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  1. Hey Guys, I caught this fish a while ago and just found it going through pics. Caught it on a 3inch zman grubtail in motoil oil sort of foul hooked behind the gill rakers. Caught in Sydney Harbour. If anyone could give me an ID that would be awesome. Thanks, Jahmon
  2. Awesome article. Sounds like an epic day on the water! I'm yet to land a bonnie but can't wait for the day I do!
  3. thats a nice setup! At the moment im in a new flat so I have to resort to the air condition unit on the side of the house. hopefully Ill get an old table or something soon.
  4. I can back this up. A bit of diving in New Zealand has taught me that Dory always sit near or on the bottom blending in with weed and waiting for prey to swim by
  5. I can definitely back this up. I just bought some sunglasses with an orangey/brown tint and they are really nice. polarised sunnies make so much difference when seeing fish as well. lots of the time it can be the difference between seeing fish in the water and not seeing the fish. Another important thing is too look after your sunnies. when storing them cases or at least a pouch for them is essential otherwise they get scratched really easily and it sucks to look through them great article!
  6. Might just have to take you up on that offer sometime haha
  7. thanks for that mate. I think I will definitely shy away from lip gripping aye.
  8. Recently I have tried out some topwater bass fishing and it has been absolutely insanely fun. This is like nothing I have really tried before but something I will definitely be doing more of in the future. First of all I would love to give a shoutout to the fishraider user called Ragnar (Todd) who has gone out of his way to show me how to catch bass on the topwater and also for showing me some spots he has been exploring lately. I am also sworn to secrecy so sorry but I am not able to disclose locations. Also Ragnar has a great report about his topwater bassing as well which I would highly rec
  9. Bit of everywhere mate. Middle harbour, Mosman, Pittwater. All sorts
  10. Hey Mate, Thanks for the reply. Not where I'm from unfortunately and most are caught in hundreds of meters of water
  11. Hey Guys, I'm new here so figured it would be best to introduce myself to the forum and write a little story at the same time. I grew up in Kalgoorlie WA, with Esperance being my childhood holiday destination. I have been fishing since before I could walk and never had much trouble getting the odd fish in Esperance. I moved to Nelson, New Zealand when I as 8 and from there was when I really got into my fishing. In Nelson the main fish species include snapper, kingfish, kahawai (salmon), mullet, trout, gurnard, butterfish, moki (morwong) and more. I have enjoyed a lot of success fishi
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