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  1. I have never tried Salmon Haul and Bass Flinders Point, however, Youtube "Yamashita Sydney". In one of the videos, Eging Master Eisuke went there 10 days ago to test their product's latest model. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soQ6NQCj7L8 I was able to deduce the location of this place by comparing the surrounding scenery in the video with Google map. And I am planning to go there this Saturday.
  2. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share a story of my fishing trip in Parsley Bay yesterday. I was there between 6am to 6pm, hoping to beat my previous (unimpressive) record. It was crowded and I am not just talking about the people on the wharf. There were Mackerels booming everywhere and not a single soul left the wharf without a fish in the morning. And yes, I beat my record with a new species (the mackerel) at 33cm (see? unimpressive record). In previous trips, I would bring my earphones and listen to my music, only taking it off when someone calls to me. However, yesterday I felt like putting it away and just be in the moment; listen to the waves crash, listen to the excitement of those landing a fish, but more importantly, listening to their stories. I had a lot of opportunity to speak with everyone whether they came before or after. I can even "feel" the passion and the fondest memories people have had over the years in their fishing journey. It was not until, I think 2pm when a gentlemen and his wife came down and spoke with us, was the highlight. They have had decades in their fishing diaries and such a rich history in Parsley Bay. They spoke of schools of bonitos, five years ago, so immense that they pushed the swimming nets back. They spoke of the largest fish they caught and what it took to catch it. They spoke of his huge stock of fishing equipment. Interestingly, what stood out, was how a fellow neighbour simple handed all his fishing gear to them because of their passion. As a retired school teacher, he gladly taught me many techniques, fishing spots, baits, rigs etc. He listened to my stories which surprisingly mirrored his younger days. He even dove into the water to look for my lost squid jig. Before he left, he asked me something that still amazes me even to this moment of writing, "Jackey, are you interested in a surf rod?". I respectfully declined and said there must be others more deserving of the rod than a stranger like myself. But he stopped me and said, "I see that you are passionate and you seem to care about your gear; so I want to give this to you". He went home and came back with a practically new and beautiful surf rod, with a "Merry Christmas". So wherever you are, I want to say; Thank you, Albert. I will look after this rod as you have and hope to someday also hand it down to another passionate kid.
  3. May not be loads, but it definitely made the missus' first time enjoyable. She can't wait to do it again (ps: she didnt want others to see her cooking haha)
  4. Good morning, Everyone Happy to report that we had a blast prawning last night. Everyone in the area were scooping up a satisfying amount. The image shows where we were prawning.
  5. That's amazing information. Thank you very much. Today's the day!! We have decided to go to The Entrance. We are aiming to get there at about 10pm or 11pm. I think my memory says it's The Entrance Rd? Can someone confirm if that's the right place? Any other useful tips will be awesome.
  6. Oh, just to double check, would that happen to be at Swansea Channel?
  7. Perhaps? I will check it out and report back where I end up and with what result. Hopefully, any future readers can benefit from my findings.
  8. That's unfortunate, I hope you land a few keepers as well. Hmm, times really have changed. Land based fishing is not as giving as they used to be too. I wouldn't want their first time to be a bust especially after a productive foraging session a couple of weeks back. Do you have any other places/areas that may be more promsing?
  9. Thank you Everyone for the support. From memory, we went to a spot in front of a parking lot, and we stood in waist deep water. I was thinking that since it has been maybe 10 years, there would be new prime spots. And yeah, anywhere closer to Sydney would also be awesome. Given our availability, we might do December 24th with one group and then January 31st with the other.
  10. It has been years since I have gone prawning in The Entrance. I have deeply fond memories of walking out onto the water and scooping up a nice batch of prawns. I have managed to convince my missus and a group of friends on, what-will-be, their first ever prawning experience. I am hoping to get guidance on when would be a good time and place to go. We are considering January 31st due to people's availability and February 5th's new moon.