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  1. 10wt since I started the day after kings, so you could go lighter but 10wt really helped over come challenges in very windy conditions
  2. Thanks Kingy Chaser the bottom fly in picture
  3. Thanks Bighorse Just fishing the wash out of Port Stephens
  4. Set a goal to tie some flies to target Snapper on fly. All I wanted was a legal fish and I would of been happy but to get this for my first Snapper on fly I was stoked.
  5. Zoran, just so you know fly fishing can be highly addictive. Hopefully I can share some catches once we're all out fishing again instead of just the fly pictures. Thanks Zoran
  6. Kingie chaser, they have plenty of movement and really come to life in the water, but I've only had the chance to water test in my pool till we are let loose. Main target is the Longtail Tuna but I reckon Kingys will jump out of the water for them. Thanks
  7. They don't come much easier to tie than these Garfish imitation flies. If you tie flies and haven't got any of these in your box, hopefully these motivate you to get on the vice.
  8. Hey Kingie chaser The main target for these flies for me is Jewfish. I would also cast them for big Flathead over the flats. I learnt the pattern from Chris Adams from Ammo Flies who has some unreal videos of the fly underwater.
  9. These patterns are known as a "Gamechanger". They are very time consuming to tie but so worth it. As for flies I don't think there's many patterns that look and swim as close to the real thing as a Gamechanger. Most in pictures are the 5 inch size with one being 6 inch. If you haven't seen this pattern they will blow you mind, and for me a must have in your box.
  10. Kingie chaser this is the shanks
  11. Kingie chaser it's stainless wire, 80mm big game shank made by Fishkull is the brand if I remember. The hook is attached to the wire shank with a spit ring, so if the head or tenticles get chewed off I can just tie a new head and the whole fly isn't wrecked
  12. Green Hornet I fish with a 10wt alot.
  13. Good stuff dirvin21 since I took up fly fishing and tying just can't put it down, if I was to go out with my conventional gear and had a real good session catching fish I would be like wish I had my fly rod.
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