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  1. Well I didn't get to go out last weekend with the weather the way it was and the forecast for the rest of this week also looks ordinary so bailed out on Melbourne Cup celebrations and hooked up the boat and drove to Silver Beach ramp at 3.30pm. Headed to a little bay that has been good to us the past month and first lure hit the water around 4pm. Didn't look right at all - dirty water, lots of ribbon weed floating around, no baitfish action but tied on my "special" vibe with ball bearings and was determined to have a good go. 30 minutes and many many many casts later hadn't even had a hi
  2. Managed to get home from work a bit earlier today and the wind didn't look too bad. Boat was sitting in the garage ready to go so hit the Bay around 4pm with the aim of a couple of hours throwing some plastics around Headed for a little sand patch that has been working well for us the last couple of weeks on the rising tide. Thought I'd try the falling tide and second cast saw the first flattie landed. Then nothing for the next hour and things looked a little grim. Saw some decent sized bait schools swim past and switched up from a 3" to 4" plastic. That seemed to do the trick and hits st
  3. Hi All A 2 part report for you today - Rodhogger son took out the boat with a mate of his on Tuesday. They left at the leisurely hour of 10am to go spear fishing around Yarra Bay. That plan changed when they hit a patch of 21degree water off bare island with birds diving. For the next couple of hours they boated numerous tailor and Mack tuna on 6lb tackle and generally had a ball while severely depleting my metal lure stocks So we hit the water together this morning hoping for a repeat with secondary instructions from Mrs Rodhogger for a meal Alas very little surface action th
  4. Hi All Been about 10 years since I last posted - used to fish Botany a bit with my son "RodHogger 1" before he turned into a teenager and life happened. Lucky enough to still be doing things together but mostly surfing in Bali, Sumatra, etc but this year with COVID we cant get away and we have therefore reinvested in a little tinnie last month (like I am sure a lot of others have also) RH now is somewhat older and has a boat licence so can drive around the old man so spent a couple of hours yesterday throwing soft plastics at some of our favourite flathead spots and managed a couple
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