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  1. Holy s*** mate u cleaned up, well done
  2. Mate thats a stonker...trevally of a lifetime well done
  3. Hey mate u will be very impressed with that rod...i have the identical... 6-12 is heaps n u will have no probs casting big sinkers n a small yakka etc. Round...it is a very nice rod to use value for money I have a gosa 10000 on this rod and it matches well... If u r wanting to use huge sinkers n put out whole mullet then u have a problem so depending on wot ur using this for i would take into consideration for the weighting, it would be a superb weight n length to launch metals out for pelagics👌🏻
  4. Good luck mate, just out of interest do you reckon slide baiting for jewies wld work in the hawkesbury wld work coz current rips thru there as well
  5. Yeh mate ive caught countless fish in pittwater n especially fishing off a wharf is fun n easy to do, if u struggle with rigs just have a sinker sliding straight to your hook put a peice of bait on there that is just bigger than the hook and you will be AG, one thing to remember is the bigger the hook the less fish you will catch (in general)...so only use smallish sized hooks Good luck n maybe post a report when u have a good days fishing😁
  6. Also i believe u can tow in pittwater...which seems a better/nicer place for swimming n towing than botany, middle harbour or lane cove? Just an opinion tho, just meant it as another suggestion
  7. Well done mate you never know with flatties aye...somedays they r there and other days just disapear but if you stick to it itll pay off, good eating size fish👏👏
  8. Nice work on the salmon Yon, pity bout the kingie tho Just remember... The harder you go on a king the harder it will go on you
  9. Ytfb 🤩now thats a mint fish mate well done!
  10. Yeh mate i can witness to this...they are flippin delicous
  11. Good on her for getting out n catching fish mate, fishing at this current time is our only escape from reality😏 Also I dont know for sure but i didnt think there were black bream on the central coast maybe they r darker yellowfin?
  12. Dunno about where you fish but down sydney way some days have been pretty hard for the kings and other fish...next to no point trying for jewies right now in syd But other species have been reliable
  13. Yeh k sweet, well ive caught fish that wld be other PBs on 15dollar combos so why spend the extra😁 Yeh mate any shld be able to work i rckn
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