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  1. Yeah definitely a lot more pressure in a comp and time seems to go twice as fast ! Not too stressed about botany though, know it like the back of my hand when it comes to bream fishing and did really well in the botany round last year , see how it goes ! Yeah I'll be out there tomorrow arvo 🎣🎣
  2. Awesome man, I've got heaps of cranks in my bream collection so I'll throw a few things around this arvo and see if I have any luck but you guys have given me hope there's some fish in there ! I'm just stoked there's somewhere 5 mins away I can throw a line in! I've never actually caught a carp or even attempted to fish for one. Would a carp snap me off on my bream gear?
  3. Cheers legends! Not too worried about covering heaps of ground to be honest , was just looking for somewhere local I could Chuck a lure in and see if I have any luck when im bored at home and don't have to drive an hour and drop the boat in! I'll suss out under the bridge tomorrow . I don't have any spinners but could pick some up no worries , I do have 3 cicada lures though and a bunch of other surface lures I use for bream fishing so I'll take them with me tomorrow and see how I go under the bridge and I'll keep an eye out for snakes !
  4. Hey guys , recently moved from Sutherland shire to Oran Park . I've been going back to Botany to fish every time with my Tinny and I will always do that as I'm a keen Bream fisherman . But sometimes I wish I could just go somewhere 5 mins down the road and Chuck a lure in without the travel. Well turns out this part of the Nepean river is literally 5 mins from my house, obviously I would fish it landbased but is it even worth my time ? Does anyone know if I could get a bass landbased from under the bridge or anything to keep me occupied one arvo a week . (Also I have used the search function and lots of posts from a while ago and more so towards the bypass bridge , so wondering if anyone has been recently and if I can get them here or I gotta drive down to the bypass . Cheers legends !!
  5. Cheers mate ! All the best, They're out there, just got to figure out what they feel like eating on the day, fussy fish !
  6. Cheers mate . Yeah he was a big chunk of a thing, the battle was great , he was doing all he could to tie me up around the pontoon but I got him in the end . Put him right back where I found him to grow even bigger πŸ€™
  7. Hello all, After a shocking start to the Berkeley bream series on Saturday, not being able to pre fish the area and a few other things going wrong last minute we basically winged it and it showed pulling in just 1 legal fish each ! Wasnt the best feeling that's for sure ! So we got back in the water yesterday at our local (botany bay) and got straight back to business pulling in around 15 bream each... If it was comp day it probably would of been a top 3 finish .. go figure . We set out on our tinny targeting rock walls and general structure with soft plastics , no hits so my mate put on a crank and I put on a cranka crab, no hits for him but then boom, big strike on my crab , pull up a nice legal roughly 30cm fish about 600 gram . Take a few piccys and release him , Chuck the crab back in. Boom straight on the drop again . So my mate put a crab on his set up as well and that was it , we probably got hits on 90% of our casts from then on with me pulling in the biggest fish of the day a nice 40cm fat bream weighing just shy of a kg , put up an awesome fight on my Daiwa hyper 1-2kg with a 1000 stradic reel lined with 6lb braid and 4lb leader . All in all and awesome session and just what we needed to get our confidence back. Lucky for us round 2 of the series is at botany ( our local area) so should bounce back with a good finish . Thanks for reading!
  8. South Sydney, Botany, George's river, hacking, lake illawara etc
  9. Hey mate, completely agree . They can be a real finicky fish at the best of times . They are far from stupid which makes it exciting to chase them and on the really light gear the big ones put up a fun fight . Really enjoy it especially with all the different styles of lures . I've actually not done too much top water work , which is my own fault as it's new to me and I'm bad for sticking to styles I know rather than trying new things , so I will definitely give it a go, I'm heading out tomorrow so I'll try it then . I own 2 70mm sugapens as well as about 5 other surface lures , some atomic and Savage ones . I run a 7ft 1-4kg Shimano jewel which is a really light whippy rod with a 2500 stradic with 6lb line . I'll take your advice with the retrieve mate and let you know how I go. I'm in South Sydney and regularly fish botany bay, georges river , port hacking etc. First round of the comp is next Sunday at Bayview so very excited for it. I'll let you know I go ! Cheers mate .
  10. Cheers for the input mate . Definitely a few tricks to fishing, if something works for me one day I tend to stick it to the next time and if it doesn't work again I get frustrated and so many different lures to Target bream , you can end up spending more time swapping out lures than catching fish if the bites not on . Definitely still learning that side of fishing and completely agree it's best to try new things and not get stuck in a routine . Cheers mate πŸ‘
  11. Hey everyone, new to the forum. At the ripe old age of 28 I fished for the first time last year and I haven't stopped since . In that time I've caught a few different saltwater species but no matter what new things I try, I always go back to catching the trust old Bream . For some reason or another I'm addicted to bream fishing . In the last 6 months or so I've gotten pretty good at it, thanks mostly to a mate who has been fishing since before he could walk to teach me all I need to know . But I'm entering a bream fishing comp next week and it got me thinking about seeing how everyone else approaches bream fishing , as I've utilised my mates wisdom on the trade but also from experience do my own things . So basically if anyone else is as keen on Bream fishing as me let's have a chat, share anything you want, pics, gear , tactics , little tricks youve learnt with certain lures, anything . I'm very eager to learn and try new things all the time . I personally fish from my Tinny and use a Shimano jewel with a 2500 reel and light as possible leader with either soft plastics (2.5 grubz or slim swimz) crankbaits (Daiwa double clutch, atomic bream crank etc) or surface lures , all dependant on the environment on the day . Obviously I target structures. Sunrise and sunset usually having the most success . Now I pull quite a few bream in almost every session I go out, just like anyone I have some bad days where the bite just doesn't seem to be on but most of the time go alright but can't pull one in past the mid to late 30cm mark, I've definitely dropped a few big fellas over the months but that was down to me being an eager rookie and reeling in too agressive , ive learnt a better technique over time . Here's a few pics of a couple I caught last weekend, I actually caught 15 bream on this day, it was raining and a light storm and the fish were having a feeding frenzy. Was a great session . All the best !
  12. Hey everyone , I recently purchased my first little Tinny with a 8hp Yamaha outboard (not sure of year but older model ) now when I bought the boat it had some idling issues so I cleaned the carby out completely and adjusted the fuel to air mix plug and the idle revs screw (I've owned dirt bikes before so the process was almost the same hence how I knew to do it ) and now it has run absolutely perfect the last few times ive taken it out , starts first pull and idles smoothly but it seems to me the throttle arm isn't allowing me to get to maximum speed , as if the cable could be loose or something? I'm no boat mechanic but is it possible the throttle cable that goes up to the arm is a bit loose or something not allowing me to achieve maximum throttle, the reason I think this is because when I put the throttle arm to maximum and then I give it a little bit more force the boat does start to go faster as if there is more revs but the arm won't allow me to get there and also I've been in a few mates tinnies and there little 5hp motors feel like they get to a higher maximum speed . It doesn't bother me as it runs fine anyway and it's just to get me to fishing spots not racing haha but I was just wondering for people who are boat mechanically minded, is there any logic to my theory of the cable ? Thanks in advance !
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