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  1. Off the rocks between Curl Curl and Freshwater beaches.
  2. I have recently upgraded to a Renegade 460 side console. No problem launching and retrieving solo. The 420 & 440 just seemed a bit small for what I wanted which was essentially the same as you but with a few offshore trips thrown in as well. Keep in mind any tiller steer will not have an enclosed transom leaving the rear vulnerable to wash coming into the boat either when stopping quickly or if there is a bit of chop about. I do a lot of shallow water fishing (less than a meter) and haven't any problems with hull depth yet.
  3. They were across the road almost next to the 7 Eleven.
  4. Certainly Councils have more important things to worry about. What's next head protection for anyone playing footy, boxes and other protective gear for anyone playing cricket. The nanny state is out of control!!!!!!
  5. Renegade460

    Members Boats.

    New boat just purchased a couple of weeks ago. Fitted with: Front and rear live wells. Minn Kota Terrova with 100ah Battery Garmin 75SV combo Biminni Catch & release on trailer Spare wheel for trailer 75hp Yamaha 4 stroke
  6. I would even think about it in a 15ft fibreglass boat.
  7. None of the ramps have pontoons, Jamieson Park is probably the best as the one at the caravan park has a nasty drop off at the end of it. Depending on how high off the water your boat is and where you want to fish will also impact where you launch. The Pittwater Rd road bridge is pretty low, mine fits under it at the moment with about 6 inches to spare so a runabout probably won't fit at the moment.
  8. Either the one near the caravan park, or the one I normally use is the one at Jamieson Park. There are 2 other ramps in the lake but they are only really suitable for small tinnies. What size boat are looking at launching?
  9. No, there are areas where anchoring is prohibited. Google RMS boating Maps a have a look at the area you wish to go.
  10. Renegade460

    Auxiliary motor

    Boats under 6m are required to carry paddles or oars unless a second form of propulsion is fitted. Not going to get very far with a paddle. Of you were to go down the electric motor route 54lb's would be the bare minimum for your boat.
  11. 6lb braid with 8lb mono leader.
  12. Plenty of good size fatties around the shallows flicking plastics. Smallest was just under 50cm largest around 65cm. All were released.