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  1. Hi Waza - thanks for the great read. Put up a picture of the cliffs near some my old spots north of the harbour. Nothing like the 400 ft cliffs you climbed down. In fact in our case we just walked around from the beach - a bit of a hike but after doing it a hundred times or so you knew how to hop over and around the different boulders and narrow spots. There were a couple of dodgy ladder arrangements near where the photos was taken but never saw anyone using them. Had a few instances of kids chucking rocks down at us - tried yelling at them but obviously they knew we were at an enormous
  2. Waza - was there a similar competition for clubs on the northside of the city? I was never a member of a club but we had the Warringah Anglers over our way and there was also the Manly Fisho's club whose building sounds like the Brighton fishos. I would also guess Manly Leagues Club and maybe Harbord Diggers had fishing groups. You mentioned that you made the representative team - who did they compete against? Did you do any good?
  3. Thanks Waza - another great story. The AFCA never considered having officials with the various teams? Like golf clubs will have rules officials with the players for important club events. Fishing and golf both rely on honesty but if the stakes get high enough some will feel the temptation to bend the rules. I guess that would mean telling the officials where the teams were going to fish and in your case having someone willing the climb down the cliff. The 1.5 to 2 lb tailor and about 1 lb trevally were what my mates and I mostly caught on the lower northern beach rocks in the early 80
  4. Thanks Wazza - as usual a great response, you obviously fished in a great area but clearly also put in countless hours to learn what conditions, baits, tactics, time of the year/day worked for the different species that were available. Love the story about the Murk floats with the built in pen torch - once the light disappeared what was the signal to set the hook? Maybe they hooked themselves? Did some mental arithmetic on catching 139 fish in 15 hours - that is almost 1 every 6 minutes with no spells for food, sleep or toilet breaks!! Can't imagine how much bait and burley you mu
  5. Hi Waza - this might be a bit off topic but you have really captured the atmosphere and feel of rock fishing around Sydney in the 70's and 80's and it has got me thinking about how things have changed. Could you talk a little about the transition that was happening around that time from bait fishing for bread and butter species like bream, drummer and tailor to lure fishing for pelagics? I assume before high speed reels became available tuna and mackerel were just an occasional by catch? Once the gear became available were you able to spin up tuna and mackerel from the Mattens and the other
  6. Thanks for the story Warren - getting up to the Magpie ledge sounds pretty scary but you would also have to have your wits about you when you got there and started fishing. I would be worried a big drummer or groper would pull me over the edge if I wasn't paying attention (which is not that uncommon according to my wife). Also must have been crowded with 8 or 9 guys all with 12' rods in the pitch black. Maybe in your next story you could give us a bit more background on Wally - sounds like he fished down there for decades. Get the impression from your earlier stories that he fished
  7. I remember talking to a rock climber years ago who was also horrified by the thought of climbing up and down crumbling sandstone cliffs near Sydney. I guess not so bad if the rocks are more solid but the heavily weathered cliffs around Sydney take a strong nerve. Having said that there were a couple of fixed ladder climbs on Dee Why headland that I went up as a teenager (too silly to sense the danger). Lived at Bronte for a while - the spots where wazathefisherman fished were way out of my league. Hope you find a few spots where your son can get a few fish - I have 4 sons and I kick m
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