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  1. Thanks Blackfish I’ll be sure to have a look at the forum on that topic, cheers. Kingie Chaser, budget up to $100. What would you consider in that price range? Thanks Micon01 for that information. Cheers all Wiskas
  2. Thanks for the suggestion KB. I’ll have a look at that. Wiskas
  3. Hi members I’m looking for some advice on a top notch filleting knife specifically for whiting and flathead. Any information on size, flexibility, brand etc would be much appreciated. Cheers Wiskas
  4. Got it now. Thanks Green Hornet and Kingie Chaser Wiskas
  5. Hi Green Hornet Regarding your method above, you mention using a number 6 short shank hook pinned once through the head of the sandworm. Could I ask why this is better than threading the hook as you would a normal soft plastic? Also, are there any hooks you can recommend by brand that you’ve had the most success with? many thanks Wiskas
  6. Many thanks KB for that information. all the best
  7. That’s great Green Hornet. I’ll be on the look out for that one as well. cheers
  8. Hi Waza I’m really starting from scratch. At this stage I’d like to build myself a nice light beach rod chasing whiting etc. Something simple to start with. Perhaps some of the more Decorative stuff once I’ve learned the basics.
  9. Thanks Berleyguts. I’ll be sure to track that one down. all the best.
  10. Hi all I’m wanting some information regarding rod building. I have no experience but I’d like to start building my own rods. I’m only interested in building low mount rods for Alvey reels. Could the learned members point me in the direction of a teacher that may be willing to help out a newbie (payed lessons of course) or perhaps recommend any good books on the subject. I’m located in Moss Vale, NSW. Cheers Wiskas
  11. Thanks all I’ll be sure to post a report with my results. cheers
  12. Hi Green Hornet thanks for the welcome and your reply. Looking forward to trying this and will go with the running sinker setup as suggested. all the best Wiskas
  13. Hi all I’m looking at trying the Berkeley Gulp Sandworm soft plastic rigged on either a paternoster or running sinker rig as I would a live beachworm for beach fishing targeting Whiting/Bream/Flathead. From what I’ve read on the forums this method has been successful in the estuaries but would like to know if members have had luck off the beaches with this setup. I fish an Alvey 55 on a 12 foot Gary Howard Surf Special. many thanks Wiskas