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  1. Great rods for the $$$, have 2 for flicking soft plastics. Largest flathead so far is 78cm using 6lb braid. Match it to a 2500 size reel and away you go.
  2. Sorry, but this is just more nanny state stuff. Think about how many people go boating and how many deaths there are, very very few. At some point people in particular skippers have to be responsible what happens on their boat. A lot of people don't follow the current regs regarding wearing of lifejackets, maybe start policing these more. ps. when I bought my current boat I made sure it was over 4.8m so didn't have to wear a lifejacket every time I was out by myself.
  3. Knots for wind, as someone who has done a lot sailing over the years.
  4. There you go, always though it was around 1.5. Just means I can go faster in designated zones 😜
  5. Km/h's for speed and distance, M for depth. Just need to remember speed limits are in knots and times by 1.5 to get km/h.
  6. Only way to eat kingfish is with soy sauce.
  7. Time to get a new one, happy to spend up to $200. What is everyone using and how do find it.
  8. Link ? There is nothing on the DPI website.
  9. I would stay well away from anywhere near Manly during school holidays. Head a bit further up the Beaches to either South Curl Curl (rock fishing) or further up to either Long Reef or Collaroy / Narrabeen beaches. Another option is flicking plastics around the edges of Narrabeen Lake.
  10. There is a documented test method that batteries are able to be tested to, it's called TS001. We sell AGM's for fire systems and ALL must have TS001 and Activfire approval prior to being used. It guarantee's what you are buying. General run of the mill deep cycles can essentially be whatever a manufacture wants to claim. As an example there is a company selling 130AH batteries that barely weigh 30kg's, our 100AH batteries weigh 30kg's and have been properly tested and certified. The more a battery weigh's the greater it's capacity is the general rule.
  11. Plenty of light viewing here. Scroll to 6.45 mins.
  12. I know a couple of people that have done their Coxian through Marine Rescue. Join up and work through what you need to do.
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