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  1. Hey again Derek, Thanks a lot for all the information! I’ll start grabbing the above products, I want to try use more lures as I use plastics more often. I’ve been using the Zman ‘3 pearl minnows. I also have a few frogs and a small spinner. I’m hesitant to use lures cause I always feel like I’m going to be snagging them lol. I think the above is definitely enough for now. Thanks so much!
  2. Oh great, might as well when I’m at it 😫
  3. Hey there Squ!rt and Derek, I will keep that information in mind. Will try to get those two knots learnt. There’s some great specials going on currently so I’ll try grab some gear. Any recommend lures and soft plastics? Haven’t had much luck on them except a nice flathead. Getting more inclined to bait however it is a lot more fun on the lures. Thanks!
  4. Hi Derek, I plan to go with your recommendation of 6lb Kairiki or the J braid with the 8lb leader. I think I definitely need to learn some new knots, I currently use the palomar or double palomar knot. Will have a go at the FG knot. Thanks for all the really helpful information!
  5. Hey there Savit, will have a browse around the retailers and see how the rods feel. Thanks!
  6. Hey Derek, I needed a setup for freshwater. I do finesse fishing however I want to branch out and try different styles. I’m relatively new to lures etc. Any information will be extremely helpful. Thanks!
  7. Hey there Derek, will give top water fishing a shot! Looks fun, I guess I’ll need Sugapens and an Atomic rod, 😶 thanks! I have been watching DrewM, just checked out Sand Flat Fishing, looks quite nice! I’ll go in store and have a look at what Atomic Arrowz have to offer, and also the additional gear lol. Thanks!
  8. Hey Derek Thanks for all the information, extremely helpful. Will definitely be checking those rods out. Didn’t know about those ratings for braid. I’ll definitely be using the lighter ones in that case! Once again thanks a lot!
  9. Hey Derek I was thinking of around 6lb-8lb braid. I would be fishing in freshwater at rivers, lakes etc. Would be fishing for small to medium sized fish, or really whatever the reel could handle. There’s no specific target species. budget would be around $150 thanks!
  10. Had a look at the rods in store, I like how the Jewel and raider rods feel.
  11. Thanks for all the replies guys, much appreciated! having a look at all your suggestions.
  12. Hi there, Can anyone recommend a rod that would pair nicely with a Shimano Stradic FL 2500? have been looking at the Jewel rods? What do you think?
  13. Hi there, Can anyone recommend a rod that would pair nicely with a Shimano Stradic FL 2500? have been looking at the Jewel rods? What do you think?