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  1. Anyone here fished quobba station, can’t find anything in here about it or I’m just not looking hard enough. Curious to know when the Spanish Mackerel are on there for spinning lures. Any other information for any species is greatly appreciated
  2. Kings on the George’s yeah?
  3. Kyle the cheese man


  4. Yeah they do allow it, just need to be mindful of the passengers most of them are excited to see a fish get a handful of them that go on about how it’s cruel
  5. Don’t wanna give away the spot so it doesn’t become overwhelmed?
  6. Had the original plan of flicking for flathead and salmon off the beach with plastics no hits so we went and collected weed for bait and burley and tried for luderick, they were in massive numbers all good size but very finicky when eating we just used a tiny split shot to the hook even the floats would spook them and dropped leaders to 4/6lb. Bite was slow but managed a few biggest going 42cm in the pic below
  7. Any Sydney trev 40 and above is a really nice one even better on 6lb
  8. Tried to escape the wing hit the piers in Walsh bay with bread and pilchard caught a few decent trevally on Pilchard and bread, consistent burley and leaving the bail open drifting unweighted baits in the trail worked best a lot of takes from yakkas or smaller trevally I presume. Wind made it extremely hard but we still managed
  9. Definitely will be working the break wall a few mornings slide baiting live mullet down for mulloway, have to slide bait to anchor it in place as the current rips through there, will be throwing some other lures around while waiting
  10. Just thought because it’s mid north coast they would be on, I spoke to a tackle shop owner there he says bonito should be on there with a very slim chance of long tail. Obviously I’m happy to catch anything. Sydney is currently fired up with sambos at the moment
  11. Hi all heading up north late January in Laurieton I would like to hit perpendicular point with lures the local tackle shops say bonito, tailor, salmon and potential Longtail tuna. Looking for advice tips and trails to follow into there I plan on fishing the most northern point I will only use lures for Pelagics any advice is helpful and if you are local and would like to tag along feel free to do so
  12. I focus on tide time over time if day, over cast is preferred but no rain a day before or I just don’t bother, an hour either side of high tide works well
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