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  1. zane

    Suzuki 25hp 3 Cyl

    any one selling one? also how heavy are they too?
  2. zane

    Suzuki 25hp 3 Cyl

    ok, how do they go for fuel becuase im looking to put one on my supaskua ( tinny ) I know of this 1998 model 25 3cyl thats selling for $2000 would you recommend it geoff?
  3. zane

    Suzuki 25hp 3 Cyl

    hi fellow raiders does anyone have any experiance with a suzuki 25hp 3cyl, e.g,speed, reliability, fuel consumption? I have done a bit of research on these motors and I know that: * they stopped production in 1999 * there oil injected * and they look like a 50. if anyone can let me know on how they run or if they have or know any for sale, it would be greatly appreciated. cheers zane.
  4. did anyone ever have a skua in the 70's and 80's. I was just wondering as to what the waterways were like back then and how you teens back 20-30 years ago experianced them. cheers zane
  5. wanted skua, will pay cash hull only, pm if you can help. cheers zane
  6. zane

    Dolans Bay

    Wallies warf (dolans bay) LOCATION: Dolans bay on the outskirts of burraneer bay CONDITION: Good with a two lane ramp and a turning bowl so it is easy to back the boat down the ramp. PARKING: There are no real parking spots but you have to be there VERY early or youll find yourself half a km up the street trying to find a park. FACILITIES: toilets but no other public facites. e.g bbq scaling aera. WARNING!!!!!: take caution when the diving charters come in most of the charters are young and try to dock while going 4 knots.
  7. hi im not interested in buying your motor but does the cv series come in short shaft because im very interested in buying a motor like this sooner or later. cheers