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  1. Hi Green Hornet & GoingFishing, Thanks heaps for the replies, been ages since I've fished around JB. Looking forward to a trip away, it's been a long 18 months. We are staying in a caravan park in Husky so, Wollamia will be nice and close. Thanks for the heads up on the reef, appreciate the info. Cheers... Dave
  2. Hi Folks, Finally getting a chance to hit the water and taking a trip up to Huskisson weekend after next. Towing a 6m glass boat and was wondering what the local boat ramp facilities are like. Had a look in the site's Ramp section, but found nothing up to date. I saw online that Wollamia Ramp has been upgraded. Has anyone used it lately, and can advise if it's suitable to launch a 6m glass boat, are there trailer parking facilities , or would I be better off heading over to Murray's? Thanks for the help. Cheers............ Dave
  3. I was at the Tuross Boatshed & Cafe on the weekend just gone. I saw the signage for hire boats while I was ordering. Can't remember the details other than they don't take bookings, it's first come first served. I'm sure if you give them a call they will let you know what the go is. While eating, I saw a BBQ pontoon hire boat pull up at the wharf, looked big enough to take a group of 8 or so. Don't know if they are associated with the boatshed, but I'm sure they can help you there. Once you drive into Tuross, you will see there are plenty of places to wet a line, the area isn't tha
  4. Skip baiting and switch baiting are two different things. Skip baits are dead baits, usually slimies or cowan young (big yakkas) tied behind a circle hook. They are trolled off the riggers, similar to lures, but with a bit of drop back or slack line so the fish can run with the bait, have the reel in gear with enough drag to stop an over run. The hook up rate is generally higher than with lures. When you get a hit, let the fish run and then slowly up the drag to strike. Hopefully you stay connected. As you are trolling the baits, usually around 4 - 6 knts, it isn't so essential to be wa
  5. Watching the spread is not as important with skip baits, but always a good idea. I run a bit of drop back so the fish can turn and run with the bait. Then increase drag to strike and fight the fish.... simple in theory haha... Dave
  6. My favourite part of the world, cracking fish! Very jealous................ Dave
  7. What a great day you had and sounds like the homework is paying off. For the past 6 or 7 years, I've worked on a local game fishing charter boat out of Batemans Bay. The skipper is a top bloke, who has run charters for many, many years. The day you described was great but fairly typical for lures. We've found that around 70% of fish on lures, don't make it to the tag. In the main, we'd pull lures until we find bait and then change tactics. Most of the day is spent either skip baiting, slow trolling livies or switch baiting. The hook up rate is better and most fish make it to the boat t
  8. HI mate. The breakwall is a good spot to try, but very tidal. There have been good numbers of bream in the river. A short drive to wharf rd on the north side of town, around near the boat hire places, is worth a try. Easy parking, with some good structure. The wharves in town are also popular and worth a try. An hour either side of the tide is your best bet. Hope you get a few. Cheers........... Dave
  9. I've spoken to Dave VENN, who makes JB lures, about rigging his lures. He has no problem rigging the dingo on 400lb mono, with a single hook rig. Personally, I like 200lb as a good compromise. Not too heavy for the average stripes on the south coast, the lure runs well and helps with the chaffing. If you give Dave a call, he is really helpful and will give you a good run down on rigging and using his lures. Cheers.......... Dave
  10. I run 200lb traces as a minimum for striped/black marlin, on 24kg stand up gear. Many guys I know, run 400lb trolling lures, but drop back to 200lb, for skip baits and livies. Hope this helps............... Dave
  11. Myself and a couple of mates have the Tanacom Bull 1000, which we've used for about 5 years. Never had a days drama with any of them. Another mate has a similar sized Shimano which is about 2 years old, and has also been faultless. I like to use 80lb braid, less water resistance and has handled 20kg blue eye trevalla from 550m without a drama. I'd stick with the major brands, they work well and you have great backup service and parts. Hope this helps. Cheers Dave
  12. Hi Pickles, Just noticed your post, as I've been away. Are you still after some info on the Batemans Bay area? Cheers........ Dave
  13. HI mate. Id be looking south along the beach. As for the wharf, yes Preddys on the south side of the river. There is also a wharf on the north side of the river towards the airport. Can also try the breakwall at the Moruya airport as well. Cheers Dave
  14. Hi mate. Broulee Beach south of Batemans Bay has a good population of worms. Over the last dark there were a few jew taken off the wharf in town. Moruya River has some nice jetties to fish off. Hope that helps. Cheers Dave
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