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  1. marky

    wybung head

    Thanks for the infos Rick and con πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I only got interested on the spot X coz last time I went there there’s no big waves going there. All the big swells were Coming from the northern side. were actually camping in the Frazer campgrounds so not worried if the gates are locked πŸ˜… me and my missus always wear our rock fishing boots and never without life jackets when fishing 😬 will try point B on 1st day with light gears if it’s too hard will just walk from the beach even if it takes 20-30min . better be safe 😁
  2. marky

    wybung head

    hi everyone. im needing help on how to get to the X spot in wybung head. me and the missus went there to camp in the camping grounds about a month ago. went snapper point which is easy to get to and saw wybung head with a nice looking spot to fish in the " X "spot but i couldn't figure out how to get down there. i saw water bottles below so i know someone did some fishing there overnight. i tried going down by point "A" in map but it looks sketchy and we kinda brought a bit of fishing gear with us so didn't go through with it.on the way back to the car park i saw point "B" but my missus is too scared to give it a go as its all grassy and couldn't see the ground you're walking to but it does looks like there's a way down there if anyone know a way to go down there please share it with us otherwise the safest way i can see from the map is via Frazer beach but it looks like a 30+ minutes walk from there to the "X" spot. ps were planning another camping trip there in late December and eager to try to fish in wybung head.
  3. hi everyone my name is mark im in my mid 30s ive been checking fishraider for tips for awhile now and decided to be a member ive been fishing Land Based for 2 years now and still considers myself a beginner. i usually fish with my missus every sunday about 1-2 hours drive around sydney and by myself for the rest of the week if im off from work :)) i started as a bait fisherman with my wife ie casting pilchards and leaving the rod in a rod holder and about a year ago a mate introduced me to lure fishing and im hooked ever since then. i mostly just do lure fishing now but will do bait fishing and lure fishing with 2 rods for more chances just a little bit about my gear for those that might consider me for their fishing trips landbased or boat (will pay for fuel etc) major craft crosstage 862eh with sedona 3000hg reel for squidding certate 5000lt and 96mh demon blood/shoregun evolv 103h/zenaq sonio m for medium lure fishing saltiga 5500h with zenaq accura hh for heavy lure fishing i live in bankstown area feel free to hit me up if you want a fishing buddy