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  1. I focus on tide time over time if day, over cast is preferred but no rain a day before or I just don’t bother, an hour either side of high tide works well
  2. Went out Friday night in hope for salmon first cast out with a squid head under a float, was collecting yakka and had a look at my rod and watched it buckle over in the holder pulled a 46cm salmon out casted metals nothing wanted some the salmon still had live white bait in its mouth. after the sun set I threw a live yakka out and dropped something big inconsistent runs and big head shakes guessing a Jew or shark. Lost after 10min fight, threw another yakka out and 2min later hooked a nice pj quick photo and good release
  3. Haven’t had much trouble catching them, just find an agressive retrieve and fishing the right tide works a treat
  4. Hahaha I’ll give you a hint it’s up near the heads
  5. Went to spot x in the harbour to target some calminari and cuttle tried for an hour with the 1.5 jugs no hope on cuttle one small arrow a nice surprise considering we don’t usually get them sent it out live and it was chopped in half about 20min later, switched to the 2.2 and 2.5 jigs fished the deeper water and managed 4 nice calamari and three cuttle fish perfect bait size
  6. Slapstick’s seem to be a killer lure for a kingy been wanting to try them for a while now
  7. I’m gonna assume it’s more of a patience game sometimes, I know how finicky and tormenting kings can be following your bait up and leaving it
  8. More so for a fishing point of view, always found a bit of current is better then none when chasing pelagics on lures (salmon, tailor) but as for kingfish in middle harbour I’ve never tried it
  9. Cheers mate, will use my some of my mates 3kg cuttlefish from yesterday we are thinking of going next week if weather and tides permit, what tide is best in your opinion
  10. Always down to fish in Sydney region lured or baits, I am landbased for now but would be keen to go out on someone’s boat and chip in for fuel/bait. Shoot me a pm if you would be keen 





  11. Go to laurieton every year with my dad to fish for a week and mainly just hit the estuaries and throw crab pots out, looking to target a Jew off the break wall along north haven side or pilot beach side any knowledge or success?
  12. Me and some mates are considering going here with our 9foot rods to float out cuttle strips or live squid if we have them