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  1. please give me a call on 0413316691 so we can talk it over, cheers, Martin
  2. I just edited my post to stay on the topic rather than chase this rabbit - hope you don't mind
  3. yes, i agree - i'm looking out for a 200 - 250hp
  4. Can you give me contact details on the 250 Suzi? I was following up a good 200hp Opti but that has fallen through and agree with others here that my vessel is a bit underpowered at 150hp. I rang my mechanic and asked if i was crazy to consider a 250ph on my hull as there was a Yammie available and he said that there would be no problems with a 250hp and he knows the hull - so I would be keen to follow up on the rescue vessel's engines.
  5. I applaud your discovery abilities! I didn't even know that ad/ads existed! Very thankfull I didn't pay anywhere near that price! As I said, i am very pleased with it - I have had quite a number of boats, a 48ft, a 32ft, a 42ft, a 20ft, a 13ft, another 13ft and now another 20ft! Apart from it having 5 different floor levels that I am rectifying now - I am a happy chappie! Cheers, and thanks again, Martin
  6. Hi there, just a query - how do you think it is a '73 hull - i'm not sure myself but would be good to relate to you perhaps if you do know the Huntsman's. The cockpit steering is for trolling - just the wheel, no rev control - actually it is really good trolling from the rear Your concerns noted on weights , cheers, the transom has the 150hp Saltwater and the aux Mercury 25hp on it now that would be approx 220-230 kgs now so should be ok for a 4stroke excepting perhaps a Honda that seem to be the heaviest of them all
  7. Too bad - this engine turned out to be a EFI engine not a DFI - so no advantage really over my current Yamaha - excepting the higher HP - so I'll keep looking Anyone know any 175 or 200HP Optis available or well priced 4 strokes?
  8. Being an older hull - around 1980 - there are no ratings on the hull Iv'e just tonight become aware of a 200hp Optimax that has come available, a 2005, that I will ring about tomorrow I think - Iv'e just read a very good review comparing the 200hp range in 2009 in which the Optimax comes out very well - much to ponder! And if I go that way and the Opti is quite noisy as I have gathered from responses here and in the fishingworld review - then I can close the rear door of the wheelhouse! Ah! gotta love a fully enclosed wheelhouse!
  9. I haven't done a rev/speed check yet - but the prop is a 17 inch left hand - I know it can do 37kn flat out which it did during the demo prior to purchase - but haven't done proper rev checks yet as I think the rev counter is playing up - my thoughts if I do upgrade is not only the fuel usage but the noise factor is important, though I am pleasantly surprised as I expected the Saltwater to be noisier than it is. Along with better fuel usage of course you get more nm out of the tank that also helps. I estimate with the larger tank I am putting in that the fully loaded weight will be 2200kgs.
  10. Last week I went interstate and bought a 6m HUNTSMAN vessel and trailer that I am very happy with, at a good price - however - I was advised that the Yamaha 150hp 6 cylinder Saltwater series (2002 I think) is a good motor - but thirsty. The vessel weighs 2ton. I took it out for the first time and trolled for three hours then about 20 mins at 18 knots. All went well - I refilled the tank to find that I had used 66litres. So, can some of you guys more in the know than me please comment on - 1. If I change engines - not wanting to spend more than $8-10K would i be better off going to an Optimax that I hear will save 40% on fuel or something else? Cheers to all who reply.