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  1. Day 2 - not a touch or a follow…
  2. Hi Mike, I am using a spin outfit shimano sienna combo HD902 6-8kg running 12lb braid and 15lb leader handles it perfectly.
  3. I am on a mission, chasing a 80cm + flathead in Lake Illawarra on a glide bait. I’m using the MMD whiting, went for my first flick Friday morning on the incoming tide, had one big hit but it didn’t stick! I Disturbed an absolute croc would have been 90cm plus when moving location. I am Fishing in 2-5ft of water, I will keep this report updated, as I continue the pursuit.
  4. Sure are, I’m going to give the beach a rest and chase some bream in the lake.
  5. I fished Windang last night, not even a touch and the crabs are still there!
  6. Thanks got the advice mate, I was afraid of it feeling like a broom handle. I’ll also be sure to check out the glass rods you mentioned. cheers
  7. I cast whole yakkas and swim everything else out or slide bait. I see they have a 13ft 8-20kg which I am thinking of going with, just don’t want to regret my choice…
  8. Hi guys, I’m looking at getting a Penn prevail 15kg-37kg for chasing Mulloway. Has anyone else used one this heavy?looking for some feedback. I usually fish live yakkas or Tailor off the beach and if not live large dead baits. I am after the 15-37kg for the casting weight but don’t want to end up regretting the purchase. cheers, john
  9. Went for a flick the other day chasing a big flathead, I have been throwing a 120mm sugapen in the hope of beating my PB of 70cm, with no luck, later that day ended up heading down the beach with the kids to land a few whiting later in the day, on beach worm which was great! Got 4 up to 40cm. If anyone has any tips with chasing big flathead let us know, I’m thinking of throwing some swim baits. here’s a link to a flathead session I had a couple of months back if your board in this weather….
  10. What a feed! Sounds like nice morning.
  11. Hit Lake Illawarra yesterday morning on the top of the high tide, chasing flathead on the flats. I threw plastics around for most of the session without a touch.... I threw on a Daiwa double clutch 95mm and caught 3 within 45min. Biggest going 52cm. Really enjoyed the hit on the hard bodies, so much more aggressive. A pain getting the treble hooks out though. I just bought the MMD whiting glide bait and will be throwing that next weekend hoping for a croc!
  12. Great report! Looks like you had an awesome day on the water.
  13. Sounds like a great afternoon! That is what it’s all about. Watching the kids catch fish is as good as it gets.
  14. Awesome fish! I believe it put up a hard fight, look at the bloody thing it’s a big unit!
  15. I wish mate would love to get them close to home. I was north of Wollongong
  16. Decided to hit one of the local beaches for a Jewfish session. Chasing these fish hasn't been easy for me, many fishless nights but last night paid off and all the hard work was worth it. Started the night collecting fresh Yakkas and aimed to be at the beach by 9:30pm to fish up to the high tide at 11:45pm. Arrived at the beach and we had it all to ourselves and the conditions were perfect! set the two out fits - Penn Slammer 9500 spooled with 40lb mono 60lb leader - 12 foot Penn rod & a Penn spinnfisher 8500 spooled with 20lb mono and 30lb leader both snell rigged. I use the 40lb outfit for larger baits. 10:45pm the 20lb outfit goes off was running a yakka fillet and I was stocked to land my first silver slab measuring 84cm, not a giant but I am very happy with it. 11:15pm the 40lb outfit goes off with a whole yakka, rod dragging across the sand........ ended up with another Jew and released it to fight another day. what a night! now i get to feed the family on good Friday with some fresh Jew!
  17. That’s fishing though isn’t it! Always devastating losing a good fish. The flatty I got headed for the weed pretty quick in the fight I could feel it rubbing through it...
  18. Can’t beat a day on the water with a mate, even better when you land a few fish.
  19. Shimano Raider 722 - 1-4kg Stradic - 8lb braid
  20. Been chasing Flathead on the flats on the night tide and it’s been very productive on the Zman 4inch minnow. Last weekends session got a 50cm , 60cm and a 70cm in a 1 hour session had to leave due to work. The 70cm put up the best fight I have ever had from a flathead, they fight hard in the shallow water on lures. Check out the fight on my YouTube link https://youtu.be/tucTqgCjNoc (warning language alert on video)
  21. Cheers mate, got the Jew at Corrimal beach.
  22. Thanks mate. Honestly on and off for years but for the last 6 months I have dedicated 90% of our fishing to Jews and I generally would fish once or twice a week, got plenty of by catch in those times. Happy with the result last night though and i have learnt every trip. Been using live and fresh bait for about 2 months, made all the difference.
  23. Yakka was whole, i have tried butterflied off the beach but they always end up a mess.
  24. Nice mate, cant beat fishing with kids, we haven't fished that spot yet might have to give it a crack.
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