author: The American author used a force gauge to come up with his results.