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  1. Micon01


    South of port islands I was under the impression that there was not much reef that way and mostly sand, I usually fish NE out of port harbour in the 40m mark.
  2. Micon01


    Hmm odd I haven't found any. Cheers.
  3. Micon01

    Snapper bait

    Thanks for all the replay fellas!
  4. Micon01

    Snapper bait

    I'm definitely going to give the heads a go! I have had good results with bakers too.Thanks
  5. Micon01


    G'day raiders, What sort of depths and areas should I have looking at for finding some nannys, I launch out of port kembla usually and head north I know they are around but can't find any.
  6. What's everyone's preferred go to snapper bait? Just got me thinking as I was loading up on some yakkas that I'm goin to salt. I think for me it would have to be slimy mackerel. I also managed a small cuttle fish that will turn into bait but haven't had great success with cuttle fish. L
  7. G'day fishos, any tips on fishing for squid off the boat I'm a newbie to boating, off the stones I have no problem getting more than enough but have not had much success from the boat. Some weed bed locations would help also I have only tried around toothbrush and alongside the southern breakwall.
  8. The gps co ordinates I have ,which I found online is not correct. I'll check that with the one I have.
  9. Would any one like to point me in the right direction to wollongong reef?? .Cheers
  10. Cheers fellas.
  11. Can any one help identify this species please? I have caught a few lately and am starting to wonder what they are. EDIT : caught off port kembla. Edit: any good on the plate ?
  12. Thanks mate. How do you go about rigging them? Single hook through the nose with a sinker to keep them down? I'm guessing there is probly a few different styles.
  13. Hi Fishos, Any one fished the new artificial reef off perkins beach ? Onterested to hear feedback was just thinking about it today and realised I never fished that way before. Also does any one have any spots to fish i don't want your secret spot but some points of interest or general area to put me onto a few fish would be awesome. Cheers