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  1. Hi Everyone, Was just wondering if anyone could provide some information regarding tactics and land based spots for Nelson/Fingal area - I'm heading up there in November and am very keen to get into some pelagic's off the rocks/walls? Any info would be greatly appreciated Regards Damo
  2. Well done releasing mate loving that
  3. How good is that!! I'm sick of seeing all these bolkes doing the wrong thing bout time they're getting them. Love it.
  4. Yeah mate the PR knot is the best knot going on heavier string for 2 reasons - 1. It doesn't break if tied correctly and 2. it has a really slim profile. No need to bulk it up. I admire the experimentation but as they say if it ain't broke don't fix it. Cheers Damo
  5. Hi people, Was looking for suggestions on what size and brand of braid that I should put on my 3000 certate ( really happy with the feel and look of the 2010 model ). Any lines of thinking and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Will be using mainly for botany kings/inshore everything. Cheers Damo
  6. Mate as everyone has said put your swivel in the middle of the leader and use an FG knot as your leader Main Line conection. Good stuff on finding the big fellas. Cheers Damo
  7. Hi people, Was wondering if anyone has been to LHI as I'm heading there soon and I can't find the length restrictions on the QANTAS link site and can't get in contact with anyone there!!I know luggage is 14kg but rod length??? I can't find a 2 piece spinning rod in th 10-15kg division (I'll rephrase that "a reasonably priced one") for the life of me so I was hoping to take a 7" stick that I have. Would appreeciate any info Cheers Damo
  8. Hi Guys, Will be doing a bit of both, mainly live baiting but will be throwing a few metals and poppers. Need something that will suffice as a hybrid of sorts, I don't do that much from the stones so I just need something thats going to be good enough to get me through - don't want to spend a heap though as I've just got a 2010 s605 Jigwrex for the trip as thats what we'll be doing the most of. Cheers Damo
  9. Hi people, I'm heading to fishing "NIRVANA" in a few weeks - AKA Lord Howe Island and I need a stick to use from the stones. I would say I will maybe use this stick once or twice a year maybe so I'm looking for a very very reasonably priced rod to get me through and hopefully hold up to the rigors of 8 days on the Lord Howe stones. Any recomendations would be appreciated it will be matched with a Saragosa 14000 60lb-80lb braid. Cheers Damo
  10. Thanks to all for your info, especially thanks to Greg and Ceph for the hands on advice - think I'm leaning towards the MB at this stage can't wait till friday. Thanks again Cheers Damo
  11. Hi people, The b'day is coming up and I am in the enviable position of being able to get a spinning reel of my choice - I mainly need it for small inshore kings,sambos,tailor etc (and maybe for some estuary work) spooled with 10-15 lb braid. I'll be flicking plastics and some live baiting was wondering what you guys thought? Looking at the new certate and stella (Does anyone know when they come out?) would love to get some suggestions on size and model and brand? Has anyone got a Morethan Branzino? Thank heaps Damo
  12. Hi, Have just booked a trip to the fabled Lord Howe Island (otherwise known as my fishing Nirvana) and am wondering if anyone has been there and can recommend a charter operator to go with, or advise on the LBG areas to fish and experiences good and bad. Not sure if you have to PM the charter names? Would appreciate any advise /stories so as I can plan it to a tee. Cheers Damo
  13. Mate love the reports - keep them coming please great to see the awsome fishing over there, what about those conditions amazing. Cheers Damo
  14. Mate I would love any Norfolk updates - that place is simply amazing and I think a lot of people would appreciate a regular update. I've got to get back there very soon your bro is a lucky man! Cheers Damo
  15. yeah I think I know what you mean about the weight thanks again
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