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  1. Thats pretty much all fishing for me lol
  2. lol.. great post guys.. Always a shame when a bread and butter species becomes a trophy fish due to over fishing...
  3. Great story Waza.. we fish the break walls at night for jewfish and the rats are everywhere. I certainly wouldn’t be shutting my eyes there lol
  4. Chin up mate, sounds like you have it a lot better than most.. few acres near the Hawksbury sounds like a dream to me Be out chasing jewies again before you know it
  5. After sifting through the undersize fish we usually say something along the lines of .. "Got a proper model" "Got a real one"
  6. Nice fish ... congrats
  7. Hi Edogz, I'm by no means an expert on rod design but I believe you should be fine. The cast weight is based on the high forces generated during casting... Bottom bouncing is more similar to fighting a fish and you would be hoping to be pulling things greater than 350g from the depths
  8. Great story.. one of the best fishing reports I've ever read. Makes me re-live the early beach fishing days down the south coast catching salmon after salmon with the odd bream thrown in to make you feel like a hero
  9. Nice catch spinmaster.. what sort of fishing mate? Bait/lures? land or boat based?
  10. Another nice bag there Scratchie, nice day to be out on the water before the crowds on the weekend
  11. Awesome report Ragnar, nothing better than seeing a fish hit a lure off the surface
  12. Great report Kingy, sounds like a cracker of a fish.
  13. Hi Olof, Welcome to the site. Lake mac is a great fishing location but if you are looking for a mixture of rocks and estuary fishing I would look slightly further North at Port Stephens. It has a lot more options for rock fishing both at the heads and further south around Fingal and Boat Harbour. Still plenty of options for accommodation within walking distance of great fishing spots Bolts