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  1. Day 2 - not a touch or a follow…
  2. Hi Mike, I am using a spin outfit shimano sienna combo HD902 6-8kg running 12lb braid and 15lb leader handles it perfectly.
  3. I am on a mission, chasing a 80cm + flathead in Lake Illawarra on a glide bait. I’m using the MMD whiting, went for my first flick Friday morning on the incoming tide, had one big hit but it didn’t stick! I Disturbed an absolute croc would have been 90cm plus when moving location. I am Fishing in 2-5ft of water, I will keep this report updated, as I continue the pursuit.
  4. Sure are, I’m going to give the beach a rest and chase some bream in the lake.
  5. I fished Windang last night, not even a touch and the crabs are still there!
  6. Thanks got the advice mate, I was afraid of it feeling like a broom handle. I’ll also be sure to check out the glass rods you mentioned. cheers
  7. I cast whole yakkas and swim everything else out or slide bait. I see they have a 13ft 8-20kg which I am thinking of going with, just don’t want to regret my choice…
  8. Hi guys, I’m looking at getting a Penn prevail 15kg-37kg for chasing Mulloway. Has anyone else used one this heavy?looking for some feedback. I usually fish live yakkas or Tailor off the beach and if not live large dead baits. I am after the 15-37kg for the casting weight but don’t want to end up regretting the purchase. cheers, john
  9. Went for a flick the other day chasing a big flathead, I have been throwing a 120mm sugapen in the hope of beating my PB of 70cm, with no luck, later that day ended up heading down the beach with the kids to land a few whiting later in the day, on beach worm which was great! Got 4 up to 40cm. If anyone has any tips with chasing big flathead let us know, I’m thinking of throwing some swim baits. here’s a link to a flathead session I had a couple of months back if your board in this weather….
  10. What a feed! Sounds like nice morning.
  11. Hit Lake Illawarra yesterday morning on the top of the high tide, chasing flathead on the flats. I threw plastics around for most of the session without a touch.... I threw on a Daiwa double clutch 95mm and caught 3 within 45min. Biggest going 52cm. Really enjoyed the hit on the hard bodies, so much more aggressive. A pain getting the treble hooks out though. I just bought the MMD whiting glide bait and will be throwing that next weekend hoping for a croc!
  12. Great report! Looks like you had an awesome day on the water.
  13. Sounds like a great afternoon! That is what it’s all about. Watching the kids catch fish is as good as it gets.
  14. Awesome fish! I believe it put up a hard fight, look at the bloody thing it’s a big unit!
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