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  1. Nice work! We headed wide for tuna and saw the birds working around Moon Island on the run out (I probably have you guys on video). I'll be back up in my boat to give them a crack on the wand if they stay around. Hope to see a report pop in of some big reds! 😜🤙
  2. Cheers mate, had a few say why would you drive that far in a day for a fish! 🤣 Well we're probably crazy, but IMO definitely worth it!! I personally think its all about research and preparation! When the rods do go off, you've got full confidence in your gear. In saying that, it's still the adventure and the unknown...even if you do doughnut 🤙🍻
  3. Hey mate, only my first ride in it but couldn't fault it! Rides beautifully. 🤙 It's a heavy boat, not sure how much L we ended up using all day...
  4. 🤞 Chookies till I die! 🤩🐓🏆 Cheers fellas 🤙
  5. I was getting itchy to get out again after this big Southerly we've just had, I got a call up from a mate Saturday morning I’ve fished with a few times with to go chase Kings at Texas Reef off the Central Coast on Sunday. I was a bit hesitant though as I thought there would be a bit of leftover swell but he assured me he was taking a Skipper of a game boat we both fish on with him as well (He can read the weather! Haha). Long story short, the foot was down from the boss and I had to decline any chance of fishing. 🥺 Come Saturday arvo, I was really enjoying a few too many cold ones off Hawkes nest having a beach BBQ with the brother, sisters, and bro in law. As usual I couldn’t help myself and had packed a small rod to spin metals, hooking up a nice salmon only to lose him at my feet in the churning swell. 🤬 I got a call from the President of the CCGFC just after that asking me to fish on his boat ‘KillTank’, this is something I had always dreamed of! There were a few reports of Bluefin caught that day off Port Hacking. Nothing was stopping me from this opportunity, not even the boss! Lol. I finally got home at 11:30pm from Port and the plan was to head out off Gosford waterfront at 6:00am and punch SE of Browns Mountain. We were treated to a beautiful sunrise as we cruised at an easy 24 knots, the Northbank eating the choppy swell with ease. All that came to mind was ‘Red sky in the morning, shepherds warning – Red sky in the night, shepherds delight’ (Yeah, I’m a superstitious fisho! 🤣) We ended wide of Browns, dropped the riggers down and set the spread in anticipation of an early morning bite in the same area we heard they had got a few the day before! Water temperature was sitting around 17.9 to 18.5 degrees as we worked our way south along a canyon edge for no action apart from two sunfish and a curious albatross checking out the bullet in shotgun. We made the call to head wider and back north (Now 25-30km SE of Browns, and I can see we have clocked up 57 NM since launching) to where we saw a few birds in the hope to see some action! Spirits where quickly lifted at lunchtime when ‘Squint’ appeared from the cabin with hotdogs and a portable cooker 😋, these were quickly devoured although confidence levels remained low. We continued trolling another 5kms north before I saw a shower of sauries 300m off followed by a tuna of decent size. We immediately turned across the path marking bait on the sounder and working the area for the next 30 minutes for no joy! We continued trolling like this for the rest of the day for nothing, 10 minutes before we pulled lures in for the day I had a weird feeling it wasn’t all over and we may get that late arvo bite! 10 minutes came and went and we cleared the spread, packing down riggers etc. and preparing the boat for the big run home (Now up off Terrigal) and pretty p#*$ed off we couldn’t capitalise on the only fish we had seen earlier in the day. 15 minutes steaming in we come across a small patch of bait been harassed; I dive for the saury imitation stickbait that is always ready for these situations! A short lob across the school of sauries with a quick wind produced the goods. Hooked up!! Yeewww. A relatively short fight and we have a small 20-25kg Yellowfin Tuna boatside, a quick gaff and she’s on board! Would’ve been great to finish the day out on these beautiful fish, but the school went deep after the initial hookup. We were treated to an amazing sunset as we punched in hitting 34 knots offshore. Another amazing day in the deep blue, teaching me never to relax until your back on dry land (You’ll never know what you come across!) Yeeeww. Tight lines for the weekend! Cheers, Brendo PS: I heard the YFT have gone off off Swansea yesterday, and the conditions looked even better today…😭
  6. Cheers Kingie Chaser! Yes we vac sealed all the fish which still freezes well. We gave a lot away to mates that had already asked for some fish before the trip! We had 4 MOB but still offloaded one fish to another boat, froth levels from the kids was amazing!! 😊
  7. I found an old insulated longboard bag in the shed, so this will be coming with us next trip we chase tunas. Regarding the chiller bags, we would need the 'Maxi' bag (Tuna last trip went 1.62m short length) From memory these are $280.00 at least!! Yeah, My mate has done an excellent job on his boat! I also have a 21ft Seaswirl Striper CC but his is set up specifically for game fishing! The boat is a 18ft Carribean/Pride Gazelle hull I think. 🤙
  8. Hey Raiders, Looking to chase a Jew on bait over the cockle beds near Juno Point early Saturday morning. Planning to launch from Gosford wharf and be anchored by at least 5:00am to fish the end of the low tide (Would try catch a few yakkas/squid near the pill boxes first). I will be fishing solo due to COVID19 restrictions. I will come back in around lunchtime to watch my beloved Roosters at Central Coast Stadium! 😅🤩 I will be cooking up B&E rolls on the barbie as usual while I soak baits, I'll be in the dark blue Seaswirl Striper CC if anyone wants to give us a wave or yell.🤙 Tight lines! Cheers, Brendo
  9. We simply don't have fish bags on this boat as they are so expensive! (Have used them on other boats though) Funny you mention the surfboard bags! We had a local tell us about these, next time we are chasing tunas we will be taking a long board bag.
