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  1. Hi all, does anyone have experience with these units? I am led to believe the Solix has superior side imaging clarity, but apart from that the Axiom shines. Any real experiences, rather than just opinions? Cheers to all who can help.
  2. I had a 4m tinny and I fitted the collar - it was brilliant ! - stops spray coming off the bow, and the stability - you would never go back after you had one Good looks are second to functionality
  3. The 14.5 x 17 prop was spot on with 6000 revs just reached - so all good to go, cheers
  4. Well, the Opti 250hp has been installed and I have had one decent run in the Coorong to get used to it. Certainly gets on the plane a lot quicker and the noise is less than the old Yammie 150hp. Currently it's running a 15x15 prop and is getting just over the 6000 rev mark - so I am trialing a 15x17 next week that will drop it down a bit - overall, I am pleased with the performance. When I bought this vessel there were 5 different floor levels - with various fresh water and fuel tanks etc - So, I have just finished changing all that and now have one level that really is terrific! No
  5. Not new, a 2012 Opti so should do the job - about 40% fuel savings compared to the Yammie now and more power
  6. After a lot of looking around and getting the run around from a few would be sellers I thought I would let you know what I have decided to do regarding engines - I'm purchasing a 250hp Optimax - I was going to go with a Verado but it required so much change to my current setup it became a no brainer to go Optimax. So, there we are, so, within a couple of weeks all should be good to go and hope to enjoy the Opti for a fair while from now! Cheers, to all who replied,
  7. Any recent news on those 250 Suzi's that you mentioned are being replaced soon ?

    Cheers, Martin (Shearwater) 0413316691

  8. thanks for your thoughts, cheers
  9. I'm wanting a 200 - 250hp fourstroke, Optimax or HPDI engine. 25" XL Please SMS to 0413 316 691 No Etecs or Verados please I'm located in SA, so the closer the better but the trucks are still running, so no real problem. Must be in excellent working order, cheers, Martin
  10. please give me a call on 0413316691 so we can talk it over, cheers, Martin
  11. I just edited my post to stay on the topic rather than chase this rabbit - hope you don't mind
  12. yes, i agree - i'm looking out for a 200 - 250hp
  13. Can you give me contact details on the 250 Suzi? I was following up a good 200hp Opti but that has fallen through and agree with others here that my vessel is a bit underpowered at 150hp. I rang my mechanic and asked if i was crazy to consider a 250ph on my hull as there was a Yammie available and he said that there would be no problems with a 250hp and he knows the hull - so I would be keen to follow up on the rescue vessel's engines.
  14. I applaud your discovery abilities! I didn't even know that ad/ads existed! Very thankfull I didn't pay anywhere near that price! As I said, i am very pleased with it - I have had quite a number of boats, a 48ft, a 32ft, a 42ft, a 20ft, a 13ft, another 13ft and now another 20ft! Apart from it having 5 different floor levels that I am rectifying now - I am a happy chappie! Cheers, and thanks again, Martin
  15. Hi there, just a query - how do you think it is a '73 hull - i'm not sure myself but would be good to relate to you perhaps if you do know the Huntsman's. The cockpit steering is for trolling - just the wheel, no rev control - actually it is really good trolling from the rear Your concerns noted on weights , cheers, the transom has the 150hp Saltwater and the aux Mercury 25hp on it now that would be approx 220-230 kgs now so should be ok for a 4stroke excepting perhaps a Honda that seem to be the heaviest of them all
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