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  1. Wow, what a day you'd be glad to back home with a cup of tea after all that mate!
  2. Weather was rough and raining when I woke up and almost called it off, headed out to Gunnamatta bay. Still windy and tide was rising. Got myself some worms suitable hooks and swivels from Mac's Bait Bar. Went out knee deep cast out a worm, first cast got my possibly my PB Whiting, a good size 35cm+ The little whiting were chasing my bait when I retrieved it so i tried some lure but no luck Wish I took a hoody out, was getting early signs of hypothermia shivering and numb hands πŸ˜† so left earlier than I would have liked. The wind-chill factor was creeping. Caught at least 8 and 3 keepers went home early with a small bag and a lovely feed. Had some crappy fishing sessions recently (last 9 or 10 donuts) stoked with today so this one brought back my mojo a little bit 😁 Happy Valentine's Day (see pic attached) what else would you get a Japanese woman?
  3. Nice report mate great photo's looks like you guys had a ball. Congrats on your first Murray Cod. Really nice Earthenware Neil, a fine craft. Cracking write up!
  4. Nice haul! Mahi mahi is on the bucket list, hopefully soon i capture one!
  5. There's heaps of others, I tried to find blackfish for you. I liked this Calamari one: https://antiqueprintmaproom.com/product/the-australian-tooth-cupped-cuttlefish/
  6. I bought myself a Christmas Pressie, I think this will look awesome framed on my wall. 🀩
  7. I always wondered if kings would be interested in nippers, now I know thanks! Nice report and cute pics πŸ™‚
  8. Sounds like a killer session! That's proper fishing that! Congratz on the PB!!
  9. Nice mate this is a dream of mine to catch a good bag of clean edible Whiting and make some tempura.
  10. Excellent article @DerekD mate thankyou for taking the time to share the skills and what works for you. Squidding is very rewarding when you're doing something right and has been a desperately frustrating experience for me! I would love to see that 300year old squid jig and try to make a replica!
  11. Well I was thinking about it.. Kahawai as they call them in New Zealand they are the Go-To bait for Big Kings, If I can get a smallish one use that for live bait as there is no size limit it and as easy to catch as yakkas use them like yakkas 10/0 live bait hook.. why not 😬 I reckon if there is a huge king lurking
  12. Video Attached Up at 4am set up the origami boat and on the water at Rose Bay by 5am initially targeting Squid then Kings. On the way to get some squid we saw heaps of bust ups of salmon around and just naturally could not drive past a bust up. So we both got off the mark with a couple of decent sized salmon each both catch and release. Stuck to the plan for the squid, but we tried and tried unfortunately nothing. We had some day old squid in strips but just got picked at and no interest in pilchards from Kings. Salmon and some tailor were busting everywhere, was easy pickings with the Halco Twistys Lost count of how many we caught as they were mad keen, we brought just one back each because it was all we needed. It was the most productive day for quantity on my boat, would have been nice to see some kingfish but who cares, the salmon were tonnes of fun!
  13. You will just get closer and closer and eventually you will get there, it took me 364 days with some help. Good luck with the next hookup!
  14. Nice catch and the feed looks 10/10 I'm going to copy your recipe next time I get some flathead!
  15. Very nice feed of Whiting mate!! Let's hope they catch that bastard!!
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