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  1. Thanks guys I'm going to look at it in the morning so fingers crossed, I'll let you know how into.
  2. What would be a good number on a compression test for this 90hp?
  3. Thanks mate, are they the guys at Taren point? I live in Kogarah.
  4. Hi all, I'm going to look at a boat but the guy said there's no plate with a model number he just has a serial number, would anyone know what year this could be? I'm new and don't know a lot about outboard motor apart from YouTube and learning on here. What are the main things to check on the outboard tomorrow, I'm taking a compression tester and a spark tester (if needed just had one in the shed) what else should I check. Any help or tips would be great. I have a mate that knows about boats body but not so much about the motors. Thank you
  5. Thanks Frank, really appreciate your help, I am located in Carlton, near Kogarah.
  6. Thanks for the video, now I know what you guys mean, I will try and give it a good and see how it works out. thank you
  7. Thanks guys for the ideas. I will try and give it a go 👍🏽
  8. Hi All i have a 14ft Pongrass husky that I’ve been fixing up, I have a front windscreen that I can not open in the middle, and I’m trying to find a way to be able to launch my anchor as I don’t have access to the bow, without buying those electric ones. just looking for an cheap fix, I’m new to boating and some people have said not to anchor from the side of the boat. any help or tips would be great thank you.
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