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  1. hi Raiders We have an old tiny multitool floating around the house that we use occasionally for its small but precise pliers. Used it yesterday to help set up a new computer monitor at home (I wonder why πŸ˜•) and thought these are damn handy. This had me thinking that a pair of multitools would be handy to have in the tackle bag. That home one is too tiny to be useful and is poorly featured So, who amongst you out there use multitools as part of their tackle bag. If you do, what features, or tools do you find handy other than obviously the pliers and the knife(s). Are those tiny scissors handy at cutting braid (finding scissors that do not fray braid too much is a pet obsession of mine)? Finally, are there more quality brands like Leatherman and Gerber worth the extra money compared to cheap and cheerful that you can find on eBay, keeping in mind that I am an occasional fisho. Thank you in advance
  2. Whoa - are you saying that you threw these out and just left them there as if they were fresh baits ??
  3. Is that in front of Barangaroo ?? Sure looks like it ....I worked on that project for +5 years and worked in one of the towers for 2.5 years. Would walk that foreshore most lunchtimes and NEVER saw anyone fish there
  4. Thanks Fellas So all I need to do is watch out for crocs and if they do not get me I can look forward to being stung by sandflies followed by excruciating pain and scars in the future And if I can avoid all that if (big if) I get a bite chances are i'll get busted off All right !!!!!
  5. OK Raiders – after what seems to be an eternity we are going on a decent holiday (as opposed to daytrips / overnighters that have been the case in the past year). About 8 days in FNQ, Palm Cove and Port Douglas, mid July. Woot Woot. Looking at some maps – my keen eyes noticed the expanse of blue to the right which got me thinking. I have a travel rod that I accidentally bought (long story), maybe I could sneak off for quiet fish ?? I have a few questions thou, if someone with local experience could help – it would much appreciated The Trip – This is holiday with friends who are not interested in fishing at all and I am only looking to sneak away few times for a few hours max. Not interested in gearing up for a proper fishing holiday. Looked at local fishing websites but vast majority are big buck fishing charters out on the reefs (not feasible for this trip) Location – likewise I am limited to being land based on local water ways that I can walk to (not even sure if we will have a car). Any suggestions where ?? Gear –– Effectively I am limited to my travel rod, and I intend only to take one reel and a selection of SP and maybe some hard bodies – just enough to fit into a small bumbag. Basically, it’s bream gear that I use in the Parra. The rod is only an ultra-light (ABU Veritas 1-3 kg, 6'10") but has an adjustable action (different sections). Realistically is that too light for the local species ?? Similarly I mostly have 6lb braid but have a spare spool of 10lb – OK ? Lures – what I have in terms of lures are the usual suspects for the targeting Sydney Bream in the Parra. Are these feasible for the local species ?? Are there others that are the "go to" lures in that region ?? Air Travel – I understand that hooks, pliers and braid are not allowed in cabin luggage (is braid allowed at all, even in checked luggage ??) but a travel rod in its casing should be fine in the cabin?? Cheers and TIA
  6. Awesome I grew up fishing for mullet went I was a kid - my local was the Scarborough Ponds in Ramsgate. But never anything that large. Great fun and sport - have fond memories.
  7. Sorry, have I read that right ...these man made ponds have been deliberately stocked with carp !! Thought that was illegal (not to mention stupid and reckless)
  8. Hi What are ppl opinions / experiences on the Shimano Symetre gear. Background - I need to use my Frequent Flyers points soon (end of the month) or they will expire. I ain't flying anywhere soon but I can get a range of Shimano Symetre combos...I am thinking it could be a good add to the tackle box as most of my gear is light or ultra light and this is an easy and cheap way to add something a little heavier. Thanks
  9. Geez - its been a awhile. Best I update. Life can be a bastard at times and I have been preoccupied with "stuff" other than fishing. Operation (relatively minor - but all good), work off the scales - deadline today....just finished, #2 son fractured ankle - its like he is a toddler all over And.....my MiL is not in a good way and at 94 does not look good. So no way could I start picking at the remains just yet. Life goes on - fingers crossed I get a rare chance to scare some fish.....
  10. I assume it is ----- tbh I have not been down at the MiL for some while now. I'll update this thread when I next visit Cheers
  11. Mike Next time I am down there I'll pick the handlines and let you know. Must inform you that my MiL is not in the best way at the moment ......probably not the best time for 93 y-o to be needing care but her kids have been great. My visits there are not that frequent. On the up side my MiL never throws anything out. Not sure if my wife knows what to look for I'll keep in touch
  12. My father in law passed away a little while back. He was an old school fisho, almost archetypal – the type that had a tinnie, a few cork handlines, a prawn net and spent his holidays dragging the family up and down the coast in the caravan always looking to catch a fed of fish. Now my Mother in Law heard about my new found interest to get back into fishing and offered me his old tackle and gear. So on the weekend I had a look. With eager anticipation I went into the back shed (where else !!) and ……………what a mess of tangled and damaged gear. Mostly solid glass rods, some with missing guides, reels that are missing parts. The rods mostly seem to be short and stout boat rods with huge reels (more like winches). The tackle box was at one time water logged and most of the tackle inside is in a sad and sorry state. Lots of cork handlines !! None of those new fangled plastic casters for my FiL. So will be chucking it out soon ……… however there maybe a few things that some may find of interest – assuming collecting old fishing gear is a thing. See photo. The spinners are early Diawa, the centre pin is made in the US (Speedcast IIRC) and there is an old Alvey Side Cast (not in photo). Free to anyone who maybe interested. There are a few things I did keep – but I’ll post more about these later
  13. Oh I completely forgot about this guide https://mattsfishing.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/matts-lure-log-with-the-lot-08-01-2017.pdf
  14. Similarly looking to move into lures as I grew up on bait fishing Some sources that I found helpful YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUB6SnZVr60hOgBHWR95GmA YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClJOHPA_ROum9OSGFGeHPkw Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/drewminto1 Good luck with the choice
  15. I have - it was very informative thanks Pulled the trigger on the X9 in 6lb
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