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  1. yeah just a snapper sinker on a paternoster single hook rig.
  2. personally if fishing the wash id keep it running, like you said you want to be able to get out of trouble fast if you need to.
  3. good stuff mate, he'll be hooked for life now.
  4. decided that enough was enough and needed to get out for a fish, so called up a mate on Sunday and told him o get to my place for an early start Monday. went and started the boat, checked everything was all good, only to find that the oil level on the motor (115 optimax) was sitting at about 1/4 full....damn, do I risk it or not I decided to call my mate back and say lets start later as I needed to get oil first thing Monday just to be safe. eventually got to a 3 lettered shop, grabbed some oil, and we were on our way to the ramp. decided to take a look o
  5. wow, some quick thinking there.
  6. its always been a bucket list item to tick off for me..... one day ill get up to the NT and smash a Barra.
  7. Rey05

    Home made aquarium

    im not going to get into an argument with you over it, because A- its not worth it, and B- im not going to change your view. if you think its ok to break the law because its only by a little bit, youre not part of the solution, but part of the problem. oh yes, lets compare what you're wanting to do willingly to a flathead hunting a bream for food, brilliant argument. ive noticed in a few of your replies you mention "certain nationalities" as if "other nationalities" don't break the rules. here's and idea, drop the stereotypes, and stop thinking you
  8. Rey05

    Home made aquarium

    by doing something illegal, you're no better off than the ones consistently catching undersized fish and keeping them....
  9. Hi guys and girls, I was wondering what weather app everyone used to plan a days boating/ fishing. right now I use willy weather- I live in Dee Why and usually fish around broken bay etc. Saturday Dee Why showed a 3m swell, which it was, but once past the breakers it looked flat as a tack..... I would have quite easily gone out through Pittwater and got to some flat water. so I ask, am I using the app wrong, is there a location I can use to see the swell out a bit wider?
  10. I can't wait fo the day any son out fishes me, he's only a year old so I may have some time up my sleeve....but im a poor fisherman, so who knows great catch though mate.
  11. id definitely be looking at the fuel filter as my first check.... then go from there.
  12. yeh for sure, but you can look at the general comments and if they all say the same thing its probably not just a whinger
  13. without our peers reviewing them, how would we know if the product is any good or not? surely when you stay at a hotel, the first thing you do is look up what other peoples experiences are? same with when trying a new restaurant? maybe im the new generation who wants the info instantly to help sway my choice.... in the old days I guess the version of a review was some old bloke (or girl) at the pub saying "don't buy that, my neighbours sister got one and had nothing but problems"
  14. had one on an old boat, made it awful in a following sea.... id be looking at other fixes (proper ones) before adding a bolt on cheapie to an expensive motor.
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