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  1. Hi Raiders, Looking for some recommendations for aluminum welders in Sutherland or the surrounds. My immediate need to to have a grab rail repaired (it is a small job just two L shape brackets that need to be welded onto the grab rail). I am also considering the option of mounting an electric trolling motor so would like to take it to someone who an offer me some advice on what my options are in terms of mounting the trolling motor. Any suggestions/referrals appreciated. Cheers
  2. @Botany Bay Fishing nice video, I live in the Sutherland and have never fished Botany Bay but have decided to give it a go. I looked at some of your other videos and was hoping you could point me in the right direction as to where to get some squid, I will be launching at the Foreshore boat ramp. Any help appreciated, looking forward to more videos. Cheers
  3. I looked on Navionics and it says no anchoring in that area am I looking at the wrong place?
  4. Hi Raiders Planning to launch from Foreshore ramp and head out to the peak and maybe 12 mile. I haven't done any fishing in Botany Bay so I am looking for some spots to try for some yakka and squid in the area. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  5. Hi Raiders, Has anyone ventured out to the SSFAD yet? I read a report that there were Mahi Mahi at the Northern FAD but wondering if they have arrived at the Southern FAD? Thanks in advance
  6. Tried Salmon Haul this evening unsuccessfully. It looks like it could be a very good spot, loads of sea weed/grass and small bait fish but 0 squid this evening. Will try again another time.
  7. Hi Raiders With the weather not playing along I haven't been able to get the boat out. While I wait for the weather to improve I am looking to improve my squidding and hopefully catch a feed or stock up the bait freezer. Any tips on good land based squid locations on the Port Hacking are appreciated. Cheers Blade
  8. Hi Raiders, I am looking for some pointers on where to get some squid and yakkas in the Port Hacking. Launching from the Water Street or Wally's Wharf ramp. Looking for some suggestions on where to target squid and yakkas on my way out the heads. Any pointers appreciated. Blade
  9. I have checked the kill switch and checked that there is 12.5V coming into the motor. Checked all earths I checked for continuity on the stator and I have continuity on the charging coil but none on the spark coil. So I am thinking that is the issue. I am trying to test the trigger but not sure how? Advise on this is appreciated, also if there is a way I could disconnect the kill switch to rule that out completely.
  10. Confirmed this morning no Spark on any of the cylinders. Advised to check stator and trigger
  11. The motor has had all the standard stuff done. It is not turning over it looks like it is not gett spark.
  12. Hello Raiders, I am looking for recommendations (please PM me) of reliable outboard mechanics. I have a 2001 Mercury 2 Stroke 90hp that I need to have looked at. I stay in Sutherland so looking for recommendations around the area or a mobile service. Thanks
  13. Blade

    12 Mile reef

    Its a 5.5m Stessl Bluewater. Is Bonna Point shallower than The water Street ramp?
  14. Blade

    12 Mile reef

    Haven't used Bona Point ramp, I usually launch at Water Street ramp in the Hacking. Are there other ramps I could look to launch from. Happy to drive if it gets me closer to 12mile. Was thinking with the northerly winds that pick up in the afternoon I wanted to launch at a ramp that I would be travelling south to get to.
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