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  1. Hi Raiders, Does anyone have any experience with these? Are they any good at smoothing out rough conditions? Thanks in advance
  2. So after a fair bit of searching I cannot find a 2nd hand 18p prop only 19p. Spoke with the mechanic and hw reckons 19p would be an over prop. Checked the mercury prop calculator online and they recomend an 18p in the vengeance and 19p in the aluminium. Is there any reason not to look at an aluminium prop in 19p? Much cheaper would be able to buy a new one. I also came across a brand I haven't heard of Baeksan, any advise re this brand? Thanks
  3. Thanks all, only catching up on this thread now so to answer some questions. The boat was not used as a ski boat only for fishing with 2-3 people and gear. Boat has a large live bait tank but not that large that you would need to go to a smaller prop. The mechanic reckons the previous owner must have damaged the prop that the boat came with and replaced it with this one because it was cost effective. I am looking to get a good balance of hole shot and top end wanting to try a 19p and see how I go.
  4. Hi Raiders Now that I have had a major service and tune up on my motor. The mechanic did a water test to sign off the motor he advised me that the prop that that I have is too small (it's a 16p vengeance) He said the boat gets on the plane quickly but lacks top end and that the motor revs too high at WOT (6200 - 6300 rpm) he suggested an 18p Prop. But 18p seems to be an uncommon size (I am looking for a 2nd hand prop) I have found a 2nd hand 19p prop would this work on my motor. Motor and hull specs Hull 2001 Stessl 5.5m Blue Water Motor 2001 Mercury Saltwater
  5. Thanks to everyone who offered advice. After a few days of Googling and reading up I had a conversation with the mechanic and sent him a copy of the service manuals reference to the 120psi. He advised that they had done a boreoscope to visually inspect for damage or wear and they could not find any. This plus the leak down test plus the fact the motor runs to the Max rpm without issue makes me believe the compression numbers are probably due to a compression tester that is not calibrated properly and is reading low. I am going to get this final bit of work done and then just enjoy t
  6. The workshop is saying the fuel pump rebuild should be done annually, also because the motor is 20 years old the and I dont know when the carbs were last serviced they recon it is worth doing and then I dont have to worry about it again. Do you think it is a waste? What benefit would I get from doing it vs the risk of not doing it?
  7. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, I have been searching high and low online for more information around the compression. In the service manual it refers to 120 PSI being acceptable, I asked the workshop to test using a different compression tester to eliminate the potential of the compression tester being faulty , the result was the same 90PSI across all 3 cylinders. When I mentioned to the mechanic that the service manual noted 120PSI he said it is unusual for a manufacturer to list the PSI and that I am overthinking the PSI reading in his professional opinion provided
  8. Called Mercury waiting for a call back- based on the feedback thus far it seems to be a reliable system that I should not worry about. I think that my motor has the plastic gear but I will ask Mercury to confirm. Boat is still at the mechanic and they have suggested a carb strip down and rebuild, not knowing when last this was done it seems to make sense. Is this something best left to the professionals? The labor costs are more than the parts hence me thinking perhaps I should give it a bash- any advice on this? I also asked them to do a compression test and a leak down test, t
  9. @zmk1962 I have checked the service manual for my motor. It just notes (models with oil pump warning module) as the service manual covers a number of models. I have had a look at the oil pump and there are no wires coming out of it or anywhere else on the oil injection system. The only wires I could find were on the oil tank itself. Would putting a flow sensor inline be an option, I would have to figure out how to connect it to an alarm or buzzer in the event that the oil flow stops.
  10. Can you clarify if there is a warning system for oil injection failure, my mechanic said my motor doesn't have one and he is not aware of an aftermarket option
  11. Hi Raiders, I recently purchased a boat with powered by a MERCURY 2001 90 Model number 1090412YY serial number OT277836 Since buying it I have spent far more than I could ever have imagined sorting out things that haven't been attended to over the past few years and the costs are really building up. One of the recent expenses was the replacement of the oil tank and sensor to get the low oil warning system working again, this was the advice I was given at the time. After having done some reading it seems the popular approach when the low oil warning system goes is to bypass th
  12. Blade

    Is this right

    Took the boat in the mechanic said the crack is very unusual but won't cause any issues so happy about that.
  13. Blade

    Is this right

    I found the attached diagram online, the two wires highlighted in yellow have been disconnected on my motor. There is also a tan/blue and black wire that I found have been disconnected. I will do the continuity test on the oil sensor as per the manual to confirm if it is faulty.
  14. Blade

    Is this right

    Oil injection seems to be working the oil tank empties when the motor is run. I have added close 4 L of oil to the tank in about 20-30 hours of operation
  15. Blade

    Is this right

    Is it a problem if I have made a seal around the exhaust chamber? I will get the alarm reconnected. I think the reason people disconnect them is because the flair switch is not sold separately it comes as a complete unit so it is pretty expensive. If I can afford to have the oil sensor reconnected I am going to ask if just the overheat sensor can be connected. I always check the oil level before going out and I always have oil in the boat with me just in case, but first prize is to get them all working.
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