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  1. Got to feel for their family and friends. Got to feel for the guys themselves. Massive thanks to the copper who jumped in to rescue the guy. Brave man or woman. If I was a local at Port Kembla I'd be fighting very hard to keep fishing access to this area. Personally I think being able to self regulate your choice of recreation and adventure is really important to an individual's well being and the richness of society as a whole. Not sure where this quote comes from (motor racing?) "it is a privilege to do a sport that can kill you".
  2. I guess the Uni Rover trail would be a way of accessing the Kowmung between Christy's and Morong Deep. It is reasonable easy to follow from the Kanangra Walls Road side (last there 2012ish). Might be different post fires. I was under the impression that it was pretty much non existent on the Scotts Main Range side of the River.
  3. Oh yea. I probably should have reminded people all the routes in I mentioned above are not on formed tracks. There are rough bushwalking pads on most of them but you need to be competent off track bushwalking. Also remember that post fire regrowth can make walking less pleasant and much slower. Totally worth it though as it is a magic part of the world.
  4. Hi Yoyo Enjoyed reading this. I have fond memories bushwalking out of the Wild Dogs in the 80' and 90s. I'm hoping to get back there with a rod one day.
  5. Kanangra Boyd National Park only reopened very recently ( closed due to 2019/20 fires). This might mean some of the fire trails might now be open. Its likely some specific areas might still be off limits. I struggle with the NPWS website. I'm pretty sure you can still access the lower part of the Kowmung via a bushwalkers corridor. You would access this via either Narrow Neck or Carlons Farm. Maybe call Oberon NP office to confirm exactly where this corridor is. There would be no fishing or camping in the exclusion zone which includes the very lower part of the Kowmung and you would have
  6. It is amazing how people equate cultural background with swimming ability. When my kids were about 3 and 5 they went for a swim in a hotel pool in Myanmar. The "lifeguard" approached me (sitting on side of pool) and expressed concern about their age. We got talking and when he found out I was an aussie he smiled and said they must be ok then. Where my kids do swimming lessons about half the students are Indian or Chinese. There are some really strong little swimmers amongst them. I'd argue other factors have just as big an impact as cultural heritage. Swimming lessons aren't free so
  7. This is so tragic. My heart sank when I read that. So sorry for their family and friends.
  8. Hi Mark Sorry for late reply. I haven't checked in for a while. I've also got a 9 year old and we started fishing from yaks about 2 years ago and have had a heap of fun. Go 2 singles as your son will get confident and competent real quick and will want to do his own thing. 2 singles will also be way more versatile when he is out playing with his mates. At 9 he should be able to handle a small adult boat. My son prefers fishing out of my yak. If you are out Mudgee way you should go for a flick at Dunnes Swamp once it reopens after the fires. Absolutely ideal for kids to fish
  9. Hi Geoff Good on you for doing the walk in. So which river did you end up fishing? I've done a reasonable amount of walking in Kanangra NP but never fished it. I recall seeing some enormous trout in some of the side creeks of the Kowmung back in the 90s. Has anyone fished the Kowmung recently (say the last 10 years) Would it be worth taking a rod in once the area is reopened after the fires. I've read reports that carp have taken over the lower part. Also read someone who preferred the Cox and Jenolan was putting chicken wire across the Kowmung to redirect the spawn run (maybe
  10. JonD ... Its amazing the type of country you can access with a humble handline. The more I get into fishing the more I think bushwalking and fishing are a win-win. When out looking for fishing spots you end up visiting some really cool places you would never of thought of as a bushwalker. And as a walker you are much more comfortable exploring harder to get to areas which have way less fishing pressure. This has been good for me chasing cod and trout. Waza ... I bet those climbers would have got way more scared if they went down your descent route. It might have seemed a bit weird that t
  11. Hey Joel My kids have caught heaps of fish on cheap combos. My daughter was gutted when I broke her pink rod when I got impatient trying to get a soft plastic off a snag. From my experience the two most important things are; 1) Don't let the reel get immersed in salt water ... it will seize up real quick 2) Replace the line with a reasonable quality mono. The cheap line combos come with will be crap in terms of memory and breaking strain. If you have already had a few tangles and have cut line off you will need to replace it anyway ... your casting distance will be diminish
  12. Hi guys, I've been lurking a while and learnt a fair bit on this site. I've particularly enjoyed reading about the rock fishing adventures of Waza's youth. Back when I lived in Sydney in the 90's I did a bit of climbing on the sea cliffs and remember being horrified at some of the fisherman's descents we used to access some climbs. Fast forward 25 years and I have taken up fishing after my 5 year old got interested. I've never done any rock fishing but have often thought about what nutters those Sydney rock fishos must have been. I've also thought about whether or not people fished some o
  13. Where I come from: Red sky in the morning, Shepherd's warning. Red sky at night ... barn's alight.
  14. Hey Fishlearner, This is my first post here. I started fishing about 3 years ago when my kids got interested (blame Jeremy Wade). We have had a lot of fun since. I'd recommend going out without your kids and having a play around with different rigs and techniques. This will give you confidence in both your skills and fishing spots that will make trips with your children more successful. Being a relative noob I'm a bit apprehensive about giving you technical fishing advice but can give you a few tips on what worked for me. Firstly depending on where you live fishing for carp and redd
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