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  1. Thanks noelm there is a boat shop on way home
  2. Hi campr I start work at 2 am so going to take the seat to work and call in to the hardware store on way home
  3. Thanks noelm I had a few 1/4 inch bolts at home and thought that would do but too small for the hole and a shop didn’t have any screws or bolts in that section to use
  4. Hi just a question what size screws or bolts to I get to secure seat to the swivel pedestal (titan brand swivel) thanks greg
  5. You can’t move at a shop Took the wife shopping and ended up with a seat and swivel plus a squidgy thingy fishing lure and some tube of stuff you put on the lure all she wants to do is catch a flathead 😎
  6. Greg Foster

    Boat seats

    hi wife found these at an a shop store opening up near our place Q. to attach to my Metal boat Bench under the loose padded vinyl top do I only need the metal swivel bracket ? thanks greg
  7. Ok zoran definitely no citrus 😂 the mechanic said when I picked up the boat engine Its around a 1982 or 1983 build and there was a small plastic tube that attaches both ends of the gear selector ,it was missing he rigged up a quick repair but the actual part has to be order from Johnson in the US Can’t get one when he gets a price with postage he will let me know I will give him my visa number and it will get sent i told him if he does no good ,give Arizona outboards on the central coast a call and see what they have
  8. What about oranges I heard that fish won’t touch your bait if you have peeled an orange ?also Good news gear selector shaft came apart halfway down $50 to fix and I pick it up this afternoon and I still shiver at the mention of bananas on boats 😂
  9. It must be ingrained in me 😂 I had that bad in the gut feeling as soon as the wife pulled it out it didn’t faze the wife though
  10. Marine rescue were glad of the donation and now I am thinking of volunteering With them on my 4 week rostered off cycle
  11. I am hoping it is only minor the boat purred before that beautifully
  12. Ok boat in the water cruising around lake Mac find a spot to fish wife happy 😃 she wanted to fish another place pull in anchor start motor engaged forward nothing no movement motor revs but that’s it rang up mechanic propeller bushing gone rang marine rescue organised a tow they will be 30 minutes wife happy still 👌 she says let’s continue fishing while we wait and have lunch 🥳 then she pulls out lunch she had packed, and what comes out bananas 🤯 I turned cold with terror no wonder we broke down she had bananas on the boat
  13. 👌thanks much appreciated
  14. Thanks guys so 50:1 is ok in a whippet snipper that only uses 25:1 normally ? i guess it will only make it more smoky ?
  15. I have replaced the fuel in my tank when I had issues with my engine see My previous post I have fresh 98 and oil mix in the tank and have about 10 to 15 litres of pre mixed fuel in a jerry can About 6 to 8 months old at present is it safe to use it in 5 litre blocks in between using new 98 mix eg over 6 months new 98 mix then 5 litre of old mix then new again or would you just tip it out ?
  16. Gave the ss minnow a kick start this morning new 98 fuel and oil new fuel line and bulb and a like new omc tank I scored on Facebook for $20 she took a bit to kick over but then she purred i let her run for 5 minutes with the water muffs on wife was cranky as she thought I would kill the motor never mind all set for a day on the water next week
  17. This is the new old tank fitted
  18. Thanks anyway frank my wife found another near new omg tank on Facebook so we got it and delivered for $20 just a quick question for this i am getting new tubing,bulb and attachments at whitworths do I take the old bayonet fitting on the tank that’s screwed in off to clean or get some acetone on a brush to clean it all up (Presume auto vent is built in here)
  19. Thanks i will call into whitworths tomorrow
  20. Hi all i have a stupid question getting boat stuff checked against the NSW requirements my savage ranger has marine ply panels on the floor of the boat ,screwed onto the ribs it’s basically a false floor does this mean I need a bildge pump? i looked at the requirements for enclosed water and It said A bilge pump is needed if Boat has closed under floor compartments I wasn’t sure if a false floor by definition is an under floor compartment thanks in advance greg
  21. Thanks Noel I will Let you know what happens
  22. Thanks zoran I also watched that dude from danger marine on you tube with old fuel lines my son in-laws dad has a spare plastic one I can borrow so will do as you said take it for a run and see what happens
  23. Hi zoran this problem was first trip after full service boat in water started ok found a fishing spot,wife wanted to move 5 minutes later motor wouldn’t start like it was starving of fuel continued fishing for an hour or so then tried to start it again All good trundled back to the boat ramp motor was surging at about 3 knots in a low speed zone on way back also leg was hot to touch when lifting and locking in place took straight back to mechanic on way home leg heat was thermostat issue all fixed fuel was tank wasn’t venting all painted over mechanic
  24. Hi Noel The middle of the cap doesn’t seem to move or budge but is joined to the piece of metal on the underside of the cap in the picture a few photos up. The whole tank was painted silver when I got the boat Including the cap and fuel hose connection Another query should the hose be rock hard that connects tank to engine or is that just age and if it vents when fuel line connection is on what would I look for ?
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