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  1. Ye I did end up going but didn't catch anything the wind was krazy
  2. Sorry not shaol haven, shell harbour πŸ˜‚
  3. Anybody know any good kid friendly fishing places? Gonna head up with the family in a few days wanted to take the kids out fishing. Wouldn't mind a good bream, yellow tails or squid spot to take the kids.
  4. Damn makes me wanna go out sneak out of work and catch a bunch of flatties now aha
  5. Thanks bro, yeah both were caught on a live πŸ˜‚
  6. Been fishing hard these couple of months been trying to chase jewies but still no luck landbased. However few days ago did manage to hook up to what I believe was a big kingy I would say easy 80cm plus on my bg6500 . Was fighting for a good few 15 to 20 minutes, so close to landing but ended up cutting me off by the pylons. Did manage to catch a few other kingies though one 65 and one 74cm. Other night caught a few big breams one being 41cm my pb and 38cm tailor. Also caught random eel and blue swimmer by catch.
  7. Hey guys going to be taking a little 3 day holiday to Port Stephens Big 4 Holiday in a week. Was wondering where are good land based wharfs, beaches or rocks to go to. Looking to target kingies, bonitos, big tailors, jewies and squid. Any tips are appreciated, don't really know the area too well and don't have a boat either. Will be bringing one light to medium tackle and my two heavy game rods.
  8. What size poppers where you using mate? I'm heading down to cudi for a holiday next week to give it a go.
  9. Thanks mate, btw are you talking about the little breakwall right next to husskison wharf?
  10. Hey, I'm about to take a trip down to Jervis bay in a few weeks I was wondering if anybody knows any good wharf, jetty , or easy accesible cliffs to fish at. Gonna be there for a week is there anything I should know? I have research Murray beach boat wharf and husskison wharf any idea if there any good? Looking to fish for squids, kingys, jewies or anything of decent size there.
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