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  1. @King chaser thanks mate. Will do that from now. I’m not really good in writing things, that’s why I try to go nice and short. But I got your point and will follow your suggestions. I am based in northern side of Sydney but I am open to go n meet likeminded anglers and fish together even if they are many miles away. cheers md
  2. Not a bad session , still a lot to learn.
  3. Sorry was unable to respond your invite last time but I’m back to my normal self. Text me whenever you’re ready. Cheers Md
  4. Absolutely outstanding, great post. Helped me to understand a lot , hope my squidding will improve now.
  5. Thinking to go early morning tomorrow (Wednesday) for landbase blackfish session. Anyone wish to tag alone? Don’t have any specific spot in mind , so open for suggestions. cheers Md
  6. Thank you DerekD for your time. It was nice to meet you face to face and learn a lot from you in our very first session. To be honest it was my first ever soft plastic experience and even though it was ‘ learn to cast’ session; I was surprised to hook a baby snapper. LoL I came home n realised how tiny little small things makes a massive difference. I surely started to look after my rods and reels ( most of them I have already damaged anyway) but as you said ‘ it’s about habit’ and that I need to change. I respect you for your patience to teach a noob angler and pass your valuable experiences and skills. Looking forward for more sessions soon. Thanks again. MD
  7. Thank you DerekD I will call you after work and really looking forward to learn more from you. cheers md
  8. Thanks Everyone From the day when I posted first till today I’m going out fishing SOLO with Kayak or landbased. Got few breams, few small flatties as well as baby pinkies. Now I am seriously desperate to find a buddy/ mate/ Guru or a mentor to learn new things and fish together. Fridays weather looks okey so far. Thinking to go around spit bridge area and fish 2–4 hrs this Friday arvo. Anyone interested? I’m open for all ideas and tips. cheers md
  9. Reading this old post, I think little manly beach is my next go. Went there for a drive and witness some fantastic bird activity.
  10. Hi there New to this fishing site and looking for a fishing buddy. New to North side of Sydney ( Brookvale), so don’t really know any fishing spots at all. Thinking to take my kayak out but 2 is always better than 1 in the water. So if anyone else willing or doing kayak fishing alone, we can fish side by side. We sure can help each other a lot. cheers MD