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  1. How did you settle on the Garmin?
  2. That depth off an Gen 2 HDS 8 is impressive, if the specs I have for that unit are correct it was 250w RMS max head unit, unless you we running an amplifier?
  3. Thanks, that looks like an HDS Gen 2
  4. The Lowrance unit referred to above was it an HDS12? If so which generation?
  5. The Garmin unit in my price range is the echoMap UHD 95sv, which is a 600w output unit with the same screen res as the Furuno and Lowrance. If I wanted to get the 1kw Garmin the only option in my price range would be the 752xs HD which has a 800 x 480 res screen so the same as the Furuno/ Lowrance I have read good things about the GT51 ducer and it seems to offer the best versatility. Is it possible to add an amp to the echoMap UHD 95sv if I wanted to run a 1kw later? I also need to consider the law of diminishing returns I don't fish in more the 150m of water often so is a 1kw necessary?
  6. I am seeking any advice from any Raiders who have experience with either of the above units. I am looking to upgrade my current HDS Gen 1 to something more modern with more power (enough to power a 1kw ducer when I am able to afford one) 80% of my fishing is done around the Jibbon Bommie, Stanwell, the Peak and 12 mile reef. As such the depths range from 15m to 150m. With the occasional trip to the FADs and deeper. Target species are: Snapper, Kingfish, Mulloway. The planned sounder transducer pairing is as follows. Lowrance- 3in1 transducer and I will use my current HST DFSBL deep water 50/200 600watt for anything deep than 50m Furuno- Airmar P66 When I can afford it I will look to go with either an Airmar TM260 or TM275LHW 1kw ducer on either unit. A further question is can I network my current HDS Gen 1 with either of the above units to share waypoints between the units. Thanks in advance
  7. Okay so the search (and confusion) continues. I have eliminated the Garmin as it is not a 1KW unit, so options to upgrade the transduce later are limited. The Furuno Gp1971F is still in the mix. The confusion has come about due to the Lowrance Elite FS9- it is a 1KW unit, can do side and down imaging (the Furuno cannot) it can be upgraded to do 3d structure scan (the Furuno cannot), It can be networked to my Motorguide XI5 which will allow me to Spot lock on marks that I have on the sounder.(Only possible on Lowrance and Simrad units) All of this looks great on paper but here is where I need some help from Raiders who know more about sounders than me. 1. Is side scan and down scan useful for the fishing I do (I fish the Jibbon Bommie, The Peak, 12 Mile reef, Stanwell humps in 70-90M water, FAD's on occasion) 80% of my fishing is in less than 100m of water. 2. Is 3d structure scan useful (even though I am not going to buy it now should this factor into the decision when deciding Furuno vs Lowrance?) Or is it a gimmick 3. Can I network the Elite FS to my current HDS gen 1 to share waypoints. 4. Will the Elite FS9 connect to my current HST DFSBL (P6376) Transducer (I will have it unplugged and just plug it into the head unit as and when I need it for deeper water) 5. Is the Lowrance comparable to the Furuno in terms of pure sounder capabilities, most of the Lowrance advertising is aimed at Bass fishing while Furuno is more saltwater focused.
  8. I am starting to think about and research my options for a new mid range finder. I currently run a Lowrance HDS5 Gen 1- it works well and holds bottom at full speed, it is a good unit but the screen is a bit small to run split screen modes so I was thinking of using this unit for navigation only and getting a 9 inch finder to run side by side. The units that I have been most interested in are the Garmin Echomap UHD 95sv https://buy.garmin.com/en-AU/AU/p/690358#specs(it has been suggested to me to go for the GT51 transducer vs the standard https://buy.garmin.com/en-AU/AU/p/537004) and the Furuno GP-1971F https://www.furuno.com/en/products/chartplotter/GP-1971F. My fishing is varied from 15M up to 200+M I dont fish in the bays or rivers. Hoping someone has had some experience with both of these units.
  9. Hi Raiders, I have some friends in town this weekend and the plan is to take them for a fish, I checked the swell FC for Saturday and it is not looking good, so I was thinking about hitting Botany Bay and trying for some squid and then kings. Are they still around? Has there been much action in Botany Bay post the heavy rain? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi Raiders, The floor in my boat is starting to sag and spring in a few places. I am looking to redo the whole floor at the same time. It is a 5.5m boat beam is around 2.2m I was thinking of the following 1. Put a 3mm ali checker plate floor in. 2. Replace the floor with 17mm form board covered in carpet. 3. Replace with the same that is in the boat now 12mm ply wood that has been sealed and carpeted. For option 2 and 3, can anyone make a recommendation of who would be able to do the work for me. I am in Sutherland Shire. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Raiders, I was at the FAD on Monday and there wasn't much happening. I am planning on going out tomorrow and was thinking of one of the following.(no specific order) 1. Giving the FADs another go 2. Getting down to Stanwell for some Snapper 3. Chasing some kings Does anyone have any updates on any of the above options I. E. Reports from the FAD or Stanwell and or if there have been any Kings around Bate Bay. Thanks in advance
  12. Great report, how was the water is it clearing up?
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I went out to the Sydney South FAD this morning, water was pretty clean out there 25 degrees and had the FAD to myself. Tried with live baits and trolling lures. One nibble on the lure but that was it. Guess I will have to wait until next year.
  14. Hi Raiders, I have the week off and I have been planning to get to the FAD since Nov last year but have always lucked out. With the forecast looking good for tomorrow I am wanting to get to the Sydney South FAD. Has anyone been out there post the rains? Is there blue water out there or still brown water? Any other suggestions of places I could get to where there is blue water? Thanks in advance.
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