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  1. hey mate, been a long time i know but did you ever end up fishing here and if so how was it? planning to go sometime this week with a mate
  2. solid catch boys, I was there the other day fishing port hacking on fresh squid, live shrimp and pilchards without a single bite other than a puffer fish, no luck at all despite trying different rigs, baits etc haha landbased can really suck sometimes
  3. what a monster of a cuttlefish
  4. Thought this was interesting on the DPI website "It is not known exactly how the Yellowfin Goby was introduced to Australian waters. However, it is possible that larvae were translocated to Australia via ballast water carried in international cargo ships."
  5. Had a pretty good size hairtail chase my surface lure down near McCarrs Creek last week but seemed to shy off when it approached more shallow water, nevertheless was pretty cool seeing one as I wasn't expecting it at all
  6. Obtuse barracuda, also known as striped sea pike