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  1. first time mcoding so i will need it must have spent 900 $$ on new gear. better catch something
  2. Thanks gents, going coding next Sunday for 6 days so see how it goes. Cheers
  3. found some youtube stuff which shows line goes over top of bar.
  4. Hi there, Need some help please, just bought first baitcaster, it's a Daiwa Tatula 150P for MCod use. When spooling braid does the line go throught the front guide and then over or under the bar behind the line guide? I spooled it over the bar and it looks like it may run on a flat part at the rear of the line guide. If it goes under the bar it misses the flat part at rear of guide but is not a direct horizontal line to the guide.. Not sure which way to go. Any advise would be great. Cheers.
  5. Between all the fishing kit that constantly needs expanding, tricking up the Harley and Ducati I find I'm always asking for forgiveness not permission. Ended up passing on the baitcastor as I know how tricky they can be when starting out and me with litte patience means it could end up sitting in the shed. If I want to get frustrated fishing I will get the wand out and do some tight stream trout fishing, always ends in a swearing session! Went with a heavier TD Sol 641 6-10kgs and a 3000 TD spin reel with good drag around $255. + 20lb braid + 3 new spinnebaits All my other combos are lighter for breaming, bassing and trouting. See how I go.
  6. Just booked in for late Aug at Benns Fall for a week. Taken new baitcaster combo (to be bought) spins x heaps and the wand x 2 plus Kayak would like the baitcastor to handle small MCod and cross to some Bassing in the summer from the kayak Any recommendations, may be able to squeeze 350 past her if she's not paying attention.😎
  7. Thinking of Bens Falls, Copeton or Bullock Mountain. Bens Falls is a bit $$$$ but don't have to drag the camper out there. Anyone had a crack at any of these? Love Ebor bush camping at Styx River when the trout streams or open.
  8. Same here although I'm up near Coffs so the New Engalnd area is on the cards Looking fro free camping with campertrailer or park with bush camping. 2 dogs as well Ant tips, never tried for cod and trout season is ages away,