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  1. OttoVu

    Jaded Tackle ??

    Thanks all Yes - I am planning to replace the mono on one of my spools anyways. The other spool (which I plan to keep for bait fishing) I will test - cast it to see if there is any memory and then break it - see what strength it may have
  2. So as have mentioned I am getting back into recreational fishing after a long break. I dug up my old tackle box on the weekend primarily to clean it up as well to see where I had gaps in my kit. Well in place of the expected rusty tangle mess of hooks, stinkers and other battered junk I found a collection of SP’s and some tasty fresh water lures and other bits and pieces I have completely forgot about. The lures were a result of a disaster of a Lads Weekend away to Oberon where it rained and rained – the rivers were raging torrents and when we did get a rare break the Dam was just dead. The SP’s were a real surprise. I have a vague recollection that these were purchased in anticipation of a saltwater weekend away me and the Lads said we were going to have after the debacle of Oberon – it never happened for a whole bunch of reasons Anyway to my question – after at least 10 years are the SP still OK to use ? I had a fiddle and they seemed in pretty good nick with no visual deterioration of the plastic – they are a combination of Squidgies and Powerbait. On a related question the mono on my reels is again the same age as these lures – OK to reuse ?? I had a few casts in the backyard and it seemed normal
  3. Yes, I know, that's what I thought - but this one was quite old .....11 months, just enough to cover the extra rod
  4. Just did that (found a uncashed MediCare Cheque !!)
  5. A quick query ……… I am looking at getting back into a spot of recreational fishing after a looonnnnnnnng break. Last weekend I looked at my fishing tackle and frankly its seen better days, especially my then favourite rod now complete with a newly broken tip – a Daiwa Procaster. So I have been looking for a replacement, keeping in mind that I am looking for value for money at this stage and see how I go before committing to more expensive gear. So far I have gotten down to 2 Abu G’s – the Salty Fighter and the Veritas. Light, ~2m and 1-3kg,…….to be used for inner harbour local bream and the occasional walking inland rivers spinning for trout. At this stage I am only looking at these rods – yes, I have looked at others, the usual big 2, but like these. Both have pretty good reviews and I have some nice Abu Reels that have been faultless since ....+15 years ago ? Any suggestions ?? Thanks !!!
  6. Hi my name is Joseph. I joined this forum looking to get back into recreational fishing after a long break. First, a bit of a back story - Grew up in the southern suburbs of Sydney, around Botany Bay. As a kid I got my Shimano 5 foot solid glass fishing rod with those horrid brown reels which I think every kid had growing up in the 70’s. My late Dad would take me fishing around the Botany Bay Area. In my early teens me and my school mates used to fish regularly around Ramsgate, Brighton, Monterey using frozen prawns taking the occasional bream to take home to mum and dad. Then puberty hit and fishing went way down the order of importance compared to girls, cars and music. Time passed – uni, career and started my own family, blessed with two beautiful boys, so I tried to get them into fishing more as an excuse for me to wet a line again. But sadly, they’d rather play Nintendo. Even though we often fished on family holidays and they had a ball, they lost all interest when they hit their early teens. However, about that same time me and my closest mates started to have annual getaways down the Snowy Mountains and scare a few trout, certainly not catch many, but that was hardly the point really. There was something serene walking a river and casting small spinning lures, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, collectively family and career stuff got in the way and those trips fizzled. Fast forward to today, finally the kids are off our hands and I'm looking to wind back the intensity of my work and spending more time with my hobbies (cars, music, travel). This includes getting back into recreational fishing. Even though I was never really good at fishing but sometimes it's nice to just to getaway from the world and just fish, I enjoy the serenity. My intention Is to explore the local waterways especially those close to my home, which is the Inner West of Sydney. I am land based with no interest in boating. Looking forward to chase down some bream as they were my go to fish all those years ago as a kid. Also, me and the Lads have spoken about reviving our annual Snowy Mountain fishing trips – once the world gets back to some sort of normality. I have already read some interesting forum threads with great advice. Really want to get into lures with light gear. I have a ton of questions & looking forward to some much needed advice.