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  1. Does the Wd-40 tend to lure fish away from your bait/lure ? Or am I just being paranoid
  2. Yeah fair enough, but I do see a lot looking at my jig then shying away
  3. Is there a way to tag him in this thread ?
  4. Hey mate yeah I’ve got all those different colours and I got 1.5 and 1.8s. Still nothing haha
  5. Hey raiders, where’s some go to spots around the west side of Lake Macquarie to jig for some squid land based? Any jetty’s around? The only place I know where there is some is styles point at Rathmines, but every time I go there they are not interested in my jig no matter what I do. I’ve rubbed prawn, anti seed oil, pilchard and S factor on my jig but they are still not interested, but I see heaps of them smashing the surface, so they are obviously hungry. Ive tried many different colours and sizes to no avail. It’s frustrating as hell!!!! many tips please it’s driving me insane, I’ve also jigged an hour before high tide and just abit after high, that’s when the sun comes up! I usually go at around 4am when there is not much wind. thanks !
  6. Awesome mate, yeah a lot of weed around, I generally go around 4 am and fish till 9am, or go at around 1-2pm and fish till night, depending on tide times etc
  7. I went to acouple of places what squirt suggested yesterday afternoon with no luck, just a good school of tailor behind the airport, I tend to have more luck west side of lake 😃
  8. Hey guys! new to the forum, just wondering if you guys have any tips and tricks about fishing west side of Lake Macquarie, I’m in the middle of getting a boat but for now I’ll only be fishing land based, I usually go out to Wangi near the caravan park and fish half pilchard and squid for bait with not much luck, catch a fair few 30-40cm bream but main target fish are flathead. Can’t catch a flathead if my life depended on it. Other places to go are coal point off the rocks on the point, And off the rocks near club Catalina at Rathmines. Heading out to a jetty tomorrow morning to try and get some live squid for bait, might try the Rathmines jetty near styles point. Would live bait be a good start for flatty? If so what would your tackle outfit look like? Also just started to give the squidgies a go, never had a bite on them yet, any suggestions on them aswell? Thanks in advance! EDIT: I meant west side of lake!!
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