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  1. spizza

    Scored my 1st Mulloway!

    Nice work mate...they are special off the suds. S.
  2. spizza

    Alvey reels

    I've got 14 on last count....lol. Even better, you need to start a surf rod collection (low) to marry them . S.
  3. A lot of reels will come and go, but your Alvey will still be there for many years. Nice work on the bronzie. Spizza.
  4. Hi buddy, Some feedback below, I own a couple of the 'C' series...650 / 700. 1. You don't need to go too heavy on the beach for sharks of that range...Something like Tortue or Platypus Lo-Stretch 15kg will do the job. Beef up your leader to 60/80lb. 2. As with all Alvey rigs, make sure you have a swivel before the rest of your rig (60/80lb). I use a running star sinker (up to 115g), and snooded 8/0's. Don't need wire, but be prepared to lose some rigs with mono. With a 'C' style drag system, you balance the drag setting as required with the tip of your index finger as needed. The good thing with an Alvey is that you can always switch off the drag and use the 1:1 ratio, palming with your hand for drag. To get really familiar with it, just keep going out there and using the reel. Practise in daytime too and even go to a park and practise there. Bronzies are around at the moment too...look for a late high tide (e.g. anywhere from 8 to 11p.m.) and full moons are good too. May - April see's a big run if whalers on the beaches. Butterflied baits are good, as is Squid too...the fresher the better. Whaler's initial strikes are good, and usually they'll leap out of the air when hooked, so that's a dead giveaway there's a whaler on the other side of your rig....they usually run along the beach with fast head shakes, but are easily subdued if you take your time. S.
  5. spizza

    Butterworth Rod & Reel Combo

    Hang on to your Butterworth mate, they are great rods built to last...Jarvis Walker bought the rights to the Butterworth name in the 80's, and started releasing a range of butterworth (graphite, hollowglass). Len Butterworth partnered up with Dick Snyder in the 70's and rolled quite a few top notch blanks, such as Snyderglas which was another legendary range of blanks...I've got quite a few and love them to bits.
  6. spizza

    Curl Curl Last night

    Can be a tough little spot, but always has nice gutters. S.
  7. spizza

    Avoca Surf Fishing - Advise Needed

    Try an arvo high session a couple of hours before a dusk high tide....unless you are up in the pre-dawn hours, tailor will usually show right before and after dark sets in. The choppers don't usually hang around long but the larger stray large Tailor will lurk well into the late hours...Salmon should be thick up your way now.
  8. spizza

    Northern Beaches

    They beaches were good for whiting, Salmon, Tailor (XL) and Sharks (bronzies) a couple of weeks ago, although things have gone quiet after the big seas...there's a lot of run in the water at the moment and lot's of surge....big breakers out the back and good water sitting just out of reach... S.
  9. Sharky Sharky nights on the suds...

  10. spizza

    Mona Vale Beach

    That's a good set up mate, just look for a nice gutter, and with that rig you should pick up a Tailor, Salmon, dart or bream......things have been a little quiet of the beaches though. Good luck. S.
  11. spizza

    Noosa Mangrove Jack's

    Great report mate. I love Noosa, have been going up there to visit my bro-in-law the last 3 years....I still haven't figured out the river system, but each time I go I'm learning more about the area....hanging to do a surf fish off one of the local beaches too. I went landbased down along the river near hastings st last November and got killed by sandflies! For the next 5 days I looked like I had the measles or mumps lol....lesson learnt about fishing the river after some rain....
  12. spizza

    Increased netting of Salmon

    The problem is, it seems this move was also supported by various rec fishing groups. Whether we like it or not, Salmon are seen as an absolute scourge by many rec fisho's up north, and they would actually be rejoicing at this news. For those of us like me who see Salmon as an iconic sportsfish, we lose out big time. For those rec fisho's who see Salmon as a scourge who steal baits intended for their 'bread and butter' fish, this is good news. When I was up at the far north coast in Sept this year, the folk in some tackle stores were bemoaning and cursing the large presence of salmon in the area....kinda ironic given all the kids I saw down at the rockwalls were having a lot of fun hooking up with the Salmon & have a guess where they were buying their bait from...!?
  13. spizza

    Pittwater Sunday morning 27th

    No doubt the fishing inside Pittwater can be tough...I go out there in my yak quite a bit and pick up most of my keeper fish on the troll, or chasing surface bust ups...there's been more dud trips than memorable ones...I'd imagine the heavy commercial fishing has given the place a hammering since they were moved out of the harbour.
  14. spizza

    Increased netting of Salmon

    Damn shame, just when it was becoming enjoyable going out on the beaches and estuaries in winter and getting into some awesome sportsfishing action....let's see, lot's of Kingies around lately....what's next do you think? S.
  15. spizza

    Northern Beaches, finally back on

    The choppers should be in better numbers off the surf in the next few weeks, though I wish they were indeed in the Fraser size calibre...we seem to get a smaller run of fish in good numbers, with the occasional beast here and there...