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  1. Thanks, Neil, It's much appreciated! I love trying to capture the beauty of some of the places I'm lucky enough to visit in my travels, and it's great to be able to share the images with some like minded legends! Cheers Derek! I'll take superb any day of the week! πŸ˜‚
  2. Okay enough spamming the thread Dan πŸ˜‚
  3. Ah right you are, and cheers!! Oh well I'll have to add some in their own replies then!
  4. Great thread! Edit: not sure what happened there, I had about another 10 photos I tried to upload!
  5. Great write up mate, here's a photo I took of one for future reference. It should be noted there are a few varieties, with this one the most commonly found in Sydney (Marbled Fortescue). If you zoom in on this photo you can actually see the swollen venom sacs on the first two dorsal spines. Nasty buggers!!
  6. Hey Scratchie, Great stuff! 27cm minimum legal length applies to sand whiting only (meaning red spot etc don't require a minimum legal length) But there is a bag limit of 20 in total for all whiting species (17 sand + 3 red spot, or 20 red spot if you're onto them) It should be noted as well that the combined 20 is also your possession limit, so you can't catch 10 red spot and freeze them then go out the next day and get 20 sand, as you can only legally have 20 of any whiting in your possession at one time. (But this is per person, so you can assign 20 per licenced angler at the same address) BUT as we always say and most people on this forum practice, only take what you need! Hope to see you on the water one day mate I need to finally have a crack at some Broughton reds!
  7. I've had a few run ins with the previously mentioned landowners (a few across central west nsw), BUT I have to mention that this is absolutely the minority. I only thought it worth mentioning so people are aware that it's something they may encounter. Unlikely, yes, but unfortunately it does happen. I've had friends assaulted, and I've had shots fired over my head. It's an uncommon occurrence, but just be cautious, polite, and do the right thing.
  8. The river bed is crown land to the HW mark (flood level). As mentioned, respect landowners and their property and you shouldn't have a problem. If a landowner approaches you with an issue be polite and let them know you're aware of the laws, if they wish to take things further than a friendly discussion they are well within their rights to call the police/authorities, but so long as you haven't trespassed or interfered with their property, they don't have a legal leg to stand on. Having said that, in some areas I've found the best case is to vacate the (irate, stubborn, and sometimes armed) landowners property via the riverbed and continue on your merry way.
  9. Just spoke to Lithgow Council and can confirm Lake Wallace is absolutely open
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