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  1. I assume it is ----- tbh I have not been down at the MiL for some while now. I'll update this thread when I next visit Cheers
  2. Mike Next time I am down there I'll pick the handlines and let you know. Must inform you that my MiL is not in the best way at the moment ......probably not the best time for 93 y-o to be needing care but her kids have been great. My visits there are not that frequent. On the up side my MiL never throws anything out. Not sure if my wife knows what to look for I'll keep in touch
  3. My father in law passed away a little while back. He was an old school fisho, almost archetypal – the type that had a tinnie, a few cork handlines, a prawn net and spent his holidays dragging the family up and down the coast in the caravan always looking to catch a fed of fish. Now my Mother in Law heard about my new found interest to get back into fishing and offered me his old tackle and gear. So on the weekend I had a look. With eager anticipation I went into the back shed (where else !!) and ……………what a mess of tangled and damaged gear. Mostly solid glass rods, some with missing g
  4. Oh I completely forgot about this guide https://mattsfishing.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/matts-lure-log-with-the-lot-08-01-2017.pdf
  5. Similarly looking to move into lures as I grew up on bait fishing Some sources that I found helpful YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUB6SnZVr60hOgBHWR95GmA YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClJOHPA_ROum9OSGFGeHPkw Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/drewminto1 Good luck with the choice
  6. I have - it was very informative thanks Pulled the trigger on the X9 in 6lb
  7. That true - but in the case of cars the potential savings in insurance sometimes pays for the parking. <- Car Guy logic !!!
  8. Cracking read !!
  9. Thanks all Currently tossing up between the Berkley X9 in 6 or 10lb .....maybe split the difference at 8lb. As it seems to over test favouring the 6lb
  10. Funny you mention this as one of those recommending the step up is a known bream tournament competitor ......
  11. Not a boat owner ......... but have crazy car club friends with too many cars with similar issues One solution (that is sorta affordable) is to sniff around for a local with a spare garage who wants to rent it out. One mate pays ~$50 wk for a double in the inner west (Five Dock), which I believe he found on a local community FB page Good luck
  12. Just in the process of converting to the world of braid and TBH am a bit bewildered with the choice and options. The pinned guide on this forum is a great help. After seemingly countless hours of research I have come across a comment a few times whereby some ppl have recommended to go slightly higher breaking strain than strictly required with the underlying reasoning being as the braid (good quality) is very thin anyways getting the benefits of higher BS (greater abrasion resistance and general strength) without an appreciable loss in castability. We are talking about trout/bream l
  13. I meant to thank you for such a kind offer ......I may take you up on it as I am not far away But at this stage just gathering my tackle gear and will get onto the water after a month or two. That I have some minor surgery scheduled soon Cheers
  14. Thanks all Yes - I am planning to replace the mono on one of my spools anyways. The other spool (which I plan to keep for bait fishing) I will test - cast it to see if there is any memory and then break it - see what strength it may have
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