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  1. Nothing better than a quick afternoon fish.
  2. Renegade460

    Boat Overhang

    I would be getting another trailer. Rear of boat is sitting on skids on the chines only, too much overhang. A good trailer will set you back a few grand but at least you know it will be right.
  3. Just a side note VSR's do not prioritise charge to any battery, they both charge at the same time.
  4. There is a body that will provide testing and compliance for batteries. All our batteries are compliant with TS001 a link is attached. https://www.activfire.gov.au/pdfs/documents/TS-001.pdf
  5. At 32kg's they won't deliver a genuine 140AH. To gauge the quality of a deep cycle battery you only need to have a look at how much they weigh. The batteries we sell weigh 30kg's for a 100AH and 34kg's for a 120AH. So a good quality 140AH would weigh around 38kg's to 39kg's. They are cheap for a reason.
  6. Don't go to battery world or those type of places you will pay double what you should. Let me know what size you decide on and I can give you a good price. As an example we sell a 40AH AGM for around $140. These batteries are made by Ritar and are top quality.
  7. Any old stainless steel pot is fine. Smaller the pot the better less lead to heat and keep hot for each batch.
  8. Launching at Bayview tomorrow morning and then heading up river to throw some plastics for bream and flathead. Any reports or places to hit. Thanks in advance.
  9. Lake Lyell is essentially a caravan park. Access around the lake on foot is fairly restricted from memory. Wallace lake is a free camp with better access around the lake, plus motor boating is prohibited.
  10. Collaroy to North Narrabeen. Also have the lake as well.
  11. Renegade460


    This is a common occurrence here. At high tide the starboard marker is around 50m from shore and it can blend in with the bush across the bay, LOTS of boats don't see it and bingo !!!
  12. A lot of the Navy outboards are / were diesel. Can't remember the HP but the guys who used to work next to us looked after them all here in Sydney. From memory there were Yanmar's.
  13. They have just used the hull as an earth return. The engine electrics will be earthed through the motor as well, motor won't be insulated from hull. Problem with running a hull earthed system in the possibility of electrolisis and the resulting corrosion.
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