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  1. Hands down, Montebello Islands off Exmouth WA. The best fishing I have ever experienced, in Oz, NZ or Tonga...... Have fun Dave.
  2. Looks like you had a great weekend, some nice snapper there. Since the fires, there hasn't been much time to fish, very jealous. Well done. Cheers...…... Dave
  3. Thanks for the into much appreciated. Dave
  4. Thanks Brendan, good luck with the fishing. Cheers...…... Dave
  5. Hi mate, haven't been out for a while but try around long beach on the north side of the bay for squid. Cheers Dave
  6. Well done one the late fish, nice way to finish off the day. What's your thoughts on the Northbank? After a shit year, I'm thinking of updating the boat and have been looking at the 650HT version of the Northbank, but never seen one in the flesh. Thanks for the great report, cheers...…. Dave
  7. I owned a Seafarer Viva for a few years. It was a very safe, well mannered boat with a good riding hull, across the chop/swell or in a following sea. I was happy to take it to the shelf on good days and never felt unsafe. If you find a good one you will enjoy it. Good luck with the search. Cheers Dave
  8. Croydon

    Another boat

    Hi Jon. A mate of mine has a 6.5m barcrusher with a 150 yam which is probably 6 years old. Had over a thousand hours on when he bought it. Has done a few hundred since. Runs well a days game fishing out of batemans bay trolling uses around 60 to 80l or so. Good motors if you get a well looked after one. Cheers Dave
  9. Now doesn't that bring a smile to your face. Well done Frank, he is a craftsman and a good all round bloke. Merry Christmas all. Cheers........... Dave
  10. I think the dealer has taken the lazy way out. Get rid of the wing nuts, and run the earth to an insulated negative bus bar at the helm using appropriately sized tinned copper wire. This can all be done as part of your twin battery upgrade. I'd also strap the battery down so it doesn't jump around when in use, and coat the terminals with a suitable terminal grease or spray to reduce corrosion. Also try some tefgel on the SS screws to reduce the reaction between the aluminium and stainless steel. Good luck with the new boat. Cheers............. Dave
  11. Hi Tony, Yep the sharks were the same when I was there. Fortunately there were enough fish to keep the sharks and anglers well fed! I did a similar trip to Swaines Reef off Gladstone a few years earlier and the sharks were even worse. I have to agree, the sharks have learned that once a boat stops an easy feed is not far off. The Monte's is a special place and hopefully I will get there again. Cheers. Dave
  12. I did the Monte's a few years ago on a live aboard charter. By far the best fishing I have experienced anywhere!! Too good to only go there once. Thanks for bringing back the memories. Well done and great pics. Cheers......... Dave
  13. A few reports of 50-60kg yellowfin caught north east of Batemans Bay yesterday, 800 to 1300 fathoms. Good luck to those chasing them, always stuck working when the bite is on................. Cheers Dave
  14. Hi mate. What model Furuno are you using? When you say you 'can't mark fish' what do you mean? Do you get any readings at all? It's not unusual for fish not to show up as the classic arch and there are many reasons for this, Do you have any photos of the soundings you are getting? I've been using a Furuno FCV585 and TM260 transom mount transducer for years. I rarely if ever get fish arches but it marks fish/bottom at 25knts and down to 550m (at a very slow pace). Don't be too hung up on the whole 'arch' thing. When I'm catching kings they come up as solid red marks and or elongate
  15. I'm no expert but when I rewired my boat recently I took a different path to your diagram. I have a 2014 merc 150hp 4 stroke for reference. The pos & neg wires from the motor run directly to the pos & neg terminals of my battery. From there the pos goes to a 1, 2, both main battery disconnect switch. From the switch the pos goes through a circuit breaker or fuse big enough to carry the loads of all the accessories you will be installing. Also making sure the pos wire is big enough to carry the loads. The pos wire goes from the switch to the pos break out terminal at the helm. Th
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