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  1. Ali

    Its On Like Donkey Kong

    unfortunately i wasnt able to jion JFK and Snapper John tonight due to the however i do have a 95cm 8 kg jewie (pictured) in my fridge. i have just spoken to them and nothing to report thus far. One thing i would like to let members know about, which JFK failed to mention was the fact that the final bite we had a couple nights ago (once i caught this jewie) which i initially thought was a monster jewie. After a 20 min tug of war a bull shark (i think) about 1.5 metre's emerged. Ladies and gents, be very careful this year as we were only about 150 metres off the shore and have never a shark (other than a pj or shovelnose) so close to shore. interesting summer ahead ali
  2. Ali

    Spot X Plus More

    Hi fellow members, i have been on this forum for a few years and have decided that people using terms like spot X, and alluding to things arent being helpful to new members. therefore i am offering advice to anyone that pm's me and giving up my spot X's to encourage the next generation of fisho's. the rules: *Ask anything you want *Any info given to me by other raiders wont be disclosed *Botany Bay is my specialty but the hawkesbury has been good to me over the years *Jewfish and Kingfish have been my fish of choice *RESPECT THE OCEAN AND RETURN ANYTHING UNDERSIZE *RESPECT FELLOW FISHERMAN. THE GUY NEXT TO YOU TO MIGHT END UP SAVING YOUR LIFE ONEDAY!!! * If you have a boat my info will probably be more helpful. Just PM me Ali
  3. Ali

    My Afternoon At Avoca

    well done mate!!! if your after tailor give watsons bay a go. pm me for the details
  4. Ali

    Jew Session In The Hacking Early 8/5/09

    i was out with jewfishking 2 nights ago on the georges, we managed 2 jewies, one 60cm and one 80 cm. they seemed to go on the bite agressively for a period of time then the action dies out completely.
  5. Ali

    Jewie Session-- Mission 4

    thanks for not calling JFK!!! Well done mate another successful trip, dont know what you're going to do with all that fish at home, maybe have a bbq and call your mates over
  6. JFK, i think its important to point out that the location is not that important when we are catching jew, the georges has plenty of jewies in all sizes all along the river. in my opinion bait and tides are the most important factor, once you have them figured out you will catch jew. if you have a sounder on your boat the deeper the water the better too. it isnt rocket science but does require some effort to understand the movement of jewfish. hope this helps one more thing, when fishing for jewies no-one has a 100% strike rate ie: catching a jewie everytime you head out, persistence is key. if you have a strike rate of even 30% (catching a jew every 3rd trip) you are doing well in my opinion.
  7. it was definately a night to remember. cant stop thinking of the ones that got away though!!
  8. Ali

    Jew Harbour Goes Off

    Great jewie there, well done. Makes Jewfish Kings jewies look like tadpoles.
  9. Ali

    Snapper Time

    great pictures JFK, shame you cant write a report to save your life!!! goodluck with your wedding saturday, hopefully you get to do some with the new on the honeymoon.
  10. As with jewies as well, i find the moon phases dont really affecting the fishing, if they are there they can be caught, if they arent there move on..
  11. Snag, Botany bay is firing with kings at the moment and the morning aint looking too bad....n/e winds at 13/18 knots is pretty good in my books for the bay
  12. done... tree hugging hippies!!!!!!
  13. Ali

    George's Jewie

    I just cant seem to get through to my wife that squidding doesnt count as fishing, when counting how many times ive been fishing in a week, squidding shouldnt be included in the count
  14. Ali

    George's Jewie

    After another eventful saturday morning with Jewfish King in Botany Bay chasing Kings (we managed 4 keepers and released about 8) we decided to hit the george's river yesterday arvo with the remaining bait from Saturday morning. We hit the water around 4pm and headed up the river past como bridge where we found a nice drop off which looked promising. We dropped out baits in and the waiting game began, we were there for probably over an hour and a half with only pickers having a go at our bait. We decided it wasnt looking so good and we should head back toward Tom Ugly's and Capt Cook bridges. Anyways, on our way back we come across a guy on a speed boat by himself, no mobile, no anchor,, no petrol and slowly drifting this time the tide had turned and we were desparate to get fishing but we decided to give the poor bugger a tow to Oatley boat ramp, another hour gone. We hit the bridges a little late (around 7.30pm) and anchored, baits went in and the yarns started. About 8.30 the weather wasnt looking so good and i was trying to get JFK to pack it up, he said "give another 15 mins and we'll go". Thank good he decided to stay a little longer, no more than 3 minutes after JFK's statement my rods buckles and the line takes off, a short struggle ensues and we boat this 70 cm jewie. Not as much of a struggle as the kings in the bay have been providing but a good tussle all the same. The raings came pretty much as soon as we boated the fish and we packed it up. Funny how the guy that wanted to leave earlier ends up catching the fish here's a couple of pics of the fish
  15. Hit Botany Bay on Sunday morning with fellow fishraider Jewfish King in search of some kingfish that we had heard were biting. Boat was in the water at 6.30am and we headed out looking for some squid and yakka's. After spending a good hour and a half looking for bait at several locations we decided to scratch the idea and use the few squid we had bought from the bait shop. We hit our first kingie spot just after 8.30am and began the trawling up and down, took a good 45 mins to get our first hit, after a short fight we had a first kingfish for the year, a 55cm model, a few high fives and back he went. From there we continued to trawl for another half hour with only 1 other kingie boated, another undersized rat. We then decided to hit another spot which had been good to us last year.... this is when all hell broke loose.. our first cruise produced an nice 70cm model, our second and third passes by procuded double hookups, considering there was only 2 of us on the boat things got abit hectic but was managed to boat all the fish. It was like nothing else we have experienced, everytime was passed a small section of water both rods would start to bend, and everytime the fish were near the boat we could see other kingfish following the one that was absolutely awsome day. We ended up with 8 fish, which was plenty for us and our families. We still had some squid left over which we handed to a guy fishing with his young some and an elderly gentleman (probably his father), they hadnt caught a fish all morning so we told them what was working for us made our way home....a brilliant day, we cant wait for next weekend!!! heres a pic of JFK just after we had scaled and gutted a few of our haul.