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  1. hey guys, its me again😅 curious to know how everyone navigates around domestic flights with their rods? do you check it in? can you carry on hooks?
  2. Thanks everyone! It's always really interesting to see the different little tricks each and everyone of you have that all work out in the end! Gotta say this takes the cake just because of how cute the set up is!
  3. The nerd in me is pretty curious about everyones ways in fitting their rods into their smaller cars (sedan/hatchbacks). How do you guys transport rods in smaller cars?
  4. nah mate soz i dont have any photos of the sign. from recollection the sign is placed at where the white star is. its just a small white metal sign that says 'no fishing beyond this point' do pop a message here if you ever do find out if its legal! I'm really curious about it as well😂
  5. ah thanks mate~ just wanted to double check with the community before i tried to do anything stupid😅 cheers
  6. Hey guys, just wondering if anybody knows if its legal to fish on the rocks near to the bridge at foreshore ramp? Much like how this guy did at 4:20 on the video below. There's a 'no fishing beyond this point' sign right next to a 'fish at your own risk' on the breakwall, just wondering if anybody has fished around the bridge!
  7. cheers bud! yeap got a new line set up:) had a quiet day by the waters just practicing casting and all! slowly but surely getting there~
  8. hey noelm, yeah its a threadline! it was working fine the previous time, i guess i just got overwhelmed by the winds and basically tried to do too many things at once while getting whipped in the face with my jacket 😅 rookie move. thanks guys! ill pop by a tackle shop next time or something
  9. Someone needs to change your title from 'flathead' to 'newbies lifesaver' haha. thanks a bunch as always!!!
  10. haha hey bud:) ended up just getting a simple kmart combo for now, just to get the hang of things before i go up the ladder! oh whoops, i meant to a swivel! my line literally got blown into birds nests multiple times from the wind while trying to cast😪 was thinking that a heavier weight might help with the line being a little more taut but i only have smaller sinkers!
  11. thoughts about multiple small running sinkers on a rig? only have small ones at this point😅
  12. Cheers raiders! This is definitely more replies than I could ask for! Thanks for setting me up to this point:)
  13. Cheers for the prompt replies everyone! Much appreciated:) also special shoutout to you JAKSShark. You've been an absolute angel always taking time to type out these long detailed posts for all of my questions in the forum thus far. Absolute legend. Drinks on me if we ever cross paths by the water
  14. Hey guys, Just a newbie back to the forum to ask for everyones expertise. Forgive me if it might sound like a pleb question 😅, just tryna figure out my way around things. Was wondering what was the best plan of action after catching a legal sized fish for keeps. I've been trying to do as much research as i can on the web but theres just so many different methods so I thought I'd ask everyone here what they would do! So say I caught a fish by one of the piers along port hacking, I want to keep it, but I still want to continue catching fish for a couple more hours and have to driv
  15. Yeah definitely landbased! Thanks for the advice! Will try and work my way around the area and figure out the best spot to learn! This is so dang comprehensive! THANKS SO SO MUCH!!! it must have taken you ages to type this out! Time to try them all out in the near future! Man, its so encouraging to see such a responsive and generous community of fishers out here:) Hopefully soon enough you'll see more post from me with fish in hand!
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