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  1. @jeffb5.8 Ofcourse you can put a platform and have a good casting deck out the front but my point is taking it out for his general use. If its say 90% of the time going to be used as a fishing boat he should check out other options where he doesn’t need to go through that hassle. Btw @wrxhoon1 I don’t really mix the oil on my etec it has its own reservoir inside that i fill up. Like @GoingFishing said it is efficient too I launched from Kurnell trolled allthe way to Browns mountain on the way back i went full speed to bundeena ( say 2/3 of the way) fish around the reef and came back and still
  2. @kanTec If thats the case a cuddy cab can do the job or for more fishing orientated runabout with a benchseat in the middle or the back will do the job better. You need to consider how many times you’ll be taking the kids and the missus and whose going to get more use out of it for that purpose. Don’t forget kids do get tired quick with watersports and would love a enclosed area to sleep relax but bowriders and cuddy cabins etc will halve your fishing space. Also I don’t know your budget but you should check out some hardtop boats too 👌.
  3. @JonD Good point mate, yes I was talking about hours and for general fishing purpose with normal use. And for a reason that could be just my engine... mind you that engine gets serviced every year and gets looked after like a baby. Obviously a 4 stroke honda or yammy would be a better choice but it’ll depend on how much he wants to spend and what the boat has if it’s a second hand. Great insight and knowledge you got but atleast we dont live at an age where 2 strokes used to leave an oil trail 😂.
  4. I’ve got a 2010 75hp etec on my 5m brooker runabout doesn’t really put out any smell and it’s really efficient compared to the yammys and hondas etc so far I’ve done around 250 and its still like new I know alot of people will say reconsider about the resale value but it’s a nobrainer to look at the other way if you’re buying something to keep it. My mate has a same year 90 hp yammy it smokes as well as starts in about 20 seconds which I’m assuming the previous owners didn’t look after it right and here comes the main thing to look besides the hull. Papers, your main focus should be on boats t
  5. Maybe some photos, links and info on the boat would help others to have an opinion on the boat but good luck though.
  6. I usually go offshore and need some sort of protection so I don’t get wet. It’s an hassle to set up the bimini with clears etc and they won’t last as long as a hardtop or a big windscreen which I’m getting for only 3k.
  7. Today I’ve called few windscreen shops after having a discussion with a reputable shop who does ally fabrications. Btw I’d like to point out that this process takes time and labour which ends up being expensive, but can be done with the right materials, experience and ppl now as far as I’ve been told to get this done the bow needs to be cut from the top, sanded down with new welding done around. After dashboard raised higher with lightweight materials and side frames the aluminium sheet goes on top and joins the frame and sides so this is actually something possible but out of my budget. As @P
  8. That’s why I’m looking to get that checked out, have a professional opinion and get someone to do a proper job. I believe its 3mm all around then again I’m happy to move my 75ltr fuel tank under the floor and compansate that with that weight. Btw this isnt to crush or break the waves and swell it’s simply to have protection. I dont want to sound like a smartass but I need solutions rather then a no. If its the hull and side thickness if its the boat size or the ribs or anything else that matters I want that done. Nobody moves out of their house simply because of a different design idea or a br
  9. Hi there guys sorry for the late reply as I was still doing a bit of research. To cut down the costs and have the most fishing space possible I’ll be going with an hardtop instead of cuddy/half cabin. I’ve spoken to someone on this form who has a fabrication business and I’ll be getting him to have a look at my boat this weekend, I want himto draw some sketches and deal with all the rocket science for me so it’ll add value and be unique and hopefully the hull doesn’t change as much fingers crossed given its hardtop and I want it to be mainly made out of glass but yea @Swivelfish. @Rebel @shake
  10. @campr I think having a bit of weight at the front on new ally boats would compensate weight distribution and make it handle rough conditions better, as @PaddyT stated the boat might burn a little more and might not be able to turn sharper etc but it’ll definitely have pros over its cons unless it has effects on the structural integrity. I have a 75 litre fuel tank at the front and it makes a difference compared to having it at the back. Also I need to ask what would you rather over your old lazeabout that had a fiberglass top? or what could make it better?
  11. Thanks @Busy-livinI’m calling few fabrication shops to book few appointments. @PaddyT My family comes to catch bait fish/squidding once every few weeks or so and I’m more of a guy who goes out for trolling pretty much once a fortnight and even if the weather is bad I’ll try to find somewhere protected to fish. Space isn’t my main issue as I want something that’s convenient for me for my liking. So I don’t mind loosing a bit of space as long as I don’t get wet, take water in from bow and feel safe I also rather a cozy area to relax, sleep continue my fishing the next day if possible. @kingfishb
  12. Hi mate, actually not a bad idea... can I installthem on aluminium boats? Also can I move the steering up by cutting the dash out so I can have some space to sleep aswell.
  13. Hi there guys, few months ago I was able to land a good deal on a 2010 500 Discovery Brooker boat. Overall I’ve always loved runabouts given their versatility and thought my family would loved it as much as I would but they don’t go fishing as much as I do or they like to stay in enclosed waters besides my dog 😂 so I’m at the point of thinking of a cuddy cabin conversation. Now before anyone suggest selling the boat and getting a cuddy/half cabin I know it doesnt involve all the hassle but the reason why I want this conversation is because I love this boat and I can’t literally point out anyth
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