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  1. JAKSShark

    Bate Bay

    Dunno about where you fish but down sydney way some days have been pretty hard for the kings and other fish...next to no point trying for jewies right now in syd But other species have been reliable
  2. Yeh k sweet, well ive caught fish that wld be other PBs on 15dollar combos so why spend the extra😁 Yeh mate any shld be able to work i rckn
  3. Hey joel do you mean straight to hook or to swivel? Also what combo did u end up getting? Either straight to hook or to swivel mostly will work but larger single sinkers would be better
  4. Agree I never lived in them but i wish it was the "good old days" pen n paper no internet
  5. Awesome story mate, jewies look cool enough in the water as is let alone a monster....😯 can only imagine what it would look like Keep the storys coming please
  6. 😁Mate all good can see what you thought it was now👍
  7. I think its the scales to weigh it
  8. Awesome report and great fish keep it up, its great having some reports from other countries😁
  9. Mate have a look at the daiwa shinobi a shop its a mint combo Also check out the Shimano Sahara combo they are very smooth and reliable awesome to use a shop i believe this one is 120 down from 250 right now but not 100% sure
  10. Suprising how polular the humble flathead is
  11. Mate no worries happy to help out😁thats just how we are as raiders👍plus i like helping people get into something im passionatte about because i had people instructing me on things i wondered about as well so i know how much i gained from it🤙 Also any questions regarding locations etc pm me and i can give you info on locations or some other spots etc
  12. Hello joel, depending on what it is that you catch some species like tailor salmon trevally kingie bonito etc you need to bleed and let blood leave the fish for a few minutes then chuck on ice until the end of the day/night then fillet and de gut then back on ice and take home...thats just what i do....or flattys bream etc that dont need bleeding just chuck straight on ice or into bucket of water then fillet and de gut scale etc when i get home or after the fishings over. And yes the fish would hold up in if its on ice or just in a bucket of sea water especially in winter... I would normally bleed a fish by cutting in behind its gills into the brain then hold its tail and jiggle it around in the water for a minute or two then into a bucket of water or on ice then degut scale fillet later When i catch a fish i like to quickly do what i gotta do with it then keep fishing and fillet scale degut etc at the end of the trip at the wharf or at home What dirvin said is true as well Hope that helps
  13. Mate well done😁👌🏻 that must have been a memorable capture on 1-3kg gear😯love the feeling you get when you see your first jewie in the water aye
  14. JAKSShark


    Mate wish you luck on the jewies, if u put in the work with the bait gathering and knot tying etc u will end up with a jewie it may take 1 hour or months but just know that if you have the good baits out it WILL happen😁