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  1. Croydon

    Garmin vs Lowrance vs Raymarine vs Furuno etc

    For years I've been running a Furuno FCV585 and Furuno combo GPS which has served me well. Recently a pin had corroded off the rear of the 585 so had to take it to a marine electronics technician for repair. As they are getting to the end of their life span I asked the technician what he would replace the current electronics with. This guy sells, installs and repairs all brands of marine electronics to the weekend warrior as well as the local commercial fishing fleet and has a good reputation. Bearing in mind I fish for jewfish/flathead/bream in the river to marlin/blue eye cod offshore and everything in between this was his advice. The technology changes every few months as does his advice. He would currently go with a Raymarine MFD and TM275C-LHW 1kw transom mount transducer which has a constant 25deg wide beam. He was a fan of the Simrad units but has seen about 20% of them coming back for repair. His advice was specific for my fishing needs so may not be relevant to all. Hope the info helps. Cheers Dave
  2. Croydon

    Rewiring - post up your wiring

    I recently did a rewire on my barcrusher. During the research I found some great how to info on a site called New Wire Marine. Its a US site but informative and easy to follow. Worth a look. Cheers Dave
  3. Croydon

    Fish spotting with a drone

    Some great shots there, I've often thought about it for spotting schools of travelling/feeding bluefin on the surface but don't know enough about it. A very interesting idea though. Cheers............ Dave
  4. Croydon

    Blue Fin South Coast

    Got a couple of Albacore 40k's east of the toll gates yesterday. A few good bluefin were also caught another 15k's north east of us, so they are certainly on their way north. Cheers.......... Dave
  5. Croydon

    Back to the battery

    Hi Jon, I've had the bar crusher for 12 years now. Had Century marine batteries in it when I bought the boat, about two years ago, I upsized with the same brand and still going strong. Never had to charge the first lot as the boat was being used one or twice a week. Hope I get the same run from these one's. Cheers............ Dave
  6. Croydon

    Cod i.d. please. "Black Cod"

    Thanks guys much appreciated. Dave
  7. Croydon

    Cod i.d. please. "Black Cod"

    A mate caught this today off Batemans Bay. After a photo it was returned to the water. Any idea on an i.d. perhaps a juvenile black rockcod? Cheers Dave
  8. Croydon

    IMPORTANT SURVEY ALL - show our relevance

    also done
  9. Hi Macca, April is right in the middle of the peak runoff fishing for barra in Darwin. The place comes alive with southern fishos and as such, most guides are booked up 6 - 12 months in advance,so may be hard to find someone to take you out. If you google Darwin boat hire there are a few options to take yourself. I will pm you a company that hires a 7m stabi craft which you can self drive or have a skipper take you out, they may be available. Good luck and hope you catch that metre barra........... Dave
  10. Croydon

    FG knot

    The PR knot tool or bobbin is a tool used to help tie the PR knot, and keeps the wraps of braid tight around your leader. It is easy to use and ties excellent knots, reportedly maintaining 95 - 97% knot strength. I saw some guide's in N.Z. who chase XOS size kingies, using them a few years ago. They swear by them so I bought one and have found it brilliant. Google the PR knot tool there is plenty of info out there. Cheers.......... Dave
  11. Croydon

    Repower 6.2m Fiberglass Hull

    Hi Zoran, I have owned a 150 Merc 4s for three years now and I am very happy with it. I have had 400 odd hours of trouble free ownership. It's on a 560C bar crusher and has more than enough power for what I need. A mate also has the same motor on a similar model Haines to yours. He has about 600 hours on it and is very happy with it's performance and economy. I'm not sure what prop he's running but it pushes his Haines along without an issue. Cheers.......... Dave
  12. Croydon

    ID (sentimental value)

    I've just come back from a charter off Exmouth W.A. to the Montebello Islands. We caught a few fish that size, colour and style. The crew referred to them as Estuary Cod, with anything over a meter having to be released. I caught one which would have gone 50kg easy. I did have some great photo's which would have helped with the I.D. but my phone got damaged on the last day. Google the w.a. fishing rules for estuary cod, which may help you out. Cheers............ Dave
  13. Croydon

    Reattaching Transducer to boat

    Hi Jeff, Once you are happy with the position of your transducer and achieved the best readings possible I'd mark the location. Between the stainless steel transducer bracket and aluminium hull fitting, I use a cut out of a polyethlene cutting board to separate the two metals. If using 316 stainless bolts use polyethlene washers, nylon nuts and tef gel. Or go with the large aluminium rivets with aluminium mandrels. Also remember to re-paint all screw holes before fixing. Hope I'm not telling you how to suck eggs. Cheers.. Dave
  14. Croydon

    What happens when towing in top gear.

    Thanks Fab certainly something to keep in mind. I had been told this but now I know why. Never too old to learn, cheers...... Dave
  15. Croydon

    Braidwood area trout fishing

    Can't help with any first hand information, but you might try the Braidwood Fishing Club who are on facebook or meet at the Servicemens Club in Braidwood. Hope this helps. Cheers......... Dave