  10. Thanks guys!! 🤙 Looking to learn a lot more off this site!
  11. Yeah, thats right mate! A lot of effort in the initial stages of researching etc. will pay off in the long run - That's for any types of fishing! I guess its all part of the adventure as well! 🤙 Appreciate it Zoran! Does Currarong Boat ramp sound right? Not very familiar with the area?! Thanks legends!! 🤙 Yeah man, the froth is real when the ratchet goes off!! 🤪 Not a commercial setup, just really into our game fishing! As soon as we get the fish in the boat we knife it in between the eyes to put it out of its misery, then a small nick 15-20mm deep under its pec fin into a main artery (You will know when you get it!) Also can cut down near the tail. If we have fish bags we load these into an ice slurry to cool ASAP, If we don't we try cool them down quickly as possible with wet towels, or gut them and place ice inside the gut cavity. IMO you can definitely see and taste the difference in tuna that has been well looked after, but I'm sure everyone has their own way! 🤙
  12. Some more pics of the day. 🤙🍻 Cheers, Brendo
  13. My first report so I'll try my best Raiders! 🤞 The weather was looking perfect for Saturday to finally try have a crack at a Yellowfin Tuna topwater I heard a lot were getting into. Family commitments stopped this as usual and I finally got home from Port Macquarie at 10:00pm. I could see Sundays forecast was looking even better for a shot, and we wanted to beat this big Southerly coming up so I tried to not let it worry me. 😂 Saturday night we heard it went off out of Swansea where we were planning to go (Yes, Very f@*#d off!), but we decided last minute to make the journey to Jervis Bay and chase Bluefin Tuna as it’s something we have talked about every season. It’s been 2 years since I’ve hooked and landed one of these beasts, but the confidence levels were very high! I arrived at my mates place at 1:50am and loaded the boat ‘Gomez’ for the 4 hour trip South, picking up another 2 mates on the way. Arriving at the ramp it looked choppy in close but we knew it was gonna die off mid-morning and launched with anticipation! OK the juicy bits…We decided to finally stop 55kms from the ramp in 2600m of water and proceeded to set the riggers etc. up ready for trolling. We had the usual 10-15 min discussion of what rods placed where (Running Talicas and 50W’s) and what lure colour/shape and position to set these in. 😂 We finally agreed 1 Talica run in shotgun set back 100m as it holds a lot of braid, and the other in short corner as this is where we have had previous Tuna bites, with the 50W’s in all the other positions (5 rods in total) and a mixture of soft plastics, skirts and hard bodies. We had been trolling for only approx. an hour whilst conditions were slowing glassing out and come across some marks on the sounder. “We’re on” was the call as soon as we saw the sounder and I managed to get the GoPro recording. 2 seconds later the tag line on long rigger pulled tight snapping the band and the rod buckled under 8kg of drag. We let this run for a couple of seconds hoping to get another bite! Sure enough, short corner buckled over under 12kg of drag followed by the tagline flinging back on short rigger as another soft plastic was smashed!!! We made the call to clear the spread as we had 4 MOB. One of my mates was rushing to get shotgun rod out of the binmi holders to avoid tangles when it is almost pulled from his hands as another beast smashes the bullet!! (All on video) Me and my mates jumped on a rod each while one drove the boat, with a small 20-25kg fish swimming boatside in a matter of minutes. Expecting all the other fish to be the same size (As normally is in tuna schools) we hoped to get the 3 other fish in quickly and released to keep trolling, chasing the 100kg + fish we were here for! Not complaining! After 20-30 mins and still no sign of coming up we all agreed the other fish had to have a bit more size. Eventually we have 2 fish slowly coming to the surface, not sure what fish to concentrate on, One starts the ‘Death circle’ and veers around the outboard tangling a line in the process! Two tangled lines quickly turns to three (Lucky it is all mono) and they both decide to take another run! F$@#K! Some quick thinking and we back two rods down to minimal drag in the hope to land at least one, whilst trying to untangle as line is disappearing deep fast. 15 mins later we have the first of the bigger fish estimated at 50kg swimming boatside, quickly followed by another of approx. the same size. As we lift him over his tail hits the drag lever to freespool resulting in a massive birds nest on the rod still hooked up, we slowly idled off the last fish clearing the tangle expecting to have lost it, but we come tight again. Pheeww! Another 20mins goes by and my mate passes over the rod after it slowly surfaces (He is now onto the second fish since hookup), we struggled to gain any line on this fish but finally comes within gaff range, I calmly gaff this fish in the mouth which is a lot larger then the others! We get him on deck and all hell breaks loose, we covered his eye to settle him before despatching and bleeding it humanely to get the best eating sashimi. All fish are in by 12:30pm with high fives and pictures all round. A beautiful run in back to the ramp, watching whales off the cliffs of JB feeding. An awesome day creating memories with mates, something we’ve talked about for years finally coming true, making it better going 4 from 4 with our first run this season! Somehow we muck around and I finally got home at 2:30am after cleaning and dropping off the boat. Biggest fish went 73.4kg. Yeeeww. Tight lines! 🤙 Cheers, Brendo
  14. Hey Ice Breaker, msg me anytime on 0439 880 341. I have game fished the last 4 years and have all the gear, I don't mind travelling and I'd pay my way for fuel of course. 🤙 Cheers, Brendo