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  1. Ok just the question has been asked since people seen the tag in it that I put in. Someone else commented about people releasing fish like barra down Sydney on birthdays or new years like you commented about a cultural thing.
  2. Fish wasn't released, at first I planned to but in the dark and trying to tag as quick as possible for release I identified it as a Jewfish as a big long silver fish not expecting it to be a foreign species. I believe it was introduced through the ballast from ships. I personally don't think there would be lots of them when there's only been 2 other recorded captures back in the early 80s in Sydney. But I could be wrong every chance others have been caught that where never reported. The DPI where great to deal with and would suggest to anyone who catches a fish they cannot identify to contact them. But need to be careful not to keep a fish that is under size just because you've identified it wrong. In my case they contacted me and sent courier to collect fin clip for DNA testing. And plan on aging the fish when I give them the Otoliths which I'm very interested to see how old it is.
  3. Yeah it fought well. At the end of its first run there was a big splash on the surface, I didn't see the fish jump out of the water but I suspect that it did hard to see since it was 2am in the morning in the dark. I would say the battle would of been less than 10min.
  4. Lured down to fish Newcastle Harbour after big rain and fresh water pushing out. Caught a 113cm 27lb fish that I couldn't identify. The fish was formally identified through DNA testing by the DPI. Confirmed as a Japanese Sea Bass. Caught on a 10wt fly rod using a BWC gold bomber fly.
  5. Hey it's Ben Hall and I caught the Japanese Sea Bass on fly in Newcastle Harbour on the 13/02/2020. The fish was caught on 20lb tippet. It weighed 27lbs and measured 113cms. I have fished the Newcastle Harbour all my life and I've never heard of a Japanese Sea Bass. The Australian Museum contacted me to let me know that there were only 2 other recorded captures of Japanese Sea Bass in Australia and they were in Sydney in the 1980's. My rare catch has put me into contact with Professor's, Researchers and fellow Anglers. The DPI sent a Courier to collect a fin clipping for DNA testing. The results came back confirming that it was indeed a Japanese Sea Bass. I am donating the carcass to the Australian Museum after I get it taxidermed (he only uses the skin). I have asked the Australian Museum to remove the Otoliths and give them to the DPI so they can age the fish. Here is the email from the DPI confirming that it was a Japanese Sea Bass.