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  1. Thanks..I’ll give it a go
  2. I have a Shakespeare alpha reel that someone gave to me and the winding action is very it worth it getting serviced or am I better off just buying a new reel! I think this particular reel is only a cheap one that came in combo with a Shakespeare ugly stick
  3. Thanks for all the info..I think I’ll switch to paddle tails and stick with targeting Flathead in this particular location!
  4. Packet was sealed and still liquid in it. Yes could feel constant tap tap on the rod!
  5. Last week I went fishing in Sydney harbour targeting whiting. I used a packet of berkley gulp bloodworms that I purchased six months ago and hadn’t opened yet. To my surprise the plastic fell apart quite easily and fish were able to pick the lure easily off the hook. Had many many nibbles (assuming puffer fish) but no luck with any whiting. Has anyone else had issues with the lures falling apart/ breaking/ etc off the hook? Or do I assume it was a faulty packet?