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  1. Hi Raiders, I recently bought a 2nd hand boat. It has a 2001 90 HP ,2 stroke, Saltwater Mercury on it. The hours on the gauge are 340. I took it for a compression test and the mechanic said all the cylinders read 130psi, he didnt say anything about the plugs when he took them out. The motor runs fine, starts easily and pumps lots of water. I was thinking of taking it for a service just to be 100% sure everything is good, but I was quoted over $700 for parts and labor. The challenge I have is that I blew the budget on the boat, and the trailer turned out to be a dud so I need a new trailer which I was not planning on. Is there anything that I must just bite the bullet and change on the motor? I dont want to be penny wise and pound foolish and land up having to spend 1000's later. If you can also advise how hard is it to service an outboard at home? Thanks
  2. I also need a new trailer, I recently bought a 2nd hand boat, the trailer looked alright until I took it in to get the brakes done and was told that it has at best 1 year left. I blew the budget on the boat so I am strapped any tips or recommendation on who in Sydney (I am in the Shire too but will travel for a good deal) can help me out with a reasonable trailer that will last at least another 5-7 years. Thanks in advance
  3. Blade

    VHF and 27mhz radios

    Will give the above a go and see if it makes a difference. The VHF is a Lowerance and my sounder is too, I have the cable to link them so hoping to do that as well
  4. Blade

    VHF and 27mhz radios

    It just seems to not pick anything up I leave it on scan and it runs for ages then all of a sudden its onto something for a couple of seconds then gone.
  5. Blade

    Weather conditions

    My brother in law has a Surtees really nice boats. Congrats.
  6. Blade

    Weather conditions

    Thanks to all who have contributed this far, really good advise. Looking forward to hearing from others.
  7. Blade

    Weather conditions

    Being new to boating and new to taking a boat outside the river systems I am looking to get some guidance from experienced boaters on what weather conditions are considered too bad to go out to aviod learning the hard way. I will be going out via the Port Hacking and will be looking to fish around the Jibbon Bommie, down to Stanwell etc. I have a 5.5m Stessl Blue Water powered by a 90hp. What swell size is considered a no go, and does swell direction and frequency play a role. Are there specific wind directions to look out for, I currently try to avoid winds above 20kmh. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Raiders, I have recently bought a 2nd hand boat and it came with both a 27mhz and VHF radio. Is there a reason to have both or can I just run the VHF and same some dash space. The 27mhz doesn't seem to be working properly so it will need some TLC. Cheers
  9. All great input thanks everyone, as someone who has recently got my boating license and is trying to follow all the safety rules my opinion is that the boat license needs to be revisited so that it covers things like: Radio usage Bar crossings etc. Being new to the country and new to boating makes it difficult to figure these things out on your own, in an ideal world I would have an experienced boater to show me the ropes and learn like that, at the moment I am watching as much you tube as possible and going step by step out on the water never taking on more than I feel comfortable with and always putting safety first.
  10. Thanks Welster, appreciate the help
  11. I want to test the radio in the boat I have as a start how do I do that?
  12. JimC totally agree and this is why I am trying to ensure I comply. I have bought an Eprib got flares that are in date, v sheet and I always wear my PFD. The issue with the radio license is that it is not as clear as the other things and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of online courses.
  13. Is there a short intro I can do online. I am taking a boat out that has a radio fitted so until I can do my radio license just looking for the basics. Wanting to log on and off and correct mayday procedure.
  14. Blade

    Sportsman craft

    Thanks all for the replies. In the end I bought a 2001 5.5m Stessl Blue Water with a mint 90hp Mercury Saltwater, the boat had good reviews when it was tested by a few of the boating and fishing magazines. Boat is big and solidly built. Looking forward to getting her on the water this coming weekend.
  15. I am wanting to do the necessary course and get certified to operate a VHF radio. The links in the first post to the online training course dont work. Is there still an online learning option, happy to go somewhere and write the test but would like to do the study work online.