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  1. Hi Raiders, I have some friends in town this weekend and the plan is to take them for a fish, I checked the swell FC for Saturday and it is not looking good, so I was thinking about hitting Botany Bay and trying for some squid and then kings. Are they still around? Has there been much action in Botany Bay post the heavy rain? Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Raiders, The floor in my boat is starting to sag and spring in a few places. I am looking to redo the whole floor at the same time. It is a 5.5m boat beam is around 2.2m I was thinking of the following 1. Put a 3mm ali checker plate floor in. 2. Replace the floor with 17mm form board covered in carpet. 3. Replace with the same that is in the boat now 12mm ply wood that has been sealed and carpeted. For option 2 and 3, can anyone make a recommendation of who would be able to do the work for me. I am in Sutherland Shire. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Raiders, I was at the FAD on Monday and there wasn't much happening. I am planning on going out tomorrow and was thinking of one of the following.(no specific order) 1. Giving the FADs another go 2. Getting down to Stanwell for some Snapper 3. Chasing some kings Does anyone have any updates on any of the above options I. E. Reports from the FAD or Stanwell and or if there have been any Kings around Bate Bay. Thanks in advance
  4. Great report, how was the water is it clearing up?
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I went out to the Sydney South FAD this morning, water was pretty clean out there 25 degrees and had the FAD to myself. Tried with live baits and trolling lures. One nibble on the lure but that was it. Guess I will have to wait until next year.
  6. Hi Raiders, I have the week off and I have been planning to get to the FAD since Nov last year but have always lucked out. With the forecast looking good for tomorrow I am wanting to get to the Sydney South FAD. Has anyone been out there post the rains? Is there blue water out there or still brown water? Any other suggestions of places I could get to where there is blue water? Thanks in advance.
  7. I am not looking to fish the hacking. I would launch probably at Wallys Wharf and head straight out (slowly of course just in case) I would then fish the back of the bommie out to about 100m of water. I was thinking it would be okay out there?
  8. Hi Raiders, I was thinking of getting out for a fish in bate Bay this weekend and next week (have leave booked) Understanding that Hacking will be mess with the rain is it worth giving it a go or am I better off postponing my leave to the following week? Advice appreciated.
  9. I see they have a three battery solution too. That would be ideal for me to have 1 cranking battery and the x 2 deep cycles running in series for the trolling motor. I could then leave the other electronics connected to the cranking battery.
  10. Hi Raiders, After months of contemplating if I should get a trolling motor I made the call that I should and placed my order for a 24v 80lbs motor. (due to arrive mid to late Feb) While I wait for the motor to arrive I need to figure out what route to go with regards to charging the batteries. As far as I know there are two options. 1. Shore power to on-board 12amp ProSport dual battery charger 2. From the outboard to an onboard DC to DC 24v dual battery charger (not sure what Amps are available) Some additional context. 1. I have no choice but to park
  11. Hi Raiders, Looking for some recommendations for aluminum welders in Sutherland or the surrounds. My immediate need to to have a grab rail repaired (it is a small job just two L shape brackets that need to be welded onto the grab rail). I am also considering the option of mounting an electric trolling motor so would like to take it to someone who an offer me some advice on what my options are in terms of mounting the trolling motor. Any suggestions/referrals appreciated. Cheers
  12. @Botany Bay Fishing nice video, I live in the Sutherland and have never fished Botany Bay but have decided to give it a go. I looked at some of your other videos and was hoping you could point me in the right direction as to where to get some squid, I will be launching at the Foreshore boat ramp. Any help appreciated, looking forward to more videos. Cheers
  13. I looked on Navionics and it says no anchoring in that area am I looking at the wrong place?
  14. Hi Raiders Planning to launch from Foreshore ramp and head out to the peak and maybe 12 mile. I haven't done any fishing in Botany Bay so I am looking for some spots to try for some yakka and squid in the area. Any help appreciated. Cheers
